Our biggest fear is that we are not loved unconditionally for who and what we are

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Our biggest fear is that we are not loved unconditionally for who and what we are

Notes from the book: Awakening to a Different World by White Feather

How much unconditional love can you handle? When the unconditional love is so strong that you cry, do you find yourself trying to get back to normal so that you do not have to take such intense vibrations? Do you avoid being overcome with pure unconditional love? Are you afraid you will be consumed by the intensity of the unconditional love? Do you feel powerless in the presence of unconditional love?

Ask yourself these questions, and determine how much fear you hold concerning unconditional love. Most everyone holds some fear about it. This is normal for fear and love are very connected. You see, every fear, when you follow its roots to its source, is a fear of unconditional love. We need unconditional love to live. It is flowing through us at all times. But when we hold up conditions to the incoming unconditional love, then that unconditional love gets split; it polarizes into fear and conditional love. So we live with the polarized dualistic aspects of love and fear and stay closed to unconditional love. Every expression of conditional love is, at heart, a crying out for unconditional love, just as every expression of fear is, at heart, also a crying out for unconditional love.

Our biggest fear is that we are not loved unconditionally for who and what we are. So we try to barter for love. We give love to another on the condition that it is returned and that the relationship of sharing that love continues. Immediately, the fear of losing that is born. Can you see how unconditional love turns into two things when it is not allowed to flow through you unimpeded? All your emotions of guilt and doubt and fear you hold out in front of you as a shield to the unconditional love flowing towards you all the time. When the unconditional love hits the shield it fractures.

Unconditional love is what heals. Unconditional love is what makes flowers bloom, birds soar, and children laugh. Unconditional love is the electricity that lights up your world and animates your lives.

Reconnecting to unconditional love

Reconnect to unconditional love that flows through you at all times and your lives will change. Establish a vertical energy circuit with it. Allow the unconditional love energy to flow down through you and down into the earth and into everything you touch. If you are not touching something, the circuit is not complete. If you stand upon the earth and allow yourself to be connected to it with unconditional love, then you can keep that circuitry open, and you can begin to use unconditional love in a horizontal way. Use your heart centre and solar plexus to receive, embrace, and send back out that unconditional love. This is the energy that animates your world. Tap into it and come alive.

All conflicts are the result of dealing out of chemical emotions rather than electrical unconditional love. By restoring the natural electrical flow of unconditional love, conflicts can be resolved. As long as you feed the chemical combustion of conflict with more emotion (which is what feeds it) the conflict will continue until there is a chemical release. So to stop conflict we cut off its food supply which is chemical emotions. Chemical emotions are any feelings that are not pure 100% unconditional love. The act of putting a single condition on something creates a chemical release, thus putting you into a chemical circuitry. Unconditional love is unconditional. It only takes one tiny condition, and it is no longer unconditional.

Reacting electrically involves complete surrender.

Being perpetually taught that everyone should always strive to WIN, WIN, WIN and that surrender is losing and indicative of weakness, can you see what is keeping pure unconditional love from blossoming on this planet? Unconditional love is not obtained through winning, because winning is a condition (dependent upon an opposing loss). Complete surrender has no conditions, however. No victor is even required. Surrender has nothing whatsoever to do with winning or losing. It is just a turning off of duality and an allowance and embracement of the unconditional love flowing through you. It is just a flip of a switch; a transfer of circuitry. It is just the surrender of turning your head and looking into my eyes. Your fears are what are keeping you from turning your head. Ask me, and I will hold your hand through those fears, and then you will be able to turn your head and look at me. The problem with humans growing up is that they stop surrendering. That’s why they age and die – because they will not surrender to life.

You are greatly loved.

There is much to learn from any planet, but earth is the crown jewel of the universe. It is the one place everyone just has to experience.

We have created the ultimate paradise. We only have to realize it. We have yet to see the omnipresent joy permeating everything. We have not yet felt the beauty inherent in everything. We have not yet loved our creation.

We have not yet touched our grandness, though we are starting to get a taste. We have not yet surrendered our illusions and we have not yet looked our divinity in the eye.

Our power to create is so incredibly limitless. It is as easy as drawing a picture. It is as easy as feeling. It is as easy as allowing. It is so easy yet we spend lifetimes learning. We search everywhere for the answers. We go from teacher to teacher and we read a million books. All the answers are within, though.

We pretend that we do not know that we are gods. It is a fun game that allows us to go through the adventure of remembering that we are gods. It allows us to see what things are like from a perspective of limitedness. If you are an unlimited god who wants to experience limitedness, you are going to have to forget that you are unlimited. And then you are going to have to create a whole bunch of limitations and then you are going to have to go through all those limitations.

When you are unlimited you cannot see what it is like to be limited. And while you are limited you cannot see what it is like to be unlimited. As gods, we are approaching a point where we will have experienced both, and we will take that combination of experience and create out of it a new dynamic to play in.

Abundance is our natural state. Abundance just is. You do not have to do anything to achieve abundance; you merely need to neutralize the vibratory barrier that separates you from your natural abundance. That barriers is the patterns of LACK consciousness that we maintain.

If we were to examine every single thought we have during the course of a day, as well as every word we express, most of us will find that the number of thoughts and expressions we experience during a day that support LACK, far outnumbers the thoughts and expressions we experience that support abundance. Sure, it makes sense to increase the number of thoughts and expressions that support abundance, but does it not make even more sense to just neutralize all those thoughts and expressions that support LACK? If we neutralize the LACK, then the natural abundance immediately outweighs the LACK. That is how you get abundance without trying too damn hard.

The average human has between 50,000 and 75,000 thoughts per day. Every one of those thoughts is an affirmation. That is how we create our reality. How much good do you think it will do to make 3 positive affirmations of abundance a day? Those 3 positive affirmations are going up against over 40000 thoughts of lack, self-doubt, and guilt. Chances are, you will not get far. So change your focus to these 40,000+ thoughts of lack, self-doubt, guilt or any other judgement. Focus on them, and obliterate them. Abundance does not need any more energy. It already has more than it will ever need.


Whenever you make an affirmation, you should say it three-times. And yes, you should say it at least 3 times a day, but you should say it 4 times every time you say it. This means that the very minimum you say it will be 9 times a day. 9 is the number of material manifestation. That is the minimum! You set the maximum. Now this is the affirmation that I am suggesting for you, but remember to always say it three times and always say it with as much of your attention and focus as you can muster:

I am willing to release the patterns of consciousness that allow for lack in my life.
I am willing to release the patterns of consciousness that allow for lack in my life.
I am willing to release the patterns of consciousness that allow for lack in my life.

Your brain will dissolve those patterns of consciousness if you tell it. It will do whatever you tell it. So become aware of what you are telling it.

One-ness & Thought Frequencies

We are already surrounded by one-ness. The only thing keeping us from uniting with that one-ness is a thin veil constructed of vibratory thought frequencies — and a time viral. As the time viral slowly dies, the veil gets thinner and thinner. As we change and release our vibratory thought frequencies, the veil gets even thinner. Eventually, the veil will get so thin that the one-ness will come gushing in. The veil will dissipate into thin air, and as this happens we will realize our full psychic abilities. The veil is the only thing hiding our psychic abilities from us. The veil is in part held up by our beliefs that we do not have the psychic abilities to see through it. Well, you do not need abilities to see through the veil. Just tear down the veil and you can see!

We would see how we are all connected, and we would use our energy in a very conscious way — and we would also see how easy it would be for all of us to raise the vibration of the entire planet.

This torrent of gushing energy is called feelings. This energy can not only be felt, but seen. Feelings are the universal language. We invented language in order or hide or distort feelings, and we also use it to try and express feelings. Pure feelings do not need to be translated, however, for they are universally understood. It is our solar plexus that we use to receive and understand those feeling energies. And herein lays a clue: Our psychic abilities ARE NOT LOCATED IN OUR HEADS, but rather in our stomach area!

There is no time, only space. (And the Eternal Now)

Linear time as we experience it here in physicality does not exist outside of that physicality. It is unique to our dimension. Outside of physicality, there is only the ETERNAL NOW. (Actually there is a sort of universal time, as measured by the in-breath and out-breath of God, but it is so expansive as to be almost unfathomable. In universal time, the entire history of planet earth takes about three minutes.) Time, as we know it, does not exist. There is no time, only space. (And the Eternal Now)

Love sustains life.

The human mind, body, and spirit needs love to live and grow. Deprived of love, we weaken and whither.

We have family and friends and all manner of loved ones providing a network of love energy that feeds us. This helps keep us alive enough to grow in our awareness to the point where we can sustain unconditional self-love. Once we reach that point we no longer need a support network. Instead we actually feed energy into that network, amplifying the love energy already there.

We have enough love energy streaming through us that we can be perpetually uplifted by it. But we hold a belief of separation from that universal love energy and that belief prevents the universal unconditional love energy from feeding us. That is why we seek outside sources.

That universal unconditional love energy is streaming through us at all times. There is no point in trying to seek it out. We need only to surrender to it, allowing it to flow through us without putting any conditions on it. When we do this we will be forever sustained. This is unconditional self-love; universal unconditional love energy flowing through our self.

All those friends and family – those soul-mates providing love support – are our creation, are they not? We create our reality, right? So the friends and family that we create will reflect back to us the degree to which we resist this universal unconditional love energy. When we surrender to it and allow it to be what animates us then the reality we create will reflect that unconditionally. Then we will be fed by the universal unconditional love energy as well as the reflection of that energy in the people in our landscape.

First, we helped each other by providing a conditional love blanket, and then we help each other find the unconditional love within us. Finding that, the energy spreads out through the landscape touching everyone in our “network”. The universal unconditional love energy spreads like wildfire…

… and then suddenly everyone knows what one-ness means. The idea of separation no longer holds water. Ah, that will be a grand moment!

Let us look at the difference between love and joy. When one puts nearly all one’s focus on joy, then love is the natural by-product. When we have all our focus on love, joy is a natural by-product. They are two slightly different vibrations, but where ever you find one, you will find the other.

Love and joy are both feelings. They are both vibratory frequencies. We can tune into both of those frequencies through surrender. When we surrender to the love frequency, allowing it to move through us, then the frequency of that love blends with our own signature frequency, and the resulting frequency is that of joy. The love frequency is what animates us, keeping us alive, and the joy frequency is the result of allowing the love frequency to flow through us unimpeded.

So you see there really is not much difference between the frequencies of love and joy. The difference is just in our experience of those frequencies.

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