30 Day Video Challenge to get out of your Comfort Zone and gain Confidence

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30 day video challenge

30 day video challenge

Want to increase your confidence, practice public speaking, grow out of your comfort zone? Then you might also be interested in doing this 30 day Video challenge that I’ve decided to participate in.

For me, a lot of the ideas I’ve had over the years have been almost reliant on me being a confident speaker.. all the video products I haven’t created, the podcast show that I haven’t yet published, the webinars and seminars that I am drawn to do. I want to help and inspire the world so much, and yet something stops me from actually producing. They never seem “good enough”.

I want to change that negative belief and hone in on those skills that I’ve been clearly avoiding for such a long time. 

Many years ago my business plan had “join Toastmasters” as one of the crucial skills I needed to achieve what I wanted to achieve, but I never did. 

So today I signed up for this 30 day Video Challenge and hope to record my first video tomorrow (was going to be today but I have had people all around me all day and I am not yet confident enough to record my first video with onlookers lol)

I know I will grow in leaps & bounds from doing this challenge and I just know already that this is the right step forward and that my confidence will increase and my momentum will grow by stepping outside of my comfort zone and hopefully becoming a lot more confident to be in front of the camera and with speaking in general.

The way this particular challenge works, is that each day you record a short video (less than 5 minutes) on a particular topic, from your phone or webcam or any type of camera that you have access to. Then you upload it to YouTube and post your video to the relevant day with other challengers who are also participants talking about the same topic. 

Here is a list of the topics over the next 30 days (you can join anytime and start wherever you like):

  1. Share about a time when you realized that you were braver/stronger/smarter or better in some way than you had previously thought.
  2. What gift(s) are you holding back on sharing with the world because you do not feel that it is perfect or good enough?
  3. Topic of Your Choice!
  4. What is a weakness you perceive in yourself that you feel limits your joy or success?
  5. Why is it so many of us fear success?
  6. Topic Of Your Choice!
  7. How does environment play a part to one’s success or failure?
  8. What things have you discovered that have made it easier to make changes in your life?
  9. Topic Of Your Choice!
  10. How can one develop unconditional love for himself/herself?
  11. How does one determine what their gifts are?
  12. Topic Of Your Choice!
  13. Topic Of Your Choice!
  14. Show yourself making the silliest face you know how to make.
  15. What children’s song do you like to sing in a silly way? Will you show us… and share it with a child you know?
  16. Topic Of Your Choice!
  17. What trait of yours, if any, do you have that you fear having rejected the most because it’s such a part of your core?
  18. If you run a business… What’s your elevator pitch? How can you tell me, in 30 seconds or less, what you offer?
  19. Topic Of Your Choice!
  20. If money was no object… If you didn’t have to earn a living… How would you spend the rest of your days?
  21. Compared to where you were five years ago… How do you feel about the person you’ve become?
  22. Topic Of Your Choice!
  23. Who do you want to be five years from now? What will that look like and feel like?
  24. What characteristics do you notice in people first? How do you think that shapes how you view the world and how you interact in it?
  25. Topic Of Your Choice!
  26. What process or habit have you created in your life to ensure you are on the path to achieving your dreams and aspirations?
  27. Regarding question 26, if you don’t have those habits, what can you do to create them? If you have created habits, what other habits could you create to further improve?
  28. Topic Of Your Choice!
  29. What would you want to hear at your eulogy? Do you think that’s what would be said if you were to leave this earth now?
  30. Tell us a funny joke that would be safe to tell an 8 year old but still make an adult laugh.

Think this challenge will help you grow out of your comfort zone and help change your life for the better?  Join the Challenge: http://loveyourselfforlife.com/

Come join me :)

30 Day Video Challenge
Penny (PennyButler.com)
Penny (PennyButler.com)

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