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Went to Ikea the other day and picked up a few goodies for the Van!

Was excited to install them all but found it wasn’t as easy as just screwing things in unfortunately. I have fibreglass and really soft insulation behind. Today I’ve finally installed the “wardrobe” using plastic screws as nothing has worked so far and *fingers crossed* it hasn’t fallen apart by the time I go out there again. Once the wardrobe is working, I will be able to install the rest… but yeah fibreglass cracking, screws falling out, nasty smells coming from the screw-holes, lots of fear about “where to actually drill” since it’s an ex-ambo and could have wires behind where we are drilling. It’s all a bit of a guesswork, and “careful” trial & error right now. Hopefully I find a solution.. but now not as excited to have Ikea screw-able things and more excited about anything that I can “tape” with double-sided tape, etc. It’s safer but not necessarily stronger. A work-in-progress.

My $7 portable sink
TROFAST Lid, white $3
TROFAST Storage box, green $4

trofast-storage-box__46464_PE143278_S4 trofast-lid-white__28853_PE115694_S4


My New Wardrobe
ENUDDEN Towel holder, white $5.99



Extend-able Mirror
FRÄCK Mirror, stainless steel $6.99



Fold-able Carry Bag
This is awesome – strong bag but folds down to nothing (like less than the size of an Avocado seed). Already finding it useful.
KNALLA Carrier bag, black $1.99



Useful to hang random things on
ENUDDEN Towel rack with 2 knobs, white $2.99
ENUDDEN Hanger with clip, white $3.99 / 2 pack

enudden-towel-rack-with-knobs-white__0139842_PE299638_S4 enudden-hanger-with-clip-white__0251216_PE389844_S4


Travel-sized Bottles for Liquid
Bought 8 of these little bottles for storing travel-sized liquids (really awesome – going to buy more)
UPPTÄCKA Bottle, assorted colours $1.99 / 4 pack


Towel rail
Didn’t know if I would use it but for 99c – bargain! And if I don’t use it – can always give it to my sis or someone.
BYGEL Rail, silver-colour $0.99


Very Strong Magnetic Strip
– will come in handy… just gotta find a place to install it safely!
FINTORP Magnetic knife rack, black $9.99


Freezer Bags (Ikea’s freezer bags rule!)
ISTAD Plastic bag, green $1.99 / 60 pack


Small Cereal Containers
Next to the wardrobe – this was my fave purchase of the day. I bought 2 lots, my sis bought 2 lots – I gave her all the “big cereal-sized” containers and she gave me her small ones, and now I have 4 x small half-sized cereal containers that fit perfectly in my cupboard for dry goods like rice, chickpeas, oats, dates, etc. (definitely going back to Ikea to buy more of these! they fit perfectly in my van cupboards)
JÄMKA Dry food jar with lid, set of 2 $2.99




Clothes Line
Extend-able permanent clothes line (can’t find on the Ikea website)
Dumpa clth line $2


Cheap Spare Batteries
ALKALISK Battery alkaline $2.99 / 2 pack
ALKALISK Battery alkaline $2.99 / 10 pack

alkalisk-battery-alkaline__0115783_PE269544_S4 alkalisk-battery-alkaline__0178580_PE331581_S4


Light Kitchen Utensils
Didn’t really need this but it was light, small, and 99c
AKUT 3-piece kitchen utensil set, black $0.99




Vacuum Storage Bags
Vacuum-sealed storage bag (got this to store some clothes) – can’t find on Ikea website


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