My I Ching Readings – See why I’m so fascinated by it

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Finally you’ll find out why I’m so fascinated by the I Ching as I share actual readings that have helped me in key moments of confusion in my life.

In this video, you’ll see what the I Ching answered when I asked:

Should I choose to be loving in whatever situation that arises?
Do we attract opportunities to achieve lessons that we want to learn in this life cycle?
Does life punish you or do you punish yourself, how does that work?
If you see people as innocent, do you enter a parallel world where they “are” innocent?
Why couldn’t I see this before, what’s different?
How do I best approach this?
Why am I having trouble letting this go?
Does what we do in our lives change where we go in our death?
How can I ensure that I’m not operating in illusion or fantasy?
Are we one with the Supreme Creator?
Does Meditation connect me with my True Self?
Should we always do what’s right by our soul?
Where am I in this cycle?
What work do I need to do?
Why is there a sense of distrust?
Does your authentic self trust life?
Concept: Enjoy the moment
Is it true that you cannot attract the darkness once you do not carry it in your own system anymore?
What is the most important thing I need to work on?
What is the best way of overcoming fear?
What do I fear most?
What is my true path?
Why are there hostile forces?
Am I here to overcome fear and help others do the same?
How do I best serve the greater good?
Can I have all the answers to my infinite questions?

I ask the I Ching everything – thousands of questions – about death, what happens in the afterlife, about aliens and world conspiracies, day-to-day conversations, mysteries. missing people, whether something on the media is a scam or not, about business and friendships and especially when I’m feeling any kind of negative emotion.

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