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IN Dark Night of the Soul
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Had an extended 5 hour dream this morning apparently (felt like 20 minutes). Woke up and checked the time at 7:30am and in my opinion that is way too early to get up on my day off, so I settled back into some dream-time action and when I woke up after 12:30pm, I wrote down the following:

When in dream-mode, you are figuring things out, learning from & getting guidance or different perspectives on your life’s scenarios.

The you in that mode – that dimension/dreamspace – is trying to communicate, guide, and get through to you, help you, get messages to you, create different perspectives, broader ways of looking at things, different sides, more-ness, clarity or sometimes, completely seemingly nonsensical.

The nonsensical dreams is because it is largely unintentional & spontaneous rather than purposeful; we are more the observers of whatever is revealed, it’s undirected and uncontrolled and not as easy to interpret because a lot that makes up our unconscious field of knowledge is the programming we get from our environmental conditioning that is continually ingrained in us from our cultural setting.

Even if we try to consciously discern fact from fiction from every piece of information we are exposed to on a moment-to-moment basis, (which is impossible to do), but even if you were always aware and trying to do that, some of the bombardment of messages we get can become our beliefs whether we consciously have chosen to believe them or not… because repetitive information is stored in our unconscious mind  (which would be an absolute gift if we were constantly bombarded with information that served our life in a positive way) but in our modern day era, unfortunately, unless we are able to consciously control everything we are exposed to, a lot of information that we “don’t want” and that doesn’t serve us at all, bypasses our intellectual ability to discern and filter and becomes part of our everyday reality; our belief system that we filter everything through. The “lens” in which we engage with the world around us.

If we know that we are being programmed, intentionally or not, and we know that some of our beliefs are not serving us being able to be the controller of our own fate (our inner-knowing knows we “should” do this – but we don’t, and our inner-knowing knows we “shouldn’t” do this – yet we do it anyway!), then accessing the subconscious mind and re-programming unwanted beliefs is the most awesome part about being human in this reality. The way our lives look right now is a combined result of our environmental programming and thinking. Our perception of reality causes us to suffer or take the reigns.

Accessing the dream-state is just one way to access the unconscious mind and perhaps also this field of knowing; whether it’s just our own universal knowledge bank that we have collected throughout our lifetime of experiences and thoughts, or whether it is a collective field of knowledge, is hard for us to truly discern, but accessing that state and remembering it, definitely helps us become more insightful, see broader perspectives, access more flow, and be more inspired to execute directing our own show – changing whatever we feel is blocking us from our true potential.

For years I had death-scares, thinking I wouldn’t make it through the night. Those nights were terrifying but not just because I felt like I had “so much more to accomplish”, and an innate fear of death, but because in those last moments of finality, the everyday drama stuff becomes a blur, and when you completely surrender and experience the finality of this reality – you sense the knowing that you could’ve changed things, you could’ve taken full advantage of this opportunity to experience this reality “fully” and without the level of suffering imposed upon us by mainstream beliefs and collective, cultural, environmental programming – you experience a broader picture.

Recognizing that with a bit of un-conditioning and de-programming, you can fully engage in what you came here to do, by tapping into that inner-knowing, that inner-guidance system, that direction that is constantly being ignored when you are programmed into this system… you have all this environmental and external factors that are messing with your ability to tap into your own truth, the access to your unlimited potential of what you came here to experience.

After you die, you suddenly realize what you could have used this reality for, that you had a choice to have a better experience, to make changes and suffer much less. It’s just.. this programming from birth that we are “supposed to be” something other than who we are, that messes up our ability to do it, until those last moments when all of that is ‘wiped-away’ and you temporarily experience this realization.

But you don’t have to die to realize your potential. You already know that you are a reflection of your environment, you just have to take the reigns. You can access this field – re-arrange, de-program and re-program the information that doesn’t serve you – un-condition yourself, and call your own shots.

I believe certain “intentional” dream-states give you access to that space; the field, the knowing; where you see past the game, the charade, the veils, the illusion.

If you are only accessing that space accidentally and unpurposefully in those few moments upon “almost waking” or “almost sleeping”, you only get a glimpse of what is possible – a couple of keywords, a vague idea, or it might not make much sense at all.

In spite of this rare peek into the conglomerate of our unconscious/subconscious mind, sometimes I’ve written down as much as I could remember and realized that there was a lot to be gained from those small glimpses; that I was able to realize a broader perspective, and actually did receive some “knowings” that helped change the direction I could take in certain circumstances and situations – but most of the time the unintentional glances of dreams are a scattered mess that requires a complex imagination to figure out how to interpret them into a useful resource . :)

Other times, I’ve been able to reach this “knowing” sensation in my ‘awake state’ when doing something mindless, and I wonder if it’s in those states, where my mind is running at a similar frequency as my dream-state that sudden insights, solutions, different ideas, and knowings are more easily accessible.

For instance, sometimes you are stuck on a problem, and you have a long hot shower, and suddenly… the answer comes. Sometimes when I’m going for a quiet, long walk – whether in nature or not, the mind is basically calmed down and not distracted by all the “overwhelming assault of information”, that you actually suddenly “receive” clarity on something that completely changes the direction of your life or inspires a sudden insight or realization that gives you a totally new world-view.

Sometimes when I’m just quietly contemplating… looking at the stars, or sitting at a park, or just looking off into the distance with my mind not on anything in particular, I’ll get this “flow” or “download” of insights and information. “Ah-ha moments.”

It seems to happen when you ‘let go’ of the movie scene, the reality veil, the ‘agreed’ rules of this world. When you are in-between states of “all your problems and things you have to deal with, distractions, work, expectations, busy-ness”, and the stillness of nothingness – silence and un-focused emptiness.

In the dream, these are the things that showed-up to me, that “block” our access to this field, though I know there are thousands of things in our individual daily environmental programming that also block it:

  • The food we eat; processed & synthetic or old and lacking in alive-ness
  • The chemicals we inhale / consume
  • Fluoride
  • Pharmaceutical & synthetic drugs
  • Anything that goes against our soul / nature
  • Business … “Busy-Ness”
  • Alcohol & chemical tobacco
  • Inflammation (of the body or soul)
  • Loud music of any kind
  • Distractions, stress, anger, depression, fear, hatefulness

It seems to be a catch 22 – you need access to those knowings the most when you are suffering in any way – sick, depressed, angry, confused, feeling helpless or fearful, etc. but that’s the very vibration that cannot seem to access the knowings, which causes more of the same.

We have been trained – brainwashed – programmed to not follow our own inner-guidance system. Most of us find it by accident & completely spontaneously lol… such as when we start to eat better, sleep better, or go on holiday away from our everyday distractions, etc.

We even ignore our own bodies when it tells us it doesn’t want us to eat that food. Our body will ache or give pain or inflammatory symptoms = clear alarm bells, when you are doing something that blocks the knowings – and yet we ignore. Our inner-selves know better, but our external-environmental factors win over that inner-guidance system.

We are more obedient to society than to our own built-in intelligence.

If there are actual other-worldly guides (other than our inner-knowings), they must be losing their minds with the insanity of what we do on a daily basis to ignore what we “know” to be serving us or causing our suffering, but even if there is no such thing, we are choosing insanity by ignoring what we know to be good or bad for us.

Start listening to the signs, the other you – the better you  – the one with access to the non-conditioned truth – the bigger picture; that is communicating with you constantly. And be aware that there may be other entities trying to communicate too – both positive & negative beings (or those parts of ourselves) that are helping or harming us.

If you are holding onto fear in any way, both positive & negative versions of you are trying to get you to “move” – constantly trying to remind you what you are doing here, pushing your buttons, shaking you up, stirring the pot, trying to get you to wake up and follow your own guidance.

How can we willfully access that space? Perhaps with the basics of our inner intelligence:

  • Relax, be less “busy” or distracted.
  • Turn off the music or “noise”
  • Clean up as many toxins and interference in your environment / lifestyle / body
  • Exercise or gently move your body to help the body release the toxins
  • Eat clean food
  • Drink clean water
  • Listen to your body
  • Get more sunlight
  • Less hatefullness and fear vibrations, more love and kindness vibrations
  • And watch for the signs & syncronicities that occur in your daily life

Apparently the dream-state where people access lucid dreaming (when they can control and observe their dreams consciously) is between 30-40Hz and the meditation-state is between 4-13Hz, so it seems that the space that we are accessing these insights are at a lower-frequency when we are in our awake-state, and a higher-frequency when we are sleeping.

Brain waves

Delta wave – (0.1 – 3 Hz) Deep sleep, Unconscious, Lowest brain activity
Theta wave – (4 – 7 Hz) Daydreaming, Sleep, Highly Suggestible, The Subconscious Mind, Deep Meditation, Trance
Alpha wave – (8 – 15 Hz) Subconscious Mind gateway, Low-Activity waking state, calmness
Mu wave – (7.5 – 12.5 Hz)
SMR wave – (12.5 – 15.5 Hz)
Beta wave – (16 – 31 Hz) Alert, Normal waking mind, Active Thinking, Problem-solving
Gamma wave – (32 – 100 Hz) Highest frequency so far observed – processing & integrating information, may also occur in lucid dreaming (30-40Hz)

I don’t know exactly which frequency is the optimal frequency for access to the “knowings”, I just seem to notice that it’s when I’m in a more relaxed state of mind: dreaming, mindless walking, non-thinking/day-dreaming, and in the shower sometimes, which suggests to me that it’s in the 4-15Hz range, but I’m definitely no expert, just a very curious ‘student of the world’ now, constantly trying to figure out the “why’s” and “how’s”, and what we can do to re-train our minds to work for us, as well as find out more about what this field seems to be all about.

Very curious as to whether it’s just access to our own experiences and unconscious mind, or is it like some people have suggested, “a gateway to the collective consciousness” (akashic records, source, “the mind of God”, or similar). Either sound worthy with the latter being way more interesting if it’s true, and both being useful tools if accessed in an intentional way.

Another interesting semi-related study that has my attention is the 528Hz frequency. Apparently NASA’s recorded ‘sound of Jupiter’ is vibrating close to 528Hz frequency which was used to miraculously clean oil in the polluted water in the Gulf of Mexico.

528 Hz is also fundamentally known as the “Love” frequency and is a universal healer according to the ancients & many people believe it can be used to repair damaged DNA. Definitely worth at least investigating and experimenting with. ‘Love’ being the opposite emotion to ‘Fear’, would also relate to this being something worthy of investigation (since Fear blocks the “knowings” – Love might open them right up).

Apparently when accessing your Akashic record, you need to surround yourself in the most loving, protective, healing and safe energy that you can imagine. So experimenting with certain Binaural beats or isochronic tones whilst in a loving-state of mind, might be useful to help you get into this state of deep relaxation where you can access the “field” or the “knowing” or whatever it is that gives us these insights and flow, and allows us to re-programme undesired beliefs (perhaps using self-hypnosis direction from our own pre-recorded voices over the top of these audio files) or to receive new and broader perspectives and insights. 

Binaural beats work to generate a certain beat frequency by creating two audio tones that when overlaid will produce a certain Hz beat.

i.e. 495Hz + 505 Hz = 10 Hz beat (alpha brain-wave)

3Hz is 3 beats per second (180 beats per minute)

There might be other ways of being able to reach these states, I’m very interested in finding other methods to intentionally access anything that can be used to get more clarity & insights or re-arrange my current negative beliefs.

What occurs in your unconscious mind is extremely relevant to your life, to who you are and to what you are doing in life. The way your life looks right now, however it looks to you, is largely the result of your unconscious mind. Our mind is our greatest asset or our greatest enemy.




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