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AboutUs.org page

AboutUs.org is a Wiki like Wikipedia except it focuses on individual users and domain names.

Setup your AboutUs.org page.

  • First setup your personal name Wiki. (my personal aboutus.org page if you want to look)
  • Ensure your personal name Wiki has a link to your URL’s and how to find you online
  • Then setup your domain aboutus.org pages (look at the AboutUs.org LeverageTheSecret page)
  • Make sure you upload your photo *develop your brand*.
  • Add your *About Me* video/audio.

eBay About Me page

On your eBay account, you can setup an About Me page

What’s different about your eBay About Me page, is that you can list to your website links, forms, autoresponder boxes, polls, have free offers, subscription items, etc.
Read more about setting up your About Me page here.

  • Add your photo.
  • Add your brandable report for anyone to download for free.
  • Add your autoresponder or mailing list.
  • Add your links to your site/blogs/squeeze pages.
  • Add video &/or audio.
  • Your eBay About Me page can be more “business” than “personal” unlike your website/blog about me page below.

Your Website About Me page

While you’re at it.. ;)

You should setup your About Me page on all your sites & blogs.. they can be the same, so you can just upload the same file to any domains that you have.

  • Put a link on all your squeeze pages, blogs, and to your About Me page.
  • This one can be lots more personal than the ebay About me page.
  • Just like when you were setting up your My Space profile, you can add “your story”.. how you got to where you are.. what has “The Secret” and learning “The Law of Attraction” done to change your life?
  • Ensure there is a link to other places you “hang out”.. if people are clicking on your “About Me” page, they might also be interested in “networking with you”.
  • Your about me page is not a sales page, it’s where people go to find out something a bit more personal about you.
  • Include photos (maybe a slideshow)
  • Very ok to talk about your family, where you live in the world, your inspirations, etc.
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