THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?

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If you wanted to control the world, where would you start? What would you need to control?

  • First, they would have to control MONEY (Central Banking System, Federal Reserve, IMF, World Bank).
  • Next, they need to control ENERGY (Oil, Gas, Coal, Nuclear Energy, Free Energy)
  • FOOD and WATER (Agribusiness, World Trade, Water Sources)
  • HEALTH (Pharmaceuticals, Medical Schools, Research, suppress: Natural Alternatives)
  • INDOCTRINATION (Compulsory Standarized Education, Media) i.e. control the information we get and how to react to it.
  • INTERNET (THE ONLY ONE NOT YET CONTROLLED, but they are trying very hard to take control of this!!)
  • CONTROL DISSENT (Patriot Act, Surveillance, RFID Chips)

If you value what is presented in this movie, please go to where you can support Thrive Movement by making a donation. You will also find more in-depth information on each of the subjects discussed in the movie, learn about Critical Mass initiatives supported by Thrive, and connect with others who are waking up and taking action.

The global elite have been able to gain and maintain control in crucial areas of our lives because most people are unaware of their agenda. If you learn more about what’s really going on, you can figure out how to respond more effectively.

I’d rather get over my fear of what someone might think of me than ignore something that could change the quality of life on this planet for everyone – Kimberly Carter Gamble

Published on Apr 5, 2012

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