Resistance is not listening to intuition, not having faith, not trusting

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Major transition taking place in a lot of people, especially at this time, but all throughout time…  we go through.. this.. needing to surrender our fears.. to relax, trust, to not be in such a hurry to race ahead of the moment that we’re learning from, to truly integrate & experience this moment, this ‘now’….

…and each time we get through these major events.. we’re no longer the same as who we went in as, we come out of it wiser and more expansive, we come out of it with “a key”… that can help ourselves through similar situations and help others…

we come out more compassionate, forgiving, & understanding, more in alignment to our authentic-ness / higher-self, more knowing what it is we want and who we really are (and what “isn’t” us – removing/letting go of that which is “not us”)…

badthings-wonderfuland the fear and doubts we get through these transitions, are because we don’t see the whole picture from our ego-perspective, that identity-program has amnesia.. & doesn’t have the whole picture – its like a tool to experience the lessons..

and until that transition is completed (and sometimes even then), but after a transition is complete, we reach some kind of inner knowing that what we went through (insight), was exactly what was needed to expand our awareness to ready us for what we are here for.. we can trust our intuition more sharply & clearly..

just as we are guiding each other the best we know how… more importantly.. we are also guided.. our intuition is guiding us to become who we really let go of the old programmes, and if we are not in-tune with it, we’re in resistance (resistance “is” not listening to intuition, not having faith, not trusting)…

and I don’t know anything at all, except that space of trust that I keep coming back to whenever I have doubts…. whilst watching it all from “afar”.. I see something “unfolding” here.. playing-out.. we are a part of something.. and we’re not alone.. everything seems to be playing-out to help us.. collecting keys to helping each other.. to uniting..

(or I’m delusional.. sometimes I think I must be delusional too lol.. or imaginative.. but at the same time.. as delusional as it sounds when I try and “make sense” of something from “mind” / logic.. there is also this expansive “all that we don’t know”.. and this inner “trust” thing that keeps whispering “expect miracles” – there is something deeper, more expansive & even better than what we could possibly imagine going on here)


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