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Public videos are very new to me, however passionately helping people learn anything that I’ve conquered is not….

Along this journey, I have received a lot of questions where the answers will probably help more than the person who had the courage to ask… and I normally spend a few hours writing up replies, creating long-winded blog post explanations, and spending time one-on-one in messenger-like programs…

In order to gain more video & speaking practice, I will start answering the most-asked questions via video instead of (or as well as) personal replies.

I don’t check emails (ever) and my phone is never on me except when I’m driving – so the best way to contact me is via Facebook, a YouTube comment, or via the contact form on my Website.

Help me discover who I am by asking your questions if I haven’t covered something that you think will help you or someone you know or that you are just wondering about.

Most common questions I get are related to natural healing, mindset, and my past life as an internet marketer (so I still get a lot of web related questions like how to create websites, fix something, and internet marketing, etc) and I’m just starting to get some questions about van-life but this is a very new arena that I’m just stepping into.

Will try and see if I can have the guts to do this.. lol.. I intend to be raw and truthful as much as I can and will definitely let you know if I don’t know – rather than making shit up :)

If you want to help me face my fears and get some more video practice, please feel free to ask your questions if you have any :)

Got a question? Ask me on YouTube or here:
Journey to a Better Life YouTube Channel

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