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COVID-19 Spartacus Letter

The Spartacus Letter – Rev. 2 (2021-09-28) | Wow I’ve just finished reading this and they have obviously been delving in the same realms of research as I have, and definitely have more of a medical perspective towards COVID — at least, at first. They/he/whoever it is (it’s anonymous) went ‘full-depth’ with the Pathophysiology, suppressed treatments (and why they work), as well as getting into the Vaccine dangers (and why they don’t work & that the vaccinated are carriers and are a threat to the unvaccinated, and more) – before stepping into Great Reset and Transhumanism and going to war on all those megalomaniacs responsible for the global genocide and total population control. and even though it doesn’t cover the whole octopus, I did learn something new:

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