Tips & Lessons on the Journey so far – Van Life #02 [Video]

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In these 2 videos, I chat about the tips and lessons I’ve learnt so far in the small amount of time I’ve had my van:

Part One (Making Purchases before Buying Van was a Big Mistake)

Before I bought my van, I started making purchases for the van. That was a mistake. I highly recommend waiting until you actually get the van and see what space you have to work with before making any van purchases. Put it in a savings fund instead. There are a lot of items that I bought new that I will not be taking with me in the van due to having no place to put it. It’s best to see what you have to work with and what you need, and get what you need once you have the van.

Part Two (Lanyards Rock!!)

Next tip that I just love is my lanyard collection. I use lanyards in place of jewellery now and have different coloured lanyards depending on what I am wearing. I can keep my bulky set of keys inside the van and just take my van key around with me, minimizing my need to carry so much on me. When I am out & about or even at work – I have downsized to just a “pocket”, and just grab my lanyard whenever I leave the van. Helpful at all times, in fact I can’t believe how useful it has been. I never have to worry about losing my keys, dropping my keys, or being locked-out of the van. Highly recommend getting a a lanyard – it’s truly been the best money spent and you can get them extremely cheap (about a dollar on eBay) or you can get some fancy ones if you want to replace jewellery. Love it. 

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