3 Steps to having a better, more enjoyable life

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3 Steps to having a better, more enjoyable life

After doing the Instant Manifestation test the other day, it stirred something up in me. I can have anything I want… I just don’t know what it is lol. Like, you think you know.. but when I was asked “what would you manifest right now?”. Nothing came up. My “big” things come up – like world peace, to be debt-free, and less suffering in the world and all that, but nothing else really came to mind. I need to know what I want my life to look like, if I want to create the life I want.  So in the middle of the night last night, I created an exercise to do, and I thought I’d share it here with you and probably create a video on it too. 

This is the nutshell version of what I created last night:

3-Steps to having a better, more enjoyable life:

  1. What would a great day look like? (Or, what does a terrible day look like – then, what’s the “opposite” of that?)
  2. Expand it out to activities you would enjoy in your life to be able to get the desired life
  3. Plot it into a big monthly mock-calendar. Plan out a life that includes things that make your life great.

You don’t have to do it right away if things have to change first, but knowing what you want, actually gives you more positive things to focus on, and helps your brain “look for” ways to incorporate those things into your life. It also strengthens your intentions when you “go for a walk” or something and you realize how many “ticks” it gives your “good life” by doing that.  It helps guide you to solutions and activities that will support having a more enjoyable life.

Grab a piece of paper and a pen and start plotting a better life, KNOW what it is you want for your life. It’s the first step to gaining it. Write it down, think about it, and pop it into some kind of plan or calendar or even vision board or somewhere, where you can motivate yourself to start adding more of the “good” into your life.

“The universe is like the order taker at McDonald’s. It can’t give you a Big Mac if you keep ordering an Egg McMuffin.”Pam Grout


So what does it look like? Here is what I did.

How do I want my life to look from the moment I wake? How do I want to spend my days? What does a month in the life of Penny look like? And what “don’t” I want in my life?

First things that came to mind:

  • Health, Vitality, Energy, Looks
  • Spiritual, Purpose
  • Fun, Gratitude, Love
  • Freedom to be me
  • Mental Clairity
  • Other people – inspire, understanding, support, kindness
  • Choice, freedom, abundance
  • Valued
  • Truth, honour, genuine, heart
  • Good, tasty food

Opposites: What I don’t want (so I can be clear on what I “want”)

  • Slavery  (opp: Freedom on how I spend my time)
  • Mean people (warm-hearted people, genuine people, truth, kindness, support, fun)
  • Poverty (abundance, freedom, choice)
  • Pain (health, vitality, energy, happiness)
  • Cruelty (kindness)
  • Judgement (compassion, unconditional love, free to be me)
  • Sadness (happiness)

With those notes, I then turned it into activities that would incorporate “what I want my life to look like”. How would my day look with those things in my life? What would a great day look like? What would an optimal life look like? 


Well-being, Vitality, Full of Energy, Mental Clarity, Looks, Good, tasty food, ready to take on all that the good life has to offer me? Activities I can add to my life:

  • I love berry smoothies, fruit salad, roast veggies, salads, veggie burgers, Thai food
  • I love walking, getting massages, strong showers
  • I “think” I would enjoy yoga, tai chi, and qigong
  • My body appreciates when I stretch
  • And I’d like to reach a point where I’m not gasping for air when I do the ball & hand-weight exercises – that would be a good indicator for me, that I’m reaching my full vitality & potential. It also inspires me to “do better” for my body.
  • Regular Detoxing
  • More fresh “live” foods, seeds, nuts, herbs

And activities I should do “less of” or eliminate completely, so that I can enjoy those benefits:

  • Toxin-removal
  • Fast-food, food-court food
  • Coffee’s, milk, sugar

So I know that when I’m doing these things, I’m supporting the “more enjoyable life” that I want. A great life with healthy, vibrant energy. I will look better, feel better, and have more mental clarity.

You may enjoy or resonate with other foods and exercises, like swimming, running, steak, etc. What is fun for you right now?

Now I get a big Piece of paper or calendar, and “plot it in”.


Berry Smoothie
Roast Veg.
Fruit Salad
Fruit Salad
Tai Chi
Hand-weights / Ball Exercises / Strength & Cardio

It also supports my avoiding my “don’t want’s”. Which is pain, lethargy, illness, etc.

It supports loving myself more, treating my body, my cells, my life with respect, gratitude, and kindness.

The massage helps lymph flow & moves blocked-energy, pampers me, and makes me feel special, looked after, worthy.


Next, I want more fun in my life.

  • My fun is researching higher consciousness, life’s mysteries, learning “new” stuff, and finding others to talk deeply with about all the “stuff we’re not supposed to talk about”, and coming up with new hypothesis’s about who we are and why we’re here.
  • Good music that makes me feel happy, that makes me want to sing-along or bop-along.
  • Listening to music with others at a bbq or event is even more fun.
  • Meeting new people, especially from different cultures, with different perspectives on life, that are kind, happy, interesting, and warm-hearted & positive.
  • Dining out, coffee chats, dvd nights, movies, campfire nights, bbq’s, guitar
  • Fire-side chats, belly-laughs
  • Hangouts with people that think outside mainstream
  • Kissing, holding-hands, connecting, soul-bonding

What “fun” can I slice into my dream week now? Or what is a step-towards that fun? 

Does it seem weird that I no longer have “skydiving” and travelling and learning languages and other stuff on my list of fun? It’s because I realized that it wasn’t these particular activities that gave me a sense of joy, it was the “other stuff”. Connecting with people and connecting with good things, and new-ness. That I can add into my life right now. Adventures will come into my life that support my “fun”.

Higher-Consciousness podcasts
Fun Music
Coffee Chat
Newness videos, research

Dvd night
Campfire or BBQ or Dine-out

Knowing what makes us happy means “saying yes” to opportunities when they show up. When you get offered to go out with people, you say yes instead of rushing home, you enjoy “more” the time you spend doing the thing you love (researching for example, because I realize that it gives me joy to do it, will become even more enjoyable by recognizing that it is actually “fun” for me to learn). Getting out the guitar – despite how much it hurts my fingers and how many years it’s been since I attempted to learn it, will inspire me to enjoy the process knowing that it will be my “fun” in the future at campfires with others, or be company and instant-music and singing for me when I’m van-dwelling somewhere alone :)

It really does highlight that everyone is unique in what they find “joy” in. What activities are “fun” for you that you would like to add into your life right now?


  • Spiritual, Purpose
  • Gratitude, Love
  • Freedom to be me
  • Other people – inspire, understanding, support, kindness
  • Choice, freedom, abundance
  • Valued
  • Truth, honour, genuine, heart
  • Happiness, helping others be happier
  • I feel good when I’m feeling “love”. I feel “love” when I feel like I’m valuable. I feel “love” when I’m sharing this page even, when I share what is helping me, by being a “student” of life :)
  • Writing down things that have helped me, collating them into easy to understand/follow worksheets, checklists, blog posts and videos for others to learn from. Sharing “over-the-shoulder” what I do to improve my own life.
  • Whatever I learn that helps me, I want to teach/share.

Unconditional love, compassion, helping people.

So my purpose, how I see it, is to love. To use the skills that I’m a ‘ever-student’ of, to help those that I feel called to help, or who feel I can help them. 

  • How I got healthy, what do I eat, and why
  • Mindset, thinking positivity, always looking for the best side of the situation and of everyone I encounter, forgiveness
  • How to train your brain to look for the best
  • Internet stuff; quick & easy websites, automatic marketing, escaping the matrix, self-sufficiency, etc
  • Frugal living; escape the system
  • Being more authentic, be you, speak truth, higher consciousness stuff

How do I add more “purpose” into my life?

Write notes
Create checklist/worksheet/blog post
One per week
Record video (personal & how-to-use checklist”
Implement/test checklist
Share with others
Blog posts/Promote.. email, social media, fiverr, wso, gumtree
Landing page

Review & improve
Ask for feedback (how can it be better, more valuable, more understandable, easier to follow, more helpful
Add to a book/course
Create workshop or meetup or video hangout

This is purpose that helps me “get paid to be me”, provide value to the world, and provide abundance. To live in the energy of love, to have a lifestyle that gives me a life with more meaning, being of service to others, helping people. And it has daily activities that I personally enjoy doing. I get a lot of joy from sharing things that I know have benefited myself. It also gives me a way to “travel” and meet and connect with others, at the same time as building my self-confidence and helping me feel like I’m leaving and ‘living’ a legacy, rather than just being a slave for someone else’s dream. Helping people just like me, by sharing and learning, learning and sharing. Attracting wonderful people into my life.

I haven’t yet finished doing the exercise for myself, I still want to do the exercise for all areas of life, but this is a great starting point for me, to be able to say “yes” to the things I love doing in my life, to say “yes” each day to things that bring me more joy and fulfilment.  Hopefully I’ve shared enough of my process for you to make steps towards good changes in your life too. Have fun!


Penny (PennyButler.com)
Penny (PennyButler.com)

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