The “Worst” of me Exposed… and now I’m Free.

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Working through why I feel the need to publish my videos
– Not understanding why it’s been beneficial to “share” my videos instead of just recording them and keeping them for my own observation
– Trying to figure out “why” it helps me to upload to public
– Deliberately (but not consciously) sabotaging my self-identities and masks so that I can “feel free” to “be real”
– We’re experiencing at least 2 different realities at the same time
– Changing identities one day to the next
– No longer trying to “hold onto the identity of yesterday”
– I have a “work” identity, a “family” identity, an identity for every friend, and “this”, is me and “exposure”
– Peeling away the layers and becoming the rawness, so that I can live a good life without being “worried about what other people think”
– Concerned about youtube exposure for current / future
– Don’t be an over-sharer, my internet-security background
– Really wanting to experience who I “really” am before I die
– This channel ended up being “everywhere that I didn’t want the world to see this side of me”
– Completely exposing myself on YouTube.. here’s all my murky yucky, the “worst of me” .. and what now? Now I’m free.

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