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Are you doing everything you can to get traffic into your site?

1. Include your URL in any and all printed material (business cards, invoices, Thank-You notes etc).

2. Include your URL in all follow-up emails, autoresponders, thank-you download pages, etc.

3. Include your URL in any and all email correspondence (add it to your standard signature).

4. Promotional Items – Magnets, Pens, Key Chains, Pencils, Cups, etc with your Logo & URL.

  • You could also purchase customized tshirts, caps, and jackets that you can wear. (See to setup your own Promotional items)
  • Get a bumper sticker or license plate frame made with your URL.

5. Design a Refer-A-Friend Program.

  • “Refer a friend to my URL get these 3 fabulous ebooks Free as my thankyou”

6. Reciprocal Links

7.Google Ad Words (pay-per-click – minimum 5 cents per click)

8.Yahoo Sponsored Search (pay-per-click – minimum $5 to start)

9. Become Involved – Are you an expert yet? Become involved in
different chat boards, discussion groups, etc. and offer your thoughts
and opinions.

10. Consider writing an article for a newsletter or on-line
magazine. This is a great way to gain extra exposure, while educating
the public about a particular topic or line of products.

11. Make use of your opt-in Newsletter.

12. Optimize your URL for search engines

  • Choose a Domain Name that includes keywords of the products
  • Include keywords that describe the contents in your description.
  • Optimize your website to include more keywords
  • Use 2-word or 3-word keyword phrases (Never single-word)

13. Run Promotions & Contests

14. Become Seasonal. (Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, etc), you could just add a holiday graphic to your header.

15. “Did you know” strategy

  • Use the “Did you know…” message in your site to let potentials
    learn a particular fact about your business that sets you apart from
    the competition. Something unique and intriguing enough to get them
    signing to your list.

Did You Know?

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16. Make an RSS feed available from your blog/website…and submit the rss feed to all the blog sites..

17. Add Custom Pages – Targeted Articles to your site

18. Setup an About Me page on your website.

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