WP Maintenance Mode – Really Nice Looking Plugin!

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WP Maintenance Mode - Really Nice Looking Plugin!

WP Maintenance Mode WordPress Plugin adds a maintenance-page to your blog that lets visitors know that your blog is down for maintenance. Users with admin rights will still get full access to the blog including the frontend. Activate the plugin and your blog is in maintenance-mode. You can use a date with a countdown and can add urls for exclude of Maintenance mode, so your sales pages or what you do, or other things can still be accessible by the visitors.

WP Maintenance Mode, only used for when your blog is in maintenance, but oh so pretty!

Check out the screenshots:

“The Truck” theme


The WP Maintenance Mode WordPress Plugin also supports the following languages:
* Turkey
* French
* Romanian
* Italian
* Albanian
* Spanish
* Russian
* Croatian
* Danish

Monster Theme


“The Sun” Theme


Chastely Theme


“Paint” Theme


Damask Theme


And Probably My Fave one.. The “Lego” Theme


Download WP Maintenance Mode

Download WP Maintenance Mode WordPress Plugin from the official WordPress Plugin site.

[easyreview cat1title=”Must-Have” cat1detail=”This is a ‘nice to have’, not a ‘must-have'” cat1rating=”3″ cat2title=”Price” cat2detail=”Can’t get better than Free!” cat2rating=”5″ cat3title=”Overall Rating” cat3detail=”One of the best looking Maintenance Plugins on the market, ‘push-button’ friendly to change the design, a little bit tricky to figure out how to activate when you first use it but once you figure it out, it’s slap-forehead easy and you can’t go past the price.” cat3rating=”4.5″]

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