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Ramble driving home from work, got the zombie drone thing down pat, exhausted, Thoth / Emerald Tablets, If I’m interested then I study – if I’m not then it’s not for me at this time, the more you learn the weaker you get – don’t “need” to fill your mind up with “other people’s perspectives”. Take what helps your unique path.

Since “stopping” all the over-load, I haven’t had any downloads, visions or “unusual” dreams, what a bland way of living now compared to my previous “extreme” way of living.
Surrounded by those who are “irritated” by “happy, light, or any kind of excessive-in-comparison-to-where-they-are-at” people. So positive influences from books, audio, advice, etc is necessary so that you don’t get stuck in that reality 24/7. Iching = daily doses of kindness & benevolence in my life. I’m aware of when I’m “conforming” to gossip and kick my own ass if I am out-of-alignment to my own soul’s truth.

Realizing that the reality I’m moulding to in “this culture” is going to be very difficult to change in a place where I no longer give myself permission to be happy… and where changing would “disrupt” the “status quo” in this particular workplace. But wanting to experiment with thoughts again – when I feel ready to explore more of this adventurous consciousness and see what else is possible in this human form. This cycle is quite boring and mundane… would love to be enthusiastic about “something”.

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