Quick video tour of identical Van – Introducing HomeRs Lady-Friend

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Quick Tour of Identical Van to Mine (HomeR’s “Lady-Friend”)

I have a Holden Commodore VS Ute 1995 Ex-Ambulance. You don’t see them anywhere so it was pure chance that whilst I was on my VIC. to S.A. roadtrip, I come across someone with the exact same make, model, year – everything! as my van.

I came out of the auto-shop to find some people under my car – I thought they must’ve hit me and was checking for damage – turns out – they have the exact same van at home and was checking out the differences lol.

HomeRs TwinThey first stopped their car because they thought their van had been stolen because they are so identical. Apparently they went into the shop that I was in asking everyone if it was their van and I was the only one they didn’t approach :)

After I had finished getting my van serviced – I went to their house and spent a few hours with them – time just flew.. we compared notes / ideas / problems / wishlists / differences, going through their manual, taking pics, and comparing notes about what we’ve done to our vans.

I also took a quick – very quick – video. Gave me some new ideas for my own van, and it was great to meet people who had the same van as me and see what they were doing and just chatting to people who are on the same wavelength. I really enjoyed my time with them.

Quick video tour of the S.A. Van that is identical to mine:

Sorry about lack of video & photo skills – I was taking them “for me” and not expecting to share it with anyone.

I also took photos of their car manual (since mine didn’t come with one). If you want those images, you can view on youtube here or download zip file of images here (come back tomorrow – it’s still in the process of being uploaded to Amazon S3).

They use theirs as a weekender for the wife (hubby has his own, and they have yet-another camper for when both of them travel).

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