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Zane singing at school. I cried, I laughed, I danced, So much fun. Go with the flow, showing stressed-out parents an alternative life. Blab about the kids thinking every video we record goes on YouTube (which barely any of them go up). Thinking of birth defects and horrific trauma people have to go through; the unique adversities people have to learn from with their environment, lifestyle, body, etc. Happy & Optimistic. I think I’m happy because I’m not angry with myself or anyone else about anything.

I just joined Gettr and I highly recommend it - it's the best alternative to them all so far:


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Thank you to the people who are supporting me to save the website. I'm still without proper internet as apparently there was an equipment failure at the ISP-level that they are waiting for a replacement part for. Best way to reach me (but my internet is as slow as an old dialup modem right now): (email | telegram | SMS +61408036323 | gettr )

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Truth-seeker, ever-questioning, ever-learning, ever-researching, ever delving further and deeper, ever trying to 'figure it out'. This site is a legacy of sorts, a place to collect thoughts, notes, book summaries, & random points of interests.