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Strategy for controlling the world ramble.

As people realize what’s been happening – the corruption, the control. Each person looks at what they can do. It can only work if we unite. It can only work if we unlearn hate & fear.

I’m looking at how they’ve got control over the land, the banks, the money, the water, the food, the skies, the air we breathe, the materials we come in contact with, the energy sources, and how they keep us under control via the education and licensing system.

Laws about everything – legislate everything – that way you have control over everything.

Discredit everyone of all things they don’t have control over.

Take control of the health, the pharmaceutical industries – there’s nothing they don’t have control over.

If you keep everyone busy & stressed-out – they stay in a state of unwell – weakened immune systems – they’re affected by everything – they’re in fight or flight mode ALL the time, so they’re never well.

Encourage people to question anyone who questions – anything non-mainstream – anything they don’t have control over – if you call them a conspiracy theorist so that people who care what others think of them (most of the population) quickly dis-associate with them.

Discredit anyone that says they can cure anything or bring self-doubt and fear into them.

Ban plants. Ban healing plants.

Ban people from having community gardens. Ban people from having water tanks; but even if they have water tanks, make sure you poison the air.

Put a tax on everything – that way you can’t do anything without paying the government something.

Have people self-police. Make them so scared of not thinking outside the box, that they actually pull people who think outside the box “back in line”.

Control some armies, give them credibility and honour, idolize them and turn them into robots that don’t have hearts. Make them kill in the name of their country so that they have to live with that in their souls.

Separate people; race, country, religion, culture, looks, class, occupation.

And once people don’t grow their own food or collect their own water, and they’re paying for the privilege of standing on a piece of land. Make sure they can never really own it – that they still have to pay for it for the rest of their lives.

Once you get them to that spot where they are totally in your controlled system: poison the food, poison the water, poison the air. And kill or go after anyone that has found a way to have free energy.

Make it impossible for people to live outside of the system.

Keep drumming into their head what is “right and wrong” so that people don’t have a clue what’s right or wrong – they don’t follow their own soul, they follow what the media/school/teacher/brainwashed-masses tells them.

Throw some spikes on benches so that people can’t be homeless, and make it illegal to feed the homeless. Have empty buildings everywhere that people can’t afford anyway but let people sleep on the streets.

Send old drugs over to 3rd world countries so that 1st world countries feel good about “vaccinating & sterilising” sick and dying masses overseas with out-of-date medicines, and let’s praise them for doing so.

There is a war going on right now and our collective will is fuelling it.

I don’t know how to clean the air, even the best water-filter won’t clean what we do to the water.

We can grow our own food – although we’re going to be watering it with that water,and it’s going to be exposed to that air.

How do we get around that one?

We can start communities are share resources instead of each person having to have their own shovel, vaccuum, lawn mower, tools.

There are examples everywhere of people doing what they can to live more logically, more humanely, less fearful of each other.

We’ve already got enough clothes to last many generations that we could be swapping around. Every household has at least one vacuum cleaner and some have 2 or 3. Every household around here has a lawn mower. You could be sharing that with the neighbours.

Most people don’t even know their neighbour’s first name.

We can save the seeds of the food that we eat and start growing today – we don’t even need to buy seeds – we can start growing straight from the foods we’re already eating.

We can grow medicinal plants, grow our own herbs.

We can unite with others. We just have to unlearn hate, judgement, fear. Unlearn that belief that was placed in us.

Start saying no to the wrongs. And there are many wrongs. We shouldn’t be killing each other – everyone knows that. No matter how many movies you see that would suggest otherwise.

I don’t know :(

We can share the things we grow, we can help each other however we can. We can be looking at what serves the community before what serves ourselves and if everyone thought that, they would always be seeking ways to help each other instead of ways to extract-what-we-want from each other.

Collaboration, cooperation, shared vision of a utopia – at least a better world than what we’re seeing now.

If people thought that it was possible to not be so “under the thumb” / imprisoned by their lives. We can share – each of us – blueprints in our head of how things could be better. There’s gotta be so many different ideas already – there was an 11yo kid that invented a way to clean the oceans – there’s ideas everywhere – they just don’t get the backing because this system is controlled by money mostly – but it doesn’t need to be.

Share our ideas without worrying about whether people share the ideas on. Share the ideas with the intent, hope, optimism and drive that they WILL. Share the ideas with the hope that people DO take it on and share.

I know so many people that have got great business ideas but they want to patent them and I’m like why? This is a great idea that will help humanity.

We’ve got to start thinking this way.

I’m one thinking about these things, but I know there are many out there that are thinking about these things.

I know I’m not the only one that thinks about these things.

I know I’m not the only one that worries that they’re getting rid of the healers and making everything illegal. Prices are skyrocketing. Food is so expensive now. Energy is so expensive now, and now we’re reliant on it.

In Ballarat it was illegal to have water tanks up until we had a drought. Then they allowed it because they realized there was not enough water. But it was banned – you could not collect free water from the sky. You were not allowed.

There’s so many things that are insane. This whole earth is free resources and abundance. We’ve got land, and food, and water, and enough. More than enough. But as soon as you bring a system in where somebody owns this piece of land, where somebody owns that apple tree, now they have to pay you for it – that’s the problem.

Can’t undo what we’ve done but we can have some kind of shared vision, values or whatever.

I hate that they use condescending terms when people start bringing these ideas out.

“That’s such hippie talk”

They try to make people who think outside of the box “smaller”. They’re so scared of life without this system, and yet I know deep in their hearts – surely they’d know it would be better.

But without all of us coming on board, I think this is just going to be a gradual thing. Gradually people will start to realize and work out what they can do, and then maybe become friends with their neighbours, and see what they can do with their neighbours. Find other people who are talking about it and share the knowledge of how to keep that plant alive.

We need that shared will, that shared idea, that shared vision. Because right now we’re sharing the idea of the system and that’s why things aren’t really moving.

There are people who are, but they aren’t touching us. When you’re right “in” the system, it becomes our everyday normal. Our every moment-to-moment normal.

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