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Been watching Kyle Cease’s 100 Day Video Challenge which has inspired me to be more reflective on my automatic, daily thoughts that I have that may not be serving my life.


Spent 3-4 hours at the coffee shop, writing, observing, writing, people watching, writing, pondering life :)

Yesterday I was watching Kyle Cease’s challenge, he’s meditating 2 hrs a day then recording a video and he has changed so much from stopping his mind from “busy, busy, busy”, then being within, letting all the thoughts come up, and basically ‘dealing with them’. 

We spend our lives like that, we are on auto-repeat mode, every single day with our thoughts. Unless we deal with those thoughts, we have a new day, and the thoughts we haven’t dealt with yet, we bring them into this day. The thoughts from yesterday, last year, a decade ago, 20 years ago, lifetime, etc. “Putting them on” and bringing them in everyday and not transcending the thoughts to serve our lives better.

Last week, coming up over & over again is ‘how do I create a better life for myself?’. And I’ll be writing something, and that’s the message I’ve been getting. I haven’t done anything with it. Posted some to Facebook for “me” to do. I hope it helps other people but it’s all for me. 

How can “I” live a better life, because then I can be the example to give permission for others to have a better life. 

Kyle’s videos made me realize that I need to reflect more, and continually discard beliefs that no longer serve me, every-single-day, there is something that’s keeping me “stuck” in some way. And every-single-day, there are some thoughts that don’t serve me, that makes me feel worse than I could be, and doesn’t step me forward to the next thing.

Getting a lot of value watching his videos. He’s kinda like a motivational speaker that is more spiritual awakened than a lot of the more well-known speakers like Tony Robbins and the like, but he’s a comedian and has his own very large following. 

At the coffee shop, I was writing down things like “things I can offer the world” and “things the world can offer me”. 

I had a line down the middle of the page, and reflecting. How can I help this world? That I’ve already done, that I already feel confident doing, or that I want to do, or that I want to learn, that will help humanity in some way. And by humanity, I mean “you”. The person in front of me. Not, the entire humanity. What is it that I have, that I can offer somebody that was right here in front of me? And, what is it, that I feel like I need or want from the world?

To be able to do bartering. I want to be able to do a lot of things for free, but a lot of people feel uncomfortable with me doing something for free, and the reason I know that, is because I’m still uncomfortable people doing something for me for free (which is something I still have to work on). Being able to have a list that people can barter with me, I thought might be a good idea for my new website that I’m creating.

I can do this for you, and you can do something on this list for me, or you can teach me something on this list, or you can spend time with me doing something on this list, or you can let me use your shower & laundry while I’m on the road. I need help with the solar on my van, the wardrobe, bed, fridge/freezer, etc, etc. There are things that I am ‘aiming for’ and unsuccessfully so far, ‘saving for’. If you don’t let people know what it is that you need, their mind isn’t even thinking about how they can help you achieve that. They might have ideas that will help you get it faster, rather than working your ass off and saving up for it.

6 Days until registration due $772.70 by 2nd December. This has been on my mind since last month. Trying to manifest that in 6 days. Trying to get extra hours at work, and they have been given me 3 hours extra. I need a better attitude towards money, and a better way of getting money, and I also know that my website is going to pay me some money, and I know that it’s going to be paid. These things have been weighing on my mind. It’s time to think outside the box again. 

The work that I’m doing at the moment (working for somebody else) is not going to be the ultimate solution, in fact it’s not only keeping me “stuck here” but working for someone else is not a permanent solution. I need to knuckle down and start creating a more enjoyable life that doesn’t require my time being taken away from me and limit what I can do with my life.

I’ve been working on the new website, and it’s more for “making people happy”. I’m the biggest student of that particular subject, so there’s a lot of stuff that I’ve learnt that has helped me become happier, and I’m ever the eager-student to learn more. I learn something and I share it, then I learn something that helps me even more and I share it. And that’s what I want to do, and I also want to find other people and highlight people who are living their best lives, following their heart, which I believe is the ‘not-so-secret’ secret. When you’re in your passion, when you’re feeling good, when you’re serving humanity in some way, you have a better life. Logic. hehe. 

There are some people that really inspire me, just by being themselves. 

One that is travelling around Australia on his bike, what an inspiration – eating off the land, meeting people and sharing his skills that he’s learnt. People who have their own communities or people who are growing their own groceries. Other van dwellers are an inspiration to me. And they’re all just being themselves. They are just doing what they feel is ‘right for them’ and it inspires other people to want a better life.

One of the questions I asked was… you win the lottery, you paid for everything – you’re debt-free, your family’s looked after, you’ve paid all your charities, you’ve done everything that you can, and now, you don’t have to work again in your life. You don’t have to ‘want’ for anything. How do you spend your days? What would you do now? After you’ve looked after everybody. We always care about the people that we love. What would you do? And the key point in that exercise is to find out what makes your heart sing. So that you can live a more happy, harmonious, positive life, and by that, you are directly affecting everybody around you with your higher vibration. You are giving them permission to be all they can be as well. 

What if it’s selfish? Well that’s perspective isn’t it.  Because really, what do we want for “other people”? What I want for you, what I want for the people I love, what I want for family, what I want for the world, is ‘good health and good happiness’. I “want” them to be living in love. I want them to have a happy life. I want them to do the things that they are called to do, that make their hearts sing. I want them to really be happy.

As human beings, we really want “other people” to be happy. More-so than ourselves. We want the people that we love to be happier, healthier; to have a good life. And what we want for “other people”, is what we want for ourselves. We want “other people” to accept us for who we are, we want to live true to our selves, and to find out who we are, and be who we are, and live happy and healthy and more loving and things like that. We don’t want all these other problems in the world. And the only solution I can think of for all of that, is to be the ‘ripple effect’.

To be the domino effect, to change our lives, and be the example, and be the change that we want to see in the world and it’s so cliché but when you see people living in a fearful, suffering, suffocation, depressed and sick life, you know they don’t want to be in that place but they just don’t know how to get out of it; they’re in their darkness.

And when I was in my darkness, I didn’t know how to get out of it either. And sometimes I still get back in it, so I don’t have all the answers, but I know the little baby-steps out of it, which is all I can share. And so, it isn’t selfish to want the best for your life, as long as what you’re wanting, does not harm/take-away from other people. 

And there’s so many things in our lives that we want, that generally doesn’t involve ‘taking’ from other people. What gives us the most joy is “giving” to other people and watching their life improve in some way. At least, that’s ‘my’ joy. 

That’s what I’ve been focusing on today. What do I have to offer the world and what is it that I want from the world. And then the last thing before I left the coffee place, I wrote down an exercise that I still need to do:

What makes you happy? What brings you joy? What experiences do you want to have in your life? What would be the best day ever? What would be the best life ever? What kind of things.. feel “good” to us.. because we’ve got all these ‘automatic thoughts’, we might think it’s things like “travelling the world, being rich, blah blah blah blah blah”, but when you cut down to it, the moments in time that you have expressed the most joy are much simpler than that… it’s when you have a belly laugh with your friends, when you’re singing or dancing, or when you are listening to good music, or when you sitting around a campfire with good company & a guitar.

It is the simplest of things that actually bring you joy, and these simple little things can be added to your life straight away – they don’t cost anything. And you can start building upon that, to actually have a better life. And by making an effort to put these little baby good things back into your life, overall, your actual whole life is better, and you start being more inclusive with everybody else, and being able to give advice and be emotionally ‘available’ to people who are not so happy because you have found little baby happy places in your daily life, that can help the people that you love… 

That’s what I’m going to work on. What “would” make my life a really good life? And what can I start adding into my life straight away? Because yes, I do love travelling, but what is it about travelling that I love?

It’s the newness, it’s trying new food, it’s meeting new cultures, it’s friendliness and being care-free. Especially when I was in Bali, I loved their loving generosity and ‘friendship first’ culture, and cheap foods that taste awesome and not “having” to work.

That’s why we love holidays is because we don’t have to “be somewhere” on someone else’s clock. We decide how to spend our days. Today I feel like being with the Dolphins, today I feel like the beach, today I want to listen to music with friends. You are free to spend your time however you wish. That freedom, feeling free to go live in the moment.

There are so many good experiences that you can add into your life to make today the ‘best day ever’, to make tomorrow the ‘best day ever’ because you’re choosing to add more joy to your life. On purpose.

And, because you actually “know” what it is that makes you joyful. When is the last time you reflected on that? Because when you live by default, waiting for “how the day will pan out”, and you’ve got yesterday’s and the last 40 years of thoughts and problems and beliefs that you are bringing into each new day with you, you’re still living 40 years of old-thinking, every single day, and you haven’t dealt with any of it. You’re living on default. So everyday is the same day. You wake up, you have the same breakfast and the same routine, over & over & over & over again and you don’t change it and you wonder why you’re life is so miserable because you haven’t chosen – deliberately, consciously, mindfully chosen to add things into your life that bring you more joy. 

So that’s one of the next exercises that I’m going to do to make sure that I’m bringing more joy into my life, that I have more good days. And have more things to look forward to each day, than sometimes dwelling where I don’t want to be. And when I bring in more joy, I’m more in alignment to my purpose. Because when I was at the end of my life, and I thought everything was over, after I “Reset”, I decided that I was going to live true to who I am. I didn’t want to be a stranger at my own funeral.  Well I’m not doing that if I’m living on auto-pilot. If I joyfully add more good into my life, it’s better for me and better for everyone around me, because I’m being the example of how ‘they’ can be happier.








  • Living by Default, Add more Joy into your Life, Kyle Cease [Video]Dude, it’s right in front of you. Kyle Cease speaks everything wrong with the world and gives the solution to fix it….♥♥♥…
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