How to end war and create global harmony

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end war, create global harmony

Today I woke up wanting to share some notes and insights I got from reading the book ‘Anastasia’ recently, so I got out to my computer and before I sat down to type, I happened to glance a read of a friends Facebook message, which changed the next 3 hours of my life as her one post brought to surface in me a whole lot of thoughts, and I couldn’t start working on my notes until I had poured out my thoughts in the hope to gain some kind of insight on how to end war and create global harmony.

The friend is Katie Freiling and her post was about signing a petition to end USA funding to Israeli-Palestinian war. You can read her status update here. Read the petition she is referring to here.

Part of her message stated:

‘I believe that personally and globally, we are experiencing one of the greatest leaps in our evolution to date. We are transforming from ego and separation to compassion and unity… from the age of the machines to the age of our common humanity… from the era of war to the era of peace.’Katie Freiling

And I agree with that, having experienced it more and more especially over the past 2 years, and seeing others who are going through a conscious awakening – even those who are not actively seeking it are ‘changing’. Yet, my instincts are telling me that even though millions are waking up, those who are directly involved in the conflict have not, that those who are ‘fearing’ are bringing to them what they fear, that those who are ‘hating’ are bringing to them what they hate, that those who despair are bringing more of the despair…

I really hope she sees something more than what I can and that her belief that it can be stopped by signing a petition ‘against’ something – that it somehow puts something in motion to end war… or that her message brings hope and discussion and thoughts-of-resolution to the conscious minds, and from that I hope new insights are created for those who are directly involved in making decisions, or that the seeds of awakening that are within all of us help us to evolve.

I never understood how there could be war when we are all one, believing as Katie does, that as individuals we would not be ok with aiding & supporting war, yet I’m beginning to understand it more lately, that each of us is responsible for creating this reality and that the actions, thoughts and energies we send out as individuals make up the collective that cause this to be in our realities. I hope what you are doing and standing ‘against’ works or starts something.

My instincts tell me that we need to as individuals send out energies of love and forgiveness and compassion and empathy, to spread a message ‘for’ something – for the result & reality we want, rather than ‘against’ something, because we get what we ‘intend as a collective’, our ‘collective beliefs’ is why war is still a reality, so more of the collective believe there is nothing that can be done to stop this bloodshed than those who believe in peace.

I don’t want war, and I think that even my thoughts of “don’t want war” is still manifesting war somehow, that I still have work to do in myself to help bring peace, by believing more in a reality where war doesn’t exist where it is not brought to mind, and even those who are feeling the same way as I do, that we ‘don’t want war’ – are still creating war by the process of thoughts of anything that we believe is reality for us as a whole. i.e. that the belief of ‘war’ – even of ‘no war’ brings a conscious manifestation of ‘war’; that there can only be ‘no war’ when ‘war’ and ‘conflict’ doesn’t exist as an option in our minds – or is that thinking too deeply about it?

When I think about what those who are directly involved on-the-ground are ‘creating with their thoughts/beliefs’, when their children just got murdered, when their mother just got murdered, the thoughts of those individuals, who have only known war their entire lives and live in such despair and anger – they do not know of a life without war, and even if they somehow were able to find a place in their souls to send out love and see peace as an alternative, this is the only reality that they know, how do they manifest a reality that they have never seen or believed to be possible?

How do we share with them that the world is round, not flat, when everything they have seen as a collective and as individuals are the only reality they know. Just as everything that we have seen & experienced in our own lives is the only reality “we” know.

When we fund “humanitarian” organizations, are we still “manifesting” war, or manifesting more of what we don’t want? Or when we fund humanitarian organizations, does it send out more compassion and love and the peace we all want.

In each corporation & government that are funding war, as individuals some may be intending peace and even believe that it’s possible, until the collective around them influence their conscious minds that their ideals are pipe-dreams.

I have had jobs, meaningless jobs even, that have had unethical practices that I’ve refused to participate in. i.e. whenever I’ve been in a workplace that has chosen to use deceit or lack of compassion as part of their standard workplace practice – where lies are encouraged and the truth is cause for dismissal, I have either stood-against what was happening & caused great conflict in the workplace, or promptly left the position leaving myself in a destitute situation on some occasions because I couldn’t change it and couldn’t stand it, I couldn’t work anywhere that forced me to lie and treat others as less-than the important & equal souls they are.

Earlier in my life, when I was trying to fit in, I didn’t think I had a choice, I would go along with what “society” told me I should do / what the masses were doing / what ‘everyone else’ was doing. It felt wrong and yet I was still unconscious, I didn’t understand why I felt so indifferent and was not aware that I was stuck in the matrix, that I and those around me had been conditioned.

Later in life, I would ‘take a stand’. But taking a stand ‘against’ something never worked in my favour, but it was still the right choice to make for my soul, and yet sometimes the ‘fight’ was not worth it, disrupting the status quo was not the ‘easy’ path to take, sometimes I chose and sometimes still choose to take the pay packet and stay ‘silent’ to the things that I believe are wrong, just focusing instead on what “I” can do individually to ensure that I do not do what goes against my own soul and letting others do whatever they want, without making it ‘my business’.

If I stayed and went against what I felt was right in my soul, I would suffer extreme depression, anger, bitterness, and helplessness (which only brings more of the same). At the time and maybe still, I didn’t have the right mind-tools / mindset and conscious awareness to encourage the positive changes that may of helped in turning those companies around to be one where all souls would feel they are working towards the greater good instead of daily going against what their higher-self would be in direct conflict with.

Why bother bringing this example up? Because these are just your average, everyday workplaces which should be easy to live your truth in, and yet, a conflict of ethics and beliefs exist day-to-day, let alone how that must be magnified in larger corporations and governments. What does a soul with the right intentions have to do, to be able to stay in an environment that supports war? What brainwashing and mantras do they have to do on a daily and moment-to-moment basis when you work in these places to be able to get through each day with secrets and lies and feeling superior to the masses? What kind of mindset would I have to have to work in government where we aid the murder of innocent people for more power? Certainly a different consciousness than my own, one that I personally cannot resonate with or attempt to understand.

My point, I think, is, that individuals may start off with the right intentions when they join a government party, that early in their careers, they might of thought they could bring world peace, and make a meaningful difference in the lives of others when they started in politics, but the environment they are in – the people they surround themselves with, directly influence their minds and choices; they are corrupted by the collective-minds of who they surround themselves with on a day-to-day moment-to-moment basis, they are deceived and forced to lie and see the general population as ‘less-than’ equal. To stay in politics, they need to change their way of thinking to match the collective consciousnesses they surround themselves with. I cannot know for sure whether they still have good intentions in their heart and soul, because I am not in the same position they are, but my instincts tell me that they have to numb that part of them, dull down their aspirations of soul, and get caught up in the only reality they see now, one where the truth is discouraged and the greater good for humanity is seen only as a way to win votes, rather than a way of thinking.

People stay poor when they are surrounded by those who are also living in poverty, and can be plucked out of that reality by surrounding themselves with those who live in prosperity and abundance. We are a sum of the information and conscious-collective of those we surround ourselves with, by that – our intentions, actions, thoughts, “energy vibrations” that we send out are influenced by what ‘we want and don’t want’ in that moment, and also partly as a by-product of the conversations and thoughts we have with other souls. Our beliefs are shaped and formed and changed by those moment-to-moment conversations we have with others and the inner thoughts that we have; we become our beliefs – by the experiences we have created and those beliefs are ‘set’ by the daily moment-to-moment things we are exposed to.

I believe we are becoming more conscious thanks to those who are more conscious getting the word out, by having higher-evolved conversations, by being exposed splinter-at-a-time to the truth. Thanks to the internet for speeding up the process of awakening; lifelong ‘thoughts’ and beliefs are being challenged, because we are starting to be exposed to a better way, starting to realize that we can create our own realities, that we can take 100% responsibility for our lives and that collectively we have the power to change belief systems that do not serve the greater good for the universe we live in.

More and more people are starting to meditate, and are able to experience that stillness and connection where the truth about our existence is witnessed by our own mind (or rather, when our own mind is ‘shut-off’, the truth is revealed), and a higher, truer ideal reality starts to form.

Within each of us is our own unique experience and conditioned beliefs, yet somehow, new insights are reaching the masses, helping us remember what we already know, and helping us to evolve. Our instincts as children was one of hope and optimism and obviousness: “we need to do something – we ‘can’ do something – confusion when we wonder “Why aren’t we doing something?”, until it was conditioned out of us by the collective-consciousness of those who had already been conditioned that it was ‘too hard’ and to try not to think about all the wrongs that we as a collective do have the power to change. We are deliberately manipulated and ‘distracted’ by what we are told and see in our day-to-day experience, conditioned to believing that ‘this is the way it is’, and even if we had an innate awareness within, that this is wrong, that something is wrong, we are conditioned to conform, to seek the approval of others, to do what everyone else is doing to ‘make them happy’ and keep the peace. So conform or ‘act’ as if we are conforming, is the choice we take rather than sending us down a road of madness.

Thanks to all of those who are experiencing the truth, for letting us in, for having the conversation, for bringing up and sharing what they ascertained from their new experiences and insights, the dulled-part of our consciousness is being re-energized and massaged, a renewed hope for this planet and it’s inhabitants are being brought into our current awareness, new insights are being brought into focus. People who have been conditioned with certain negative thought patterns and behaviours are starting to evolve, are starting to realize that certain thoughts do not serve them or humanity, that there is something larger than ourselves at work here, that there is a mass-healing and mass-awakening going on right now.

Thanks to the internet, videos, books and podcasts and more, new ideas, tools and insights have a much greater reach, which accelerates the speed of conscious awareness, and puts into effect a chain-reaction in motion for the truth to be felt and heard by the masses. We are evolving at a greater speed now because those who previously had these thoughts can now see that they are not alone, and that brings more hope and optimism, and more insights – which brings more hope and optimism.

Purer soul intentions are being brought into first-thought focus rather than last-thought focus, and brought up to the surface. Everyday people are having higher-conscious conversations. Tools are being created and shared so that the masses can experience the truth for themselves, rather than being told what the truth is, they are now able to access it directly, which helps them lift out of their current state of despair and helplessness for humanity, this planet and the other inhabitants of the universe.

Once you have awoken, and start questioning your beliefs, you cannot go back – you don’t want to go back, you are at the point of no return and as you grow, change, evolve, expand, you seek more and more of the same, more higher-evolved experiences.

People who previously thought particular problems were too big are now being inspired to make a difference, that we are not only becoming aware of what we as individuals can do, i.e. as we become more conscious and realize that our intentions and beliefs are directly responsible for what we experience in this world, that also, as a collective we are all part of the same reality, that collectively we have the power to co-create – that it’s not up to governments and corporations, but up to us, as individual thinkers and collaborators, to harness what beliefs and reality we wish to have.

To have global harmony, we as individuals need to believe that global harmony is not only possible in our reality, but “IS” our reality, its the day-to-day, moment-to-moment decisions we make that create our beliefs and our reality, when we are ‘ok’ with what we do not want and believe we are powerless to change it, we sub-consciously conspire to bring more of what we do not want and a stronger belief is formed about our weakness; that we are powerless to be able to do anything about it. The global intentions of the collective need to be in harmony for global harmony to be a reality.

And how do we desire global harmony without war? Or rather, how do we know ‘to’ desire global harmony if not for the experience of war. Was war actually necessary to begin with, to now bring about an awareness and desire for peace. Was war needed to spark a chain-reaction to know what we do not want, so that we can now bring about peace? Is war part of our evolution? Is war a necessary creation of experience to bring about a universal peace later? Ugh. Hurts my head.

For transformation of this planet to be one of peace, each mini-culture that we have created across the globe need to awaken. We create harmony within our little groups, our mini-societies, by “going with the flow” to not upset the status quo, and I’m not yet sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing and whether it’s helpful to state anything as good or bad at all – that it is what it is, and how that could change.

On one hand, unfortunately it means that a certain percentage of our time is spent living out of our truth, living out of sync with what we want to collectively and individually devise to create for humanity. To make our friend happy, to make that customer happy, to make our family or partner happy, to make our boss or co-workers happy, to not get that fine, to avoid potential disagreements or conflict… our moment-to-moment thinking, intentions, actions and conversations (coupled with a lifetime of conditioning to appease the sheeple) are had that might be out of alignment for global harmony, that are out of alignment with our truth.

On the other hand, standing ‘against’ something hasn’t exactly worked in the past either, at least in my own personal experience, and then there is the fact that speaking your truth now, not knowing how conditioned you are – as in, we are still a product of a lifetime of beliefs and conditioning from our mini-societies and mini-cultures and our global-collective conditioning and beliefs, even as we are awakening and living consciously (as we know conscious to be) moment-to-moment – who is to say that our truth as we know it – right now is the ‘actual’ truth?

The truth that we feel right now might be part of the journey that we are individually on, an experience we chose to create for our own growth, but whether it’s the truth for all of humanity at one time, at this time, is debatable, and in my opinion highly unlikely. Whether it’s true or not, I feel that I needed to experience what I experienced to get to the truth of what my current truth is now and allow and feel that individually, we are all on our own journeys and choosing experiences to achieve whatever truth is true for us at that particular moment in time.

Snippets of truth are being slipped into daily moment-to-moment conversations. We are being exposed bit-by-bit to a new way of thinking. And that’s where I believe hope for humanity stems. These day-to-day moment-to-moment insights, and the innate search for truth – when those who are awakening go searching to find out why they are suddenly indifferent to the masses, and seek to find understanding of what is happening in their heart and souls, now – they are finding what they are looking for. Instead of booking themselves into a mental institution or taking drugs or medication or ending their lives for thinking differently than the sheeple, they are finding communities of people that are coming to similar understandings, or who are starting to question what they have been conditioned to believe, they are finding tools to use to see the truth for themselves, finding ways of controlling and questioning the information they are exposed to, and finding like-minds to have deeper, richer, more meaningful conversations with.

Yet some who are on a different part of their journey are still experiencing what they are experiencing and not living consciously, but automatically and is it my task or anyone else’s to help wake them up? I don’t think it is.

My personal instincts are telling me to let people be where they are, to allow them to live their own journey and my personal calling is to find like-minded people to co-create the reality that I wish to envision for the world, but instinctively, I’m not interested in forcing others to change their beliefs to match what I currently believe. That just because humanity, collectively, seems to be waking up to this new way of conscious-thinking, and experiencing new truths – things in life that they had never experienced before, doesn’t mean that my current beliefs and truth is a match with theirs, and I don’t think I’ve finished learning or ever will.

I still believe that I’m on my own journey and that the new insights and visions and experiences that I’m personally having, is an individual course for me. I’m called to find like-minds, to seek my tribe to do greater good, to help humanity by being the example, by creating a mini-society and mini-culture to share what’s possible, to show what’s possible, and for ‘that’ to be my gift to humanity, that ‘that’ will be the way that I wake up each day knowing that I’m part of something greater than myself. So why do I have a great desire and calling to do that, and someone else have a great desire and calling to do something different? I don’t think I’m wrong or right or that they are wrong or right. We each just move in the direction of what we want, or rather what we ‘expect’, and moment-to-moment make intentional or unintentional choices that either grow and expand our awareness – or not; it is what it is, we are each where we are at.

That demonstrates my direct conflict in how to have global harmony. Because I believe that we are here to grow, evolve, learn, share, inspire, create and experience. Whilst I have experienced great sorrow and despair in the past, I now want to experience great peace and happiness in the now and future. This is my personal journey and how I personally want to spend my time in this world; learning & sharing, creating & growing, loving & evolving.

I hoped that by sharing my thoughts I would come to some kind of new insight into what to do about this conflict of beliefs that I have, but I haven’t yet. Maybe a new insight will come at a later time, as is most usually the case when I have this kind of pouring-out of my deepest concerns.

Bloody hell – is this really how I think? Why someone can write a status update and all of this other stuff comes up in me that I just “have to get out” of me.

Recently I was told that I “think too much”.
Reading this out-pouring that is all over the place, I think: “Truth, Sir!”.

I do think too much, especially this past year, something has been un-bottled, and when I start writing, I cannot stop. When I stop writing, I cannot start. It’s not something I can turn on and off at will, it’s something that either ‘appears’ or ‘is gone’. I have books of my thoughts, pages among pages of things pouring out of me about life, health, humanity, truth, consciousness, as well as systems and ideas on how to have the greatest reach for any message that will serve and benefit humanity.

Some of it makes no sense, and can’t be described in a way that I feel others will understand (even myself) and other notes are such innate “truths” for me that I live by it, and cannot wait to share when I can find a way to share it; when the time is right. I say that because as things pour out of me, the messages and thoughts are quite scattered, they make a lot of sense to me when I’m writing it or speaking it, but when I read it back or reflect on it to myself I realize that it only makes sense to me because of ‘that which is missing’ from it, the experiences that I’ve had, witnessing the truth as it happens.

So when I can sit down and find a way to fill in the missing gaps so that it has a greater understanding to myself and anyone who is ready to learn it, that’s when those thoughts will be published. And I believe that’s also why I have a urgent calling to find my tribe, that the missing gaps will be filled out quicker by being able to have these discussions and conversations with like-minds. Right now, I only find my like-minds online and in books, podcasts and videos, and do not have like-minds that I can converse this way with in a face-to-face experience.

Yes, I think I’m done for the day on pondering how to end war and create global harmony.

And yes, I also think that demonstrates precisely why I rarely find people who resonate with my way of thinking face-to-face lol or even on Facebook. I’m a scattered mess of thoughts that continue to change and hurt my own head, let alone what it does to those who I converse with. Sorry about that, and yet, I don’t want to go back to a ‘normal’ way of thinking either, so it is what it is and it’s only going to expand from here…

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