Social experiment proves most people are sheep (& why that gives me hope)

IN Taboo / Divergent

A hopeful video – a reminder of how every moment we’re subconsciously or consciously affecting or being affected by the world around us and how we are biologically conditioned to unite with others.

It also shows how effective our everyday subtle moment-to-moment choices can be… gentle penetration… like the wind… when I look at where I am personally conforming to or discussing anything that bruises my own soul… (out of “fear” of what others think or that subconscious or even conscious fear of not “uniting”.. to keep the peace.. etc..etc.. ).. or when I make a choice to be appreciative and “see the teacher” in those that push my buttons, that life is providing me with opportunities to learn how to turn adversities into an opportunity to grow/change/adapt, I am changing something within or returning to my inner sincerity, and by my actions/example or whatever – just by doing the inner work on myself, I’m affecting those around me, sort of.. gently giving permission for others to do the same if that’s what also resonates with their own inner sincerity.

‘Human Conformity’ is an irresistible force… but rather than seeing that as a negative (like I have been), I am choosing to be encouraged by that and adjust my perspective slightly to ‘Human Unity’ is an irresistible force… we can choose to observe and direct ourselves to consciously resist that magnetic pull of conforming to inferior or harmful ideas, to bringing about a more positive solution-focused influence, and know that as we do the gradual, individual inner work to dislodge ‘the millennia of negative social conditioning’ that has given us the suffering we have experienced up til now, and rediscover our authenticity (what feels ‘agreeable’ in our own being), and make tiny conscious choices about what we can do about it in any situation we are presented with, a natural breakthrough can begin to unfold… as the old drops away and is replaced by the new.

We might think what we do individually won’t make much of a difference with all the bombardment of things that insult our inner integrity globally as well as within the walls of our own little movie-scenes that we are experiencing in our “now” environment, but this video kinda demonstrates that it may just be a natural ripple effect that can bring about a revolution – not with weapons or resistance… but with individuals flowering from within – all across the world in their own “now” environments.

I already see the gradual transformation occurring in our everyday lives… the old system is crashing… a rebirth or reboot seems to be happening as one-by-one we are choosing to take responsibility for our own slice of the greater pie, to trust that unity already exists, and harmony can further be restored by gradually unveiling the societarian masks and returning to a base foundation level of sincerity within our own being which I think is achieved through daily gentle efforts within the current scene we are exploring/intertwined with – the one right in front of us – in our ‘now’ lens.

Trying to share any of these kinds of thoughts anywhere is like walking on a delicate tight-rope because you don’t want to get out the megaphone and “bombard” anyone with your own “off-centred” ideas – especially when you know you’re still unmasking – when you know you’re not even at base-foundation level yourself.. (and the “fear” again, of being “different”)… but also because it’s just as intrusive as what we are being bombarded with from everywhere… which is the opposite of what you wanted to convey, but I did want to express my different perspective of this video because I hope it does give pause in some way to what we have all been dealing with for millennia & in the moment-to-moment choices we make in our daily lives, and what I personally think can be adjusted within each of us, to improve it / to make it work for the greater whole – knowing that together we are automatically and individually responsible for the parts we play.

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