2 Facebook Accounts – Personal and Business?

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I have 2 facebook accounts – One for Personal and One for Business

One for my friends & family to “throw sheep at me” and generally find out about my “feelings” and catching up with old school friends that Ill never see again in real life, posting embarrassing photos, etc. Only people that I have “met in real life” go on this profile.

And one for Networking, that everyone can see, that is for posting all things related to .. actually.. who I really am.. meeting people that are interested in internet marketing, blogging, twitter, and the law of attraction etc.

My friends and family are “not into” the same things I am, and would not understand my .. what I call… “my business” account at all.. They also would definitely not appreciate their photos being seen “by just anyone around the world”, nor would they ever wish to be contacted by strangers online (whereas.. I love meeting new people).

I actually got the idea of creating 2 accounts when my sister went off at me for posting a family photo – she didn’t want just anyone to see (nothing wrong with it, just that she didn’t want “strangers” to see it, she was worried about stalkers, etc).

Facebook Personal

I love meeting new people and joining facebook groups and interacting with people with the same interests as me.. and I saw it as a bit of a dilemma :)

And my “networking” friends would probably not understand my “old school life” profile.. with old school photos and family throwing sheep etc..

I personally think having 2 facebook profiles is an necessity, although saw lately that people have been saying that facebook frowns upon it.. but I haven’t found anything about it on the facebook faqs, etc.. so have been trying to find out facebook’s “official stance” on it.

If I were to get rid of any account, it would be my personal one with my friends and family on it lol.. sad as it may be, I’m the “real me” when Im interacting in my “business” profile, that’s my true passion.. but its great to catch up with people from my past, and be a ratbag again with them.

If I could find the facebook official stance on it, I think I would just invite my friends to join my business profile and just get rid of the personal one, but it makes it so much easier to relax with friends when I login to the personal one, and chat business stuff in my business one…

I dunno.. I really don’t want to merge the 2, they are completely different “parts” of me, that I don’t want “together”..

What do you think?

Penny (PennyButler.com)
Penny (PennyButler.com)

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  1. Terrie says:

    Hi Penny!
    I agree…I would love to have two accounts…one personal and one for business. I did some research and found in Facebook’s Help Center where it states: “Maintaining multiple accounts, regardless of the purpose, is a violation of Facebook’s Terms of Use….” http://www.facebook.com/help.php?page=721 Even so, I have not found exactly where that is in their LATEST Statements of Rights and Responsibilities (SRR)!

    My need came from basically wanting a business account so I could manage the Facebook ads for the company I work for and have their payment info on file. I manage all their social media and would like to have a way to keep it separate from my personal account. We need to share the stats, set up campaigns, etc for our advertising and I did not want it connected to my personal profile where my director would need access to my account.

    This is something I am hoping Facebook has since changed because the way I interpreted their terms a few months ago was that I could NOT set up an account for my employer because I already had a personal account. I know many who have done this, but I didn’t want to take the chance since I also manage my own business on FB, too. Maybe with their latest SRR it is no longer part of their terms?!!

    Thanks for the article…I will continue to look into this myself.


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