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Hexagram 1 Ch’ien – The Creative Heaven over Heaven The creative force of the universe is available to you if you are true to yourself. Trust that the unknowable workings of fate are only serving to bring you the lessons […]


Hexagram 10 Lu – Treading Carefully / Conduct  Heaven over Lake Be careful not to overstep the mark and cause offence. Do not be subservient to those above you nor domineering to those below and you will be able to move […]


Hexagram 11 T’ai – Tranquillity /Peace  Earth over Heaven A time of burgeoning potential. It is possible to grow to great heights but keep your inner balance that has brought you here. Do not relax into complacency.


Hexagram 12 P’i – Stagnation / Standstill  Heaven over Earth A difficult time is coming. Your run of good fortune has waned. Retreat into yourself and have faith that things will improve sooner if you persevere in the correct manner.


Hexagram 13 T’ung Jen – Companionship / Fellowship with others  Heaven over Fire A union with others coming together for a mutual goal. Make sure that there are no reservations, or a state of chaos might come about.


Hexagram 14 Ta Yu – Great Possession / Possessing plenty  Fire over Heaven By being true and honest you will enter into a period of great abundance. An opportunity for you to shine. Maintain your humility and integrity. If you […]


Hexagram 15 Ch’ien – Humility / Modesty  Earth over Mountain Strive to remain modest. You can face any obstacles if you remain modest and perceive what is good and right.


Hexagram 16: Yu – Happiness / Enthusiasm  Thunder over Earth A good time to start a new undertaking, but be sure your foundations are strong. You have the energy to see plans through. Maintain a strong inner clarity do not […]


Hexagram 17 Sui – Following  Lake over Thunder Accept the way things are and maintain steady in response to events. Inner truth and acceptance will lead to joy which will spread to others.


Hexagram 18 Ku – Disruption / Work on Corruption  Mountain over Wind There is disorder. There is a chance to redeem the situation by correcting the improper attitudes and ideas, so changing the disruption to harmony. You need strength of […]