Remove that which is in my way (De-Cluttering & Clearing the fog)

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– De-cluttered and Re-organized my kitchen stuff
– Burning all my possessions would be so freeing
– Trying to get out of “analyzing-over-thinking mode”
– Pondering putting all my possessions out the front and placing an ad on Gumtree “Take what you want”
– My problem with charities not helping those that need it, but using the system to fund their own lifestyle
– Donate my books to a library? school/refugee centre or young-homeless organizations
– Books that I am not going to read again, I’ve already taken notes and share them on my blog so that I don’t have to re-read
– This month “working within”
– Deeper connection with source energy, the field, the inspiration, my inner-self, whatever you want to call it rather than analytical thoughts while I’ve been trying to get “stabilized”
– Allowing some of the stuff that has been tapping me on the shoulder to re-integrate
– Focus on lightly, easily, stress-free, the removal of the things in my way of the direction that I would “ever” go, because I don’t know what I want anymore – if you gave me $300 million dollars, I wouldn’t have a clue what to do with it.
– I don’t have a clear idea about my “next” step and what I want for my life, so while I’m in this downtime of “stop” rather than “go”, I’m going to start removing the “blocks” and start clearing the way forward no matter “what forward is”
– Clearing the fog so that clarity can come in

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