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How To Make $500 Per Day Starting NOW – No List, Product, JVs

Notes from the Super Simple Income WSO (Link to Warrior Forum)


Basically the gist is the same we’ve seen a thousand times before – create a free short report, create a squeeze page to give away the free short report, create an information product (ebook), make a OTO (One time Offer) for those who confirm their email address to purchase the info product, if they don’t buy, use the butterfly marketing method of trying to sell them a cheaper product, if they say no again, they are taken to a free giveaway.

Here are my notes:

[[[[ Free Short Report:]]]]

Page one:

  • WHO YOU ARE (2 paragraphs)
  • Common Roadblocks (2 paragraphs)
  • Testimonials

Page 2: Your Story

Page 3: Quick Tips for Success (1/2 page)

Action Plan (1 page)

* Checklist


[[[[ Squeeze Page Copy: ]]]]



a.) Expert = “Yoga expert reveals the #1 secret to having more energy in this free report”

b.) Idiot = “Yoga Newbie stumbles upon the #1 secret to having morenergy in this free report”

Sub-Headline: Fear/Shame, or Guilt:

“Stop feeling sleepy all day and start feeling Alive again”


In this Free Report you’ll learn:

* Bullet Point RESULTS

1. A simple post that will increase your energy tenfold from day 1

2. Quick action tips that are designed to feel alive instantly

3. The energy action plan that wil keep you on track

Tell them what to do:

“Put your name and email address in the boxes below and download this free report now”


[[[[ Thank you page ]]]]

Thank you for requesting ____________

The download link was sent to your email and should be there now

Please log on to the email account you used now to access _______

The email will have the subject line (SUBJECT LINE) and it will be from (Return email address)

We’ve provided links to all major email providers so please check your email now and download _____________

Thanks again for requesting___________



[[[[ Confirmation page ]]]]

Thanks for Requesting ________

Your download links to your information is below. We’ve also included a few unadvertised bonuses and extra content for you. Please take advantage of this content NOW because we will be removing it from this page in the future.

Step 1 (Promo)

Information about promo and a link to the sales page

Step 2 (free giveaway)

Download link to free giveaway

Step 3 (promo)

Information about promo and a link to the sales page

Step 4 (more of your content)

facebook, twitter, blog posts, articles

Step 5 (promo)

information about promo and a link to the sales page


[[[[ 2nd Method / Confirmation Page ]]]]

They get a “Special Offer” for YOUR “High Value” product at a deep discount

They can either say “no thanks” or buy the product

If they say “no thanks” they get taken to a cheaper product

They can either buy it or say “no thanks”

If they say “no thanks” they get taken to the free giveaway

No thanks text:

No thanks, I’ll pass up this special offer

I understand that I’ll only see this offer once and I’ll never see this page again

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