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Something a bit different. I scoured the Bashar Facebook group trying to find what Bashar said about Autism because I couldn’t find it in a Google search or on his website, and there were a few different ideas from both “what people remember Bashar saying” and their own views on Autism that I thought I’d note down and place here.

I’ve arranged the opinion’s in the following way: (Click to jump)

… just a different way of exploring reality
… to dismantle old beliefs & assist in bringing in the new
… ignoring extraneous data to focus & explore a specific theme
… believes archons are responsible
… believe it may be ‘curable’
… operating from their own dimension
… Bashar Says
… who believe Bashar’s race is autistic
… those with questions (list of original posts)

… just a different way of exploring reality:

The children being born at your planet at this time are not just a new generation, they are a different species. ~ Bashar – Alien Event 2010 (01)

One time, it was some quote like “Maybe it’s not a glitch, maybe it’s an entirely different operating system”. Implying that they’re not ‘broken’, they’re just running different software from the ‘norm’. (02)

My thoughts are that we are All on the ‘spectrum’. Autism is allopathically/medically diagnosed. Autistic beings are blessed- they mustn’t be forced into ‘old paradigm education, peer pressure, belief systems, power struggles, acceptability, dogma etc..’ they carry pure energy and consciousness that could be tainted by mainstream 3D five sensory human fear. (03)

They are vibrating on a different frequency and I do believe they are super sensitive in a way many can’t understand. and I have heard the evolutionary jump idea as well. It certainly is a more positive way to view these kids. (04)

Some children are born with a higher level of consciousness- (seem to be on autism spectrum but are just more consciously aware and sensitive in nature) sometimes the ‘norm’. Development could be slower, but emotional intelligence is high. (Personal experience) (05)

Bashar has spoken about the children being born now are passing through the “Arcturus Gate” giving them special insights and a headstart in the transformational processes that we didn’t have before. (06)

(Did a Google search to find out what this commenter meant about Arcturus Gate, expand box below if interested) (07) (08)

Click to Expand (Arcturians and the Arcturus Gate)
The Arcturians are an 8th density non-physical consciousness which “has connected itself to the goings-on on your transformational Earth for a very specific reason.”

The Arcturus energy is “a type of vibration that is very specific to fine-tuning energies, fine-tuning frequencies, and allowing you to function more in alignment with your true natural self, so that the people being born on your planet now, incarnating on your planet now for a little while, do not forget as much of who they actually are, do not forget that they are greater beings.

They come through what is called the Arcturus Gate, the Arcturus Portal, the Arcturus vibration, that aligns energy and crystallizes energy in incarnational ways in a specific way that allows you to vibrate at a level where you exhibit more and more of who you are, and that is why you are seeing in your planet now more and more prodigies being born, more and more children who remember the idea of other lives, more and more of what you call the Indigo species that have great abilities beyond what would seem to be normal for what they have learned on your physical planet.

They are connecting to other simultaneous existing incarnations from the OverSoul level; they are bringing through information that can teach the adults on your planet many many different kinds of things that you need to remember about yourselves in order to function in this way more holistically, more globally, more galactically, and allow yourselves to propel yourselves, and accelerate yourselves rapidly in the direction of your true potential, as a species becoming more fully Human than you’ve ever been before, and allowing yourself to begin to truly awaken those “switches” within your genetic makeup to allow you to move in the direction of becoming the 6th hybrid race.

The Arcturus energies create certain frequencies that have been interpreted by your reality as the trumpets of the angels”, “and that is a vibrational frequency that guides you into a certain level of vibrational reality that is representative of more alignment with Source, with Creation.

The call of the trumpets calls you back to yourself, to more of yourself, to blend with the Higher Mind, to balance with the Higher Mind so that you’re functioning as a whole being; it’s like a guiding beacon.

Arcturus represents the gate of energy through which communication from other dimensions of experience is funnelled into your dimension of experience. They are the regulating gate. It doesn’t mean that things are being regulated in a very structured sense, but only that they are the translators of energy from other dimensions into your dimension, into symbols you can understand.

Much of the emanation of energy, of the dissemination of energy, and the regulation of the transformational rate going on an your planet, and many other planets within your galactic system, is under the auspices of the Arcturus gate.

They are also responsible for creating a particular type of energy alignment through which many of your children now being born are passing before birth – so they will forget less of who they are once they are born into your society. In that sense, they have connections into what you call the angelic realm, and therefore are represented by a lot of non-physiological consciousness as well.

Some of this is an aspect of Pleiadian energy, but a lot of it represents aspects of extra-dimensional energy as it is symbolized in your material reality.

One thing also to understand is that if the person with the so-called disorder is not unhappy and they are feeling support and togetherness with their family and peers and have all their needs met and are following their Joy then that is not really a disorder. There’s nothing wrong with beings who are different than ourselves. If it is a problem that is causing distress and imbalance then the same permission slips apply to these types of people such as following their joy and working on rooting out the negative belief whenever something comes up by asking, “What must I believe is true to be getting this negative feeling?” No matter the type of person this is true and clear across the board. (09)

“There is only the understanding of the thing that needs to be taught to every child on the planet, and that is the knowledge that every single individual on this planet is already powerful as he or she needs to be, to create any reality desired, without having to hurt yourself, or anyone else, to get it. That’s how powerful you are.” (10)

My son was late to talk and he is full of ET wisdom. I posted a video earlier today of one of his transmissions. I am a child advocate in this matter, and much of what we gauge as “milestones” in our children is misguided. (11)

I work with children and have for 30 years. I would entirely agree that in the last 10 -15 years that the children are VERY different. (12)

Maybe not so much “higher”, but “different”.
I have often felt more in the grip of my intelligence than able to “turn it on and off” at will. Pretty sure I have Asperger’s. (13)

Yes they are more intelligent, or actually they are more conceptual. I see it with my daughter and kids her age, they are so different. They are not going to follow the old ways. They bring change. (14)

Higher level of consciousness might not necessarily be the right term, however I do often have the same pondering, and I feel, based on what we do know, that because their right brain is basically “overactive“?, they have a hard time being in this reality because they are seeing things from a much different perspective, one that is not so bound by left brain laws and logic. (15)

I don’t know what Bashar has said about this but from my perspective they have simply a different brain frequency (higher) and they process everything differently. There is nothing wrong with them. The Ones who experience problems need proper/clean diets and energy healing to restore and rebalance the nervous system. (16)

What every human needs: a passion, a life mission, a ‘skill to fulfill’, a constant practice from the heart. Autism isn’t to be cured, it is to be channelled. (17)

… to dismantle old beliefs & assist in bringing in the new:

Bashar once said their purpose is to bring you into their world, not to be changed to fit into your world. (18)

Kryon said that autistic children are part in 4D and that our future incarnations will have a lot of autistics. (19) (20)

Highly advanced souls are now incarnating on Earth who will form the systems that will take this planet to where it needs to go in her new era. They already know what they need to know and they do not want to know how the systems that we currently rely on work because in their dreams they can envisage better ones. I am sure that you know one or two young people who will fit this description. (Not every young person conforms to this mould though and some have just come for the experience and the ride). (21)

I have had personal contact with Bashar about this. My kids are Lightworkers with activated DNA so my children are easily distracted and focused on other realms. A.D.D is attention in different dimensions and not attention deficit. There is nothing “wrong” with our children. So-called Autism or A.D.D are labelled because the old world doesn’t understand them. These children will lead in this new world. I know if your reading this, you already know this.

Last year, my son was so bored and unchallenged with his teacher’s methods, he could not even sit in his chair. He got up during instruction to talk to other kids or played with stuff in his desk, etc. The teacher told me to medicate him of course. That’s what they want all of us to do. I consulted with Bashar and got a very different answer! Bashar asked me to wait and see how my son performs academically next year and to not put him on any medication. The problem is these children are heart-centered and must be taught from the heart; by caring, loving teachers who foster their creativity. If the teacher is only in their head space, the kids cannot learn with this rigidness.

This year, my son is blessed with the most amazing Lightworker teacher who is totally in his heart. My son has no perceived problems with A.D.D with this teacher. Zero. His A.D.D miraculously went away because the teacher allows the child’s creativity to come through his learning. His own inner wisdom is fostered instead of oppressed. It’s not the children that need fixing: Teachers need to dump their rules and procedures and just teach from the heart and there is no more problems. I want to write a curriculum one day to help our teachers learn to do this. (22)

Coming into 3D, Indigo children viewed through the eyes of Indigo adults
Perspective is creation too. (23)

I’m recalling this from memory: They are those who passed certain vibrational gates that allow them to remember who they really are. They give us an opportunity to learn about the brain and consciousness, thought process and awareness. They’re our learning curve. (24)

Autistic children come forth in that way to show people that no difference should be applied to children no matter what. It’s to dismantle the old belief that the perfect children exist or that something has to be a certain way for it to work and that’s not the case. These children come forth in that expression to show that there is nothing that need to work for life just is. Just like children are born blind, or with 3 eyes or 4 arms. It’s all to teach. (25)

They are.
They feel more all at once.
Their physical communication center is not operating the same.
But there’s a whole spectrum between full on and not.
Humans see anything ‘that can’t be a wage slave’ as a disorder. (26)

There are many different reasons, possibilities such as someone who just decides to create in the way that they want to create. Some of these so-called disorders are actually a result of some genetic activations. Some are a result of other parts of DNA being used. We will learn a lot about our own minds and our own potential by looking at some of the brains of autistic children and other so-called disorders as ADHD more accurately would be “Attention Dialled into a Higher Dimension.” (27)

Anthony’s take on this issue is unique. He begins by mentioning that ASD kids (and other co-morbid labels that come with it like ADHD and Aspergers) are gifted, and that their conditions come with both upsides and downsides:

Children with these conditions often have a high level of intuition, are exceptionally creative, possess an extraordinary ability to see beneath the surface, and—though this goes against traditional thinking—actually have the ability to “read” people easily. Kids with ADHD and autism often think faster, feel more deeply, and are more intuitive and artistic than the norm, in part because of their limited patience for doing things in the “standard way.”


He then goes on to suggest that children with ADHD and autism are producing new generations of children who will grow up better equipped to solve our problems and chart the best course for humanity.
He mentions Indigo Children here, brilliant children with exceptional gifts of intuition and, in some cases, paranormal skills like telepathy. (29)

I have also heard they are here to show us where we are going wrong, environmentally etc. I can see that as well, not sure where I heard it though. I have an daughter who is an autistic adult. (30)

Many people have some form of undiagnosed autism…. otherwise they are the many others who are programmed and brainwashed.
Choosing to come in with a mild form of autism spectrum is probably a great way to break the programming and brainwashing, and they could be a very advanced consciousness within that body. (31)

It totally depends on the child. What we are talking about, however, is a massive upgrade in consciousness. These children are born never knowing separation. Beyond anything we know.
Parents are evolved by interaction. Truly symbiotic. Beyond symbiotic.
And fully embodied, a child might take to these natural body things very quickly. But there are many stories to play out – galactic lineage, the parents karma and intent, and personal mission – that make each case unique. (32)

These souls are highly gifted… they were/are the new wave of frequency beings incarnating to assist at this time. Their brains have capabilities that give them sight into other dimensions and subtle energies. They have been targeted specifically… in the DNA and the part of the genetic ileal that is raw intelligence. They are highly sensitive to the distortions currently on this planet. The powers knew of this evolution and you see it play out in our foods, vaccines and chemtrails (how they have worked to shut them/us down). Even being nonverbal still to this day, my daughter works with me in the ether to communicate, and shows me her feelings inside that way… and even astral travels with me… showing me other planets and lifeforms. I am so deeply grateful for this experience with her… but I am keenly aware that these beings have been altered in purpose by those in control with malicious intent. It is a violation, and it is not okay. I am very much in faith and knowing that it is a part of the Great Awakening though, and we are gaining much ground in bringing Truths to Light. (33)

I feel I can relate to autistic spectrum children BECAUSE people have no idea how fake everything that they say, do, their automatic behavior, their reactions etc are so unreal there is no point in them. When you are expected to come back with a pleasant, or same type of reaction, and you don’t want to because there is no point in ANY OF IT & I don’t believe anyone should be expected to understand nonsense or give a shit in responding at all. (34)

I believe autistic children are a more natural way of behaving. We, who cannot stop trying to be like other people so that they accept us better (because we can’t face our own judgemental prejudices) are the ones with a Mental illness. A weakness that prevents us from being ourselves in spite of the pressure of the exterior judgmental weak of minds. (35)

He says that these beings are functioning very intensely in a limited window and are very present. They show the rest of humanity what you are capable of functioning at a high frequency. (36)

Autistic people are HIGHLY sensitive to things that “neurotypical” people aren’t normally affected by. So they can offer us valuable perspective on the things we don’t notice or pick up on.

I think a lot of it has to do with feeling and depth and intensity of feeling. I consider myself on the functional end of the spectrum. I think one of the big differences on the extreme end is they can’t turn it off. Kryon says interesting things about it. I’d recommend looking that up. Something about how their lower/physical chakras are kind of turned off, they feel more multi-dimensionally (a lot all at once (hence more easily overwhelmed)), they’re somewhat the future human, but the future human is more able to go back and forth. I think empaths in general are touching on it. Bashar talks of becoming a more refined and sensitive engine. (37) (38)

They need attention which means unconditional love from family! Family learns unconditional love. (39)

My autistic children have taught me patience, a deeper love that needs no words, to be who you are no matter what, and telepathy. For that I’m truly grateful and honoured. (40)

AUTISM: Invokes a highly focused point of view in a very narrow window of expression, you get to see the full potential of that particular aspect of the personality. They demonstrate what you are all capable of if you allow yourself to operate in full mode.
They are giving you a loving opportunity to see the potential in each and everyone of you. They’re allowing you to understand how to live in the moment more fully with more focus on every moment in living in the present. They are teaching you how to live more in the now.
Bashar (41)

Yes, in the transmission interstellar enneagram he shares about it. (42) (43)

Mary Rodwell covers this opinion, referring to them as the letter people. She mentioned it at a recent talk in the desert, I believe Nov 12. (44)

(Couldn’t find transcripts from her talk in the desert, but here are some excerpts from her book) (45) (46)

Click to Expand (Mary Rodwell Excerpts)
Excerpts from Mary Rodwell – The New Human, Homo Noeticus. Are we changing as a species?

The ‘Letter’ people, ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s, and Autism.

She believes individuals with ADD, Asperger’s and Autism do not have ‘faulty’ genes but are a human upgrade, i.e. ‘Letter People. I do not believe the theory these are ‘broken genes’ but offering new multidimensional skills to prevent limited re-programming of a third dimensional reality. It is not so simple as foreign DNA. It’s a combination of genetically improved bodies, in combination with souls from different places in our Universe, incarnating in these ‘improved’ bodies.

The souls have different frequencies/vibrations depending on their evolutionary status and it plays a role in activation of the DNA in that particular body. I believe we also have to take into account the collective soul of Homo sapiens.” L.O.G goes on to say, ‘Letter people’ show impairment in communication between the brain- halves, thus they use one side of the brain for solving the same problem. They say ‘we are dysfunctional’ however it may be a way to free more space in the brain for solving difficult tasks. The Asperger’s part might be responsible for ‘higher’ knowledge, not interested in traditional learning.” In her research she found some unique chemical differences. “

I observed the calculated levels of acetylcholine and dopamine in the brain is ‘higher’ in letter people. Acetylcholine is formed from choline in the vitamin B family. “Letter people” need more choline (but also other vitamin B family members) because they use more of it. So that’s the simplicity behind the “cure” for “letter people” – more vitamin B’s, and MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), to help in the enzymatic reactions in the brain and the formation of acetylcholine from choline. The effect comes a few days after the first intake and if you stop taking the supplements the first signs of imbalance (ADHD and so on) can be noticed after a few days, depending on how much stress you are exposed to.”
She goes on to identify some problems these people struggle with on a constant basis. “I had also surmised, ‘letter’ people have expanded sensitivities and awareness, this would suffer with present limited and limiting human reality programming. It would be easier for them to retain multidimensional awareness, if they were not so easily programmed in present social, limited and inaccurate third dimensional reality.”

Dr. William Brown with a PhD in Biology, wrote; “I believe that genetic modification is occurring right now in utero, and is actually producing a New Human. The hybrids are altogether a new species of human. This is shown by the exponential increase in Autistic, ADD and Indigo children. The new genetic architecture allows them to see the world in a multidimensional fashion. I believe research would show dormant genetic regions are being integrated into the biological system, and this is occurring in all of us to produce expanded awareness. Their brains are working faster and they have access to more information. In the classroom, learning is much faster than normal. I believe they already ‘know’ what’s being taught. The ‘intrinsic’ understanding of certain knowledge and information goes down to bio-molecular level where sentient activity of the brain actually takes place in the atomic structure of DNA molecules. It is trans-generational information. The information is encoded within the atomic structure of the DNA molecule. It can be accessed with greater efficiency and produce savant-like characteristics. The modification of the DNA is more the remodelling of the genome to make dormant regions accessible again.”

There is a book called Children of Now that explains this. (47) (48)

… ignoring extraneous data to focus & explore a specific theme

They just decided to come here, as you and me, to experience what they have to and do their work but, at some point they’ve decided to cut off from society, in order to not be polluted by it. (49)

Autism… being in the state where one has the ability to explore, experience and express a theme to it’s deepest depth. (50)

Jane Fonda put it very nicely in her speech about Greta Thunberg: “Asperger’s Syndrome means one ignores all extraneous data and focuses exclusively on the facts.” I thought that was brilliant. (51)

This is some channeling I got about my son who is special needs. (Not Bashar).
Q- Is there something I can do to help my son move past this developmental delay and help him become independent someday?
FROM MICHAEL: What you are doing appears to be exactly that which would be beneficial for this outcome. We again emphasize the patience and participation, and a move away from the concern for this being “wrong” or something to fix. This is merely one other way of growing into a body and consciousness, and it is as valid as any other, however inconvenient or troublesome. (52)

Focus of consciousness for a specific purpose of experience. (53)

Focus is not bad. Limitation is not bad. Focus is centering and concentrating of the energy in order to raise its vibrational frequency. (54)

Autistic children are from a higher frequency but related to their consciousness dynamics or mental/brain functioning, like running a different program so to say, which offers them a different playability or ‘operational system’ in this dimension; a higher frequency perception of reality. This doesn’t dictate however their own state of being as this alienation from the rest makes them have a tough time while interacting, and ultimately, they keep being humans and in this plane so many of them often show a not very balanced state of being or emotional body, which they will get to align and balance as they grow up and expand. (55)

A thought goes in my mind sometimes: Maybe autistic children are in a higher level of consciousness. Some autistic children are extremely intelligent but do not connect very well with the exterior world. Some people would say they live in their own world. If this world is an illusion, maybe they are just experiencing another level of consciousness that we can’t understand yet. (56)

… believes archons are responsible:

I would love to open a discussion on this. Today I learned from Cobra that the archons are responsible – that Autism and Asperger’s are being triggered by the biochips and implants. If we understand that we have a soul contract and choose how we will experience life, I find that interesting. Different operating system yes, I have met an autistic child though who was very autistic who went through a series of shamanic rituals and had many entities removed, and now is a happy high-functioning child. So many answers must be possible on this. (57)

(Scoured the internet trying to find what he was talking about in regards to Cobra/archons and found it here):

Lynn – Asperger’s Syndrome is sometimes described as a mild form of autism. In the past, Asperger’s Syndrome was very rare, or people were not labeled with this. Why has this syndrome come along now? Is Asperger’s Syndrome a disease in a person’s astral, etheric or plasma body?

COBRA – This has increased simply because the Archons have increased the use of their negative technology such as biochips, such as implants, scalar technologies and all of these have created the trauma in higher energy bodies and Asperger’s syndrome is just the outer manifestation of that trauma.

Lynn – Do you see that Asperger’s and autism can be healed after The Event?

COBRA – Yes, of course. (thank you)

Source: https://prepareforchange.net/2016/11/16/cobra-prepare-for-change-november-interview/ (58)

… believe it may be ‘curable’:

Most of them have Mercury poisoning from Vaccinations or Mother’s that had/have Amalgam fillings. Funnily enough, when the Mercury is Chelated out of them the Autism disappears. (59)

This guy is an expert in aluminium toxicity and talks about the strong links with both Autism and Alzheimer’s. He says the most effective detox is spring water that is high in Silica. Although plants such as horsetail are high in silica it is not bioavailable, and even the purportedly more bioavailable forms such as Orthosilicic Acid might not be effective. Personally I would do more research on that last point, but it may be hard to find anyone who has researched it more thoroughly. (60)

What can be done to improve? Regular body system by body system detox, which Bashar recommends. Heavy metal detox by way of combining juice fast and zeolite. And craniosacral therapy – particularly occiput decompression. Other healing modalities can help but these are the best ones I know that are widely available.(61)

Autism is caused by contamination of heavy metals such as Mercury and Aluminium that have reached the channel in the middle between one hemisphere of the brain and the other. These heavy metals may have come from vaccines, inherited, or from many other sources. Medical Medium has healed children from Autism, all of the info on how to heal is in his first book. (62) (63)

I agree with Medical Medium. He has some very interesting things to say about Autism. He even mentions that Autistic and ADHD people are Indigo’s. When you detox the heavy metals that caused the suffering the child can still be left with the superpowers the child had to develop because of Autism. After detoxing life can then be much more manageable and the skills will still be there. Very interesting! I do believe this is a path each soul decides to experience and what happens to each soul will be a very different journey. But we are at a time where this is now an option! We should respect the path that each soul chooses. If this resonates with you I highly recommend looking onto it! Either way EVERYONE can benefit from a heavy metal detox! (64)

Brain Fog Remover – a video prepared per the permission slip from the ET Dolphin (2006) transmission. Bashar recommended then to just visualize it, and here the video does the job for you. If you give it 20+ minutes straight it is a nice process that opens up the higher-centre’s, pineal gland included, heals, and even improves eyesight! (65)

Click to Expand (Brain Fog Remover)
Basically it connects parts of your brain in particular the two hemispheres and activates the corpus collosum and the pineal which is the step-down apparatus for higher frequencies into the physical dimension. Bashar said even a minute of intense visualization of the type animated in the video is doing some serious effects to your brain. however aura observations of people watching the video suggest you would do well to watch it for 20+ minutes for a full opening of the 3rd eye and crown. and the eyesight improvement effect seems to be a by-product of this.

Bashar says that the sign of infinity, when visualized (or watched) connects the left and the right side of the brain. When he was asked, if the upright symbol of infinity (i.e. symbol of 8), connects the upper and the lower parts of the brain, he answered something like:” yes, to some degree.” This visual helps, but we can also use the following suggestion of Bashar:

We can wave our finger(s) creating the symbol of infinity and watch our finger. There is something more in regard to this practice which Bashar recommended in that transmission. Namely, we can use this exercise to establish contact with schizophrenics – simply draw the infinity symbol in the air with your finger, so that an schizophrenics person sees your moving finger. By doing it, we help him/her connect his/her left/right brain, and thus help them to prolong their attention span and communication.

Bashar said something about them having a more “focused” experience. They may suck at saying hello but may be a savant in another way like Rainman. I don’t recall him saying anything about healing but I know of a guy that healed his own autism with carrot juice. May be a good permission slip. (66)

I’d like to offer an alternative-health clinical perspective. Many people on the autistic scale (PDD, Asperger’s, what used to be called schizoids until the last DSM revision and so on) can certainly make great headway and even resolve that condition. The classic case study Wilhelm Reich wrote down in his Character Analysis about resolving schizophrenia is about 100 pages long and a very optimistic read for example.
(Couldn’t find the paper he/she refers to but found a PDF that refers to his work in regards to non-verbal Autism, Schizophrenia and it’s relation to “Eye-Block”) (67)

HOWEVER. Chakra-wise, the full autism condition is not necessarily something that can be COMPLETELY resolved because resolution is not necessarily in the life theme the soul had chosen. And so it is not impossible, just very unlikely that a full cure will happen. Autistic people have an open 3rd eye and open crown, but the rest of the chakras are very tightly closed. This implies an epigenetic (within the lifetime, rather than genetic which is hereditary) evolutionary path that went “all-in” in a certain direction in order to experience the world in a certain way. Of course as our society evolves we will have tools for fully supporting that choice as well, but my feeling is that a FULL cure is not within the perimeters of medicine as we see this condition at the moment. (68)

Everything I believe Bashar teaches us about what is happening in the world is about choice to change it. We have any reality we want to choose from. And from my own experience with autism and my son it has been definitely multi-dimensional past life, even to the nerve endings in their body not working in a way that was recorded as in 2020 mankind. I don’t believe that the human body is anything that it used to be 50 years ago between steroids, vaccinations, chemtrails, etc. Why would it be a belief that the human organism would stay the same? Heck for that matter people I know with Bionicle limbs are closer to A.I. than ever before. My son’s life has taken me on a journey of tying up Loose Ends. If he fell on his head because of an accident in a previous lifetime where he was institutionalized, he will not be in this lifetime. But also I will fight against vaccinations and it’s ill effects.(69)

Throat chakra and below is seriously blocked with Autism. Maturing the front aspect of the throat chakra (which includes the experience of the world as a nourishing place) can help them greatly. I would focus on decompressing the occiput bone, which has an awesome effect on the throat chakra. Further reading here. (70) (71)
(I went to the website and didn’t really understand how this relates to Autism, but keeping it here in case someone sees something I don’t).

This is not from Bashar, but from Dr. Hamer: In general it is safe to say that most of them experienced biological conflicts that occurred in utero. I would certainly advice to take the ‘Bruno Gröning‘ path. It can be highly effective with these types of challenges, and it is free. (72)

Click to Expand (Bruno Gröning Teachings)
1. Sit in a chair with both feet flat on the floor, a comfortable distance apart. Place the backs of your hands on your thighs so that the palms face upwards and the hands do not touch each other; and your arms (and legs) are not crossed. Your spine is straight (if possible) but relaxed.

2. Believe in a loving God who wants you to be well.

3. Have an intention of tuning into (Einstellen) and accepting and absorbing the Divine Healing Stream (Heilstrom).

4. Trust and Believe – the Divine power Helps and Heals. – believe that as soon as you request healing, you are receiving it, and you are healed.

5. Pay great attention to your body, and particularly on good feelings in the body.Do your best to not follow the pains or discomfort, but rather notice other sensations. As soon as you do the steps above, you are receiving healing, and there will be sensations caused by this. If your mind wanders, just bring it back to an awareness of your body. If this is difficult to do, then instead think of something beautiful, or listen to spiritually uplifting music. If you experience an increase in symptoms or unusual discomforts when you are sitting in this position and tuning in, do not be concerned – just remember that you have asked for healing, and sometimes this has to work in a very physical way – these pains do not always occur, but are called

6. If you have any illnesses or worries or problems, do not focus on these – rather just give them all to Bruno Groening to deal with, and ask for his help and protection.

7. Live according to divine laws (and the teachings of Bruno Groening, which express divine laws). Put aside resentment and anger and gossip, and other evil things which harm yourself and others. Avoid as far as possible other peoples negative attitudes.

8. Things which can get in the way of healing are loss of hope, an unwillingness to believe in God, an identification with the illness or problem (i.e. Holding onto it, thinking of it as yours). You must be open to the healing.

… operating from their own dimension:

I had one psychic tell me that my son is in his own dimension operating on his level of reality, where he’s perfectly normal, but in my reality he is a musical triangle. I will learn how to play music with this triangle and he enjoys my company very much. I learned to be in his world, which is filled with a lot more acceptance and accommodations than most people’s. (73)

Everything is vibration and they are slightly out of phase with the frequency band in which the large collective base of humanity operates within. (74)

… Bashar says:

“The general condition can have many reasons, some of which may stem from reincarnational lives, some of which may not have to.

But the general idea is of a high focus in a specific direction of intention at the sake of everything else, every other connection, every other direction, every other focus. It is the turning inward into a specific world, a specific dimension of the imagination and the exploration of a highly concentrated, limitational focus.

Sometimes this is the continuation/playing out of things from other lives, sometimes it is what an individual desires to experience in this life, simply knowing there is only one or two things they need to be aware of and so they have created an existence that simply allows them to focus on those one or two things, they have not considered anything else in a sense to be that important.

It can be of great service to other individuals in creating communication bonds telepathically with these people, to be able to have access to these dimensional worlds they are focused upon.

Sometimes the idea of autism is a symbolic representation of the lack of willingness of communicative ability that exists in your society as well. So an individual may chose to represent that format to allow other individuals to attempt, to get to them, in any way they can and teach your society in general that much more about all the different ways you can discover communication occurring between you, so that you will expand all your methodologies of communication.

Now your dolphin consciousness is very good at communicating with these individuals because they already reach them telepathically and they treat them, accept them, as they are. They simply send them unconditional Love.

And one of the ideas, that what you call; Autism, to exist in your World is to allow individuals to express that unconditional Love, to allow more intimacy in their communication, because intimacy, closeness, physical touching, and Love are usually the ways that allow an Autistic person to realize that there is another World around them.

There are many, many reasons for the creation of that idea (autism) but basically it is a turning inward into a particular dimensional plane at the expense of everything else, that a ‘generalist’ usually chooses to experience in Life. They are in many ways the Ultimate specialists.

In many ways they represent seeds bound up and ready to explode in many different directions at once. The extreme limitation they exhibit, once released, will release in an explosion of high connection into almost every direction in your society. They are in a sense potential ‘generalists’ of High Order, High frequency, High magnitude expressing what you generally term ‘Genius’ in another way, not that you are not all geniuses which you are.”

(75) (76)

Check this wonderful short video clip about Bashars view on Autistic Children: (77) (78)

A very good discussion of autism is in the not-for-sale transmission “Re-creating Yourself” (1997), in the last segment. (79)
(This guy posted this on almost every autism post I found in the group and I’m not sure why because I listened and didn’t find the recommendation that helpful. You can listen here: 04Bashar-Re-creatingYourself4of4.mp3) (80)

According to Bashar:
ADD = Added Dimensional Depth
ADHD = Attention Dialed into a Higher Dimension (81)

… who believe Bashar’s race is autistic:

Everyone with Autism is different & unique.
The Entire Essasani Race are highly autistic. (82)

Eshakani are an autistic race so they seem robotic like in their nature. (83)

Eshakani are all autistic. Essasani are Eshakani post 2012 were in 4th density & they in 5th. I am autistic spectrum myself aka Asperger’s. (84)

… those with questions (list of original posts)

I’m going to join in on the bandwagon.
Has anyone asked Bashar why humans have such difficulty maintaining eye contact? As in getting anxious, nervous, trouble concentrating, offended or feel threatened, even.
Eye contact is so powerful, research shows it overwhelms the brain. Why? What is happening with eye contact that’s so powerful? There is clearly something going on modern science is too primitive to figure out.
If it’s not been asked, I would hope someone asks the next session that’s held. Many people, close to a majority, not only cannot maintain eye contact for long but actively avoid it. (85)

Has Bashar said anything regarding individuals with autism? I am very curious about this. (86)

Does Bashar speak about kids education and how we should handle it, since our kids are upgraded and the educational system is so outdated? I feel bad sending my son to school , home-school is a option but the “programs” out there are also outdated… Any suggestions? (87)

Has anyone heard or read something about hybrid children or those who are raised in a more conscious way being prone to develop later in some practical/physical stuffs like starting to talk, to walk or leave the diapers? (88)

Hello guys. Do you recall a session where Bashar talked about autism? (89)

Hello everyone, I have a question that pertains to autism. I would like to know what Bashar’s perspective on it is and anything related to the subject that you would like to contribute to the conversation. I currently work with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and would like to expand my perspective. Thank You. (90)

Did Bashar ever talk about autism? (91)

Any cure for autism suggested by Bashar or any other channeler/medium? (92)

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