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Symptom – Mycoplasma

Mycoplasma is invented/patented by the US Army. US Patent US5242820A. Respiratory, Chronic Fatigue and recurring flu-like illnesses ‘that resists standard medical treatments’ is associated with this agent. Mycoplasma could be a pathogen and it apparently contaminated the anthrax vaccine given to more than a half million American troops that served in the first Gulf War. Can be a major causing factor of ALS, Lyme, Neurological & nerve conditions, pneumonia, ticks, and a lot of other conditions Injected (vaccines) or insect bites (main), and ingested or air-borne (less-common). Mycoplasma not normally an issue unless it becomes blood-borne (cross the barrier). No real effective test (and they use PCR so who knows what they are testing). (I need to do more research on this.)

All viruses & vaccines are bioterrorism? [Documentary, 2007]

All viruses are bioweapons, man-made in a lab funded by the Department of Defense, the CIA, Pharma-Profiteers, and their psychopathic collaborators. Basically, we should rename or redefine “virus” or “vaccine” to “bioweapon, toxin, poison, or eugenics-genetic population control” for their true definition (at least, that’s how I interpreted this old documentary I stumbled across last night called “In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood, and Bioterrorism,” filmed in 2007 by Dr. Leonard Horowitz).