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Honestly, creating your own reality stuff like this is partly responsible for sending me into psychosis a few years ago. I honestly thought I was creating everything but maybe took the belief to a whole new level (I knew that I was messing with my mind for the sake of experimenting on behalf of humanity though – so maybe I was missing something by deliberately disregarding my internal warning system), but anyway, here’s some more of Bashar ‘follow your excitement to be aligned with your soul’ stuff that I came across on Archive.org.

Mechanism for achieving Abundance

Act on your highest excitement. Choose the opportunity that is made available to you by your life that contains the highest excitement. Act on it to the best of your ability, taking it as far as you can until you can take it no further, with no assumption or expectations on what the outcome ought to be, and when you are done with that, choose the next most exciting thing that your life presents to you as an opportunity that you have the ability to act on.

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How to stay in alignment to your True Self

Pay attention to your emotions, thoughts, behaviours because they are always a result of something you believe to be true. When you engage in any kind of action, pay attention to what you are truly feeling.

If you are honest with yourself, and it is truly being done out of integrity – out of alignment with your true self, then you will know that the feeling you are feeling is not excitement, but anxiety. And when you know it’s anxiety, and you’re doing it out of anxiety or to fill the idea of an emptiness within you, then you know you’re doing it for a negative reason.

Find out what the negative belief is that would generate those feelings, and change it, and let go of it, and then you will find you don’t have those intentions, you don’t have those feelings, and you will now be acting on things, only in a positive and aligned way.

You just have the willingness to explore yourself honestly, so you can truly admit and own and acknowledge when you do have a negative idea, a negative feeling, and not gloss it over / cover it up, and pretend that it’s not there.

There is nothing to fear about facing those things, you will only discover more of yourself in the exploration. The unknown only contains more of yourself. Exploring it is what frees you to change it. If you push it down or ignore it, it will only come back stronger next time and even more difficult to deal with.

As soon as you feel anything out of alignment, deal with it and find out why it’s there. It will always come down to something you’ve been taught to believe is true over something else.

Decide what’s true for you – really true for you – then you will be in alignment with yourself and experience your life that way. If you give things negative meaning, the only affect you’ll get is a negative one, because everything is neutral, and only the meaning you give it determines the outcome and effect that you experience.

The idea and the proof of change, is not that the outer world has changed, is that you respond differently to it, even if it looks the same. When you truly have changed, then the outer reflection can change, but not because it has to, because you wouldn’t care if it changed or not, if you were truly generating your own positive state, because it wouldn’t matter what would happen. You would know that no matter what happens, you will only get a positive effect in your life, regardless of what anyone else is getting out of it.


Turn Negative Experiences into Opportunities

In a sense, negative experiences are giving you an opportunity to face all your negative beliefs that are going on within your personality structure so that you can transform them and integrate them in a positive way.

Understand that no matter what anyone else’s intention is towards you, you always – all of you – have the opportunity to decide that only a positive effect will result for you in your life regarding any experience, because your physical reality is only the product of how you define it, and if you define it in a positive way, you will only get a positive experience from it, no matter whether someone else has a negative intention toward you or not, that’s how it works, that’s physics.

So get in touch with the fears that they bring up within you, so that you can allow yourself to define definitions that are causing those fears, because all emotions come from something you believe to be true first, you can’t have a feeling without defining something to be true first, therefore if you have a feeling of fear, you have a definition that is causing the fear. Find out what it is, identify it, and let it go, and then you will find that these experiences can turn around for you in a very positive and constructive way and allow you to become more self-empowered if you use it that way.


Your Highest Excitement is the physical expression that represents your natural core self & supportive love of creation itself

Act on your highest excitement, every moment that you can, taking it as far as you can, until you can take it no further. Then act on the next exciting thing that you can take action on, taking it as far as you can until you can take it no further. And then when you act on your highest excitement every moment that you can, do so with absolutely zero assumptions or expectation of what the outcome ought to be.

The reason it’s important to act on your highest excitement is because what excitement is. When you feel that vibration of excitement or whatever you want to call it, it’s your body’s physical translation – physical expression – of the vibrational experience of energy that represents your true natural core self. It represents the true vibration of the unconditional supportive love of creation itself. So when you are acting on your excitement to the best of your ability, it’s like your compass needle is aligned with your true magnetic north, most easily and effortlessly.

When you resist your excitement, that’s where all the struggles come from. All pain, all struggle, all difficulty, is the result of resistance to the natural self. But when you act on your excitement, everything flows, everything falls into place, and the universe can seem to work automatically and synchronistically, and in a positive way for you.

Your physical mind is not capable of understanding how something will actually happen. Your physical mind is only designed to understand what is happening. To have the experience at hand. It’s just the perceiver. Only the higher mind is capable of knowing how something is actually going to un-fold. Therefore, when the physical mind insists, that by following it’s excitement a particular outcome must happen, and if it doesn’t… “something’s wrong”, it actually closes the door to the higher mind’s ability to bring you the manifestation that might actually be better than the physical mind was capable of imagining, but which is now prevented from doing because the physical mind is insisting that something different can’t possibly be the outcome.

In every moment, look at all the opportunities that surround you, and choose the one that has the highest excitement and act on it to the best of your ability with no expectation on what the outcome is supposed to be. This will show you very quickly, mechanically, that all excitement is a thread, it’s a complete kit, and it will lead to all other things that are representative in your life of the expression of that excitement, of the expression of your true vibration.

It doesn’t matter in what form the excitement comes, it doesn’t matter how it looks, what tells you it’s connected is the fact that it contains that excitement – that invokes that excitement in you, that’s how you know it’s connected. Two events may appear to have nothing at all to do with each other on the surface, but if they’re both equally exciting, one will always link to the other somehow, and all you need to do is act upon whichever one you are capable of acting on to find out how they’re linked.


Destiny, Free Will, & Shifting Timelines

When you are a spirit, you generally lay out a theme for a life. The things that you wish to learn, to grow from, to experience in general terms (sometimes specific). But overall a general theme or several themes that you desire to explore in the physical incarnation. You could say that particular theme / themes is set by destiny (set by the soul).

When you are physically incarnated, and have a physical mind – a personality – you are allowed to exercise your free will on exactly how you go about exploring those themes. So you are free to approach it from a number of different perspectives, experience it in a number of different ways or paths.

The soul sets up the hallway you will walk down, but the free will of the physical mind will determine how it will experience or walk down that hallway. Freewill in hand with the idea of destiny.

Anytime you redefine who you are as a person, you actually shift to what you would call a different timeline. Thus what you supposedly remember as your past, will simply be relevant for the person you are defining yourself to be in the present. You may not even know that your past has changed, because it will seem like the past that has always been there, relative to the person you are now. But it always changes. The past is the result of the present, not the other way around.


What if your highest excitement is to hurt others?

That is not excitement. You have to know the difference. You have to have a clear definition of what excitement is. So when someone says “my excitement is to hurt others”, they actually don’t have a definition or understanding of what excitement is, because the only way you would ‘want’ to do that, is out of anxiety and fear.

If you are truly acting on excitement and truly in line with the definition of what is appropriate of excitement, you would know that you would be self-empowered. And if you are self-empowered, why would you need in any way shape or form, to hurt anyone else? It’s a contradictory definition. You have to have a clear definition and understanding of what excitement is, and when you do, you will know that the concept of hurting someone else, does not fall under that definition.

Excitement is always a thing that allows you to know that you’re fully self-empowered, and capable of creating and co-creating a reality experience that is always beneficial for you and all concerned. The greatest power requires the gentlest touch. If you have to intervene or force yourself on someone else, then what’s that’s an indication of is that you don’t actually believe in your own power. Because if you believed in your own power, if you knew you were powerful enough to create the reality that you prefer, why would you need in any way shape or form, to interfere with anyone else’s process? It’s always self-empowering and always best for ALL concerned.


In terms of following my highest excitement, I find myself self-sabotaging…

Bashar: Ask yourself, what is the most terrifying thing that can happen if I act on my highest excitement? You are buying into the idea that the excitement can actually somehow bring you something that is negative. And by definition, your excitement can’t do that. Why would you have a definition of excitement that contains the idea of a negative experience? That’s not a definition of excitement. What are you afraid might happen?

Questioner: I think I’m afraid of rejection (by the people I’ve created in my reality).

Bashar: “She’s afraid of creating rejection yet by holding herself back, she’s rejecting herself.” When you understand you don’t need to reject yourself, it won’t matter whether anyone else actually offers you rejection or not, because if they offer you rejection and you’re not rejecting yourself, you won’t take what they’re offering you as if it has anything to do with you. You won’t take it personally, because you’ll realize it has to do with them and their issues, and then you can have compassion.

You need to take responsibility for your experiences, stop blaming the situation and start understanding that you’re reacting to the situation in a way that you don’t prefer to, and you need to ask yourself why. Start exploring that.
IT doesn’t do anything. IT doesn’t throw you off. IT isn’t difficult. IT isn’t hard.
YOU make it hard. YOU make it difficult. YOU choose to be thrown off.
Ask yourself why you would get something out of doing that, and then you’ll start understanding what that definition is and you’ll let it go if it no longer serves you. But as long as you believe it serves you to choose being thrown off or choose experiencing difficulty, you’ll hold onto it and won’t let it go. You have to first take responsibility for the actual experience. You can’t say that it’s just “something that happens”. You choose to be thrown off for your own reasons, find out what those reasons are and if you find out you don’t prefer those reasons, let them go. Do you remember the entire formula for acting on your excitement?

Questioner: Act on your highest excitement with no regard for the outcome.

Bashar: Well, why are you regarding the outcome? The more you stay in the state of ‘wanting’, the more you stay in the state of ‘never actually having’. “Wanting” is it’s own state. “Wanting” is not having. “Wanting” will never attract the experience of having. “Wanting” only attracts more wanting. The idea is to stop wanting and start having. Start knowing that every single thing you need is here. They will manifest themselves and become visible to you when you’re on a certain wavelength that matches that thing that is here. But it’s all here. You don’t have to WANT anything. WANTING implies that you don’t have it. You DO have it. But you will not experience it until the right timing. Trust the timing of your life. If you don’t trust your life as unfolding, that’s why you start going into WANTING because you think something’s not working, you think something is wrong. But it’s not, you’re just creating the experience that it is. Action and knowing are synonymous. A true understanding means you know it, you live it, you breathe it, you do it.


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