Having a “Human Experience” is a gift – Liberation from self-slavery

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Having a "Human Experience" is a gift - Liberation from self-slavery


If you no longer had a body, but were a soul or some kind of “observer”… still witnessing “us”…
… wouldn’t you give anything to be given another chance to “experience” ‘being human’?

Like even the worst of our lives.. wouldn’t you still want the opportunity or challenge to experience… experience? The opportunity to change what you don’t like? Or to change how you perceive it?

Like if you had a chance to “live your life over”.. wouldn’t you look at it from a different perspective? Like.. “love” the opportunity you have been given to change/adjust/perceive it differently?

We – us Humans – are given an opportunity of a lifetime. We might of “fucked it up along the way” but we are still way better off than those who no longer have the opportunity to experience all of of the things we are able to experience.

Regardless of your beliefs.. let’s take a walk down a possible scenario.

What if this is it?

Your one chance to experience being a “human”.. for all of eternity?

And then you die (or whatever) – you no longer exist in this reality – even if you reincarnate – what if this is the one chance to have the “human experience”?

What does having a “human experience” enable you to “experience?”

Love, Hate, Fear, Kindness, Awareness, Pro-creating, Wisdom, Creativity, Mystery, Friendship, Family, Taste, Culture, Beliefs, Touch, Smell, Beauty, Horror, Overcoming Obstacles, Facing Challenges, Sickness, Health, Intense Emotions, Drive, Everyday Moments… and billions of other experiences!

Would you waste your opportunity of a lifetime focusing only on the negative – on what went wrong – on all the “bad” that has been ‘done to you’? 

If you are this “other being”.. an “observer” of your life… what would you change about the situation? And what would you reach out to experience? What would you do if you were given the gift of having a “human experience”?

Wouldn’t you want to immerse yourself in all that is? To experience the wonder? To seek opportunities to experience “more experiences”? To savour and learn what you can – to feel and experience as many emotions as you can?

Learn, Grow, Create, Share, Love, Feel  >>> Experience!

Gain wisdom and understanding?

Would you not want to know what it’s like to “wash the dishes” or “taste food” or “stand in a hot shower”, or “travel”? Would you not want to know what it’s “like” doing all the things that humans can do?

If you were an observer and you witnessed humans wasting their experience on hate or hurt or fear? Would you not want to let them in on the thing they have forgotten? That they wished for this experience, they yearned for this experience – and they got their wish – and now they can create and experience – that ALL of it is part of it.. why are they continually creating & re-living something they don’t even want? Why are they fighting each other? Why are they hurting each other? Why are they destroying this creation? This opportunity of a lifetime? And why are they trying to ruin other people’s once-in-a-lifetime human experience? 

Wouldn’t you want to remind them how lucky they are – to appreciate the Life you have been Given! Go Experience the wonder of being Human! Create something – share your gifts – experience as many things you want – help each other to achieve these experiences – you dreamed of this! Even the mundane – is full of experiences. Even the bad is part of the experience. The good, the bad, everything – is an opportunity. A miracle, really.

And after this experience ends.. and you return to being the “observer” or to wherever we go when we are “no longer having this human experience”… we would wish we had another chance to do this again.. we would wish we could feel what we are feeling right now.. that we could experience all of this again…

That we had another chance to overcome our challenges “gimme another shot – I can do this!”, to experience love again, to appreciate the beauty in this universe.. to co-create with others… to touch… to taste.. to FEEL again.


Our dissatisfaction with life is our prison. Our ‘grief” and our ‘stress’ engulfs us.

Our ‘defeat’, our feeling powerless to change the circumstances of our lives makes us slaves.

But if we were observers of our lives.. we would see opportunity where others see walls, we would see beauty where others see ugly —- we would be grateful.. instead of full of despair.

Life is a gift. A wonderful precious gift. Learn from your mistakes. Be empowered by your traumas. Share your gifts. Forgive anything that is blocking your chance to have a meaningful human experience. We’re here for ALL of this – every part of it.. the whole experience!

Appreciate every little thing. Don’t torment yourself over any kind of experience – see your life through the eyes of the observer – take steps towards a better life and appreciate every little step you take, and have real “authentic” gratitude for every experience you now have – for everything that is wonderful & miraculous about being human. Enjoy that shower – pet your cat – smile at that flower – and don’t die before you’re dead.

Liberate yourself from slavery! Try and catch some more human experiences… be a master of your fate rather than a prisoner of your own mind.


Penny (PennyButler.com)
Penny (PennyButler.com)

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