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Today I’m going to share with you my 2 fave WordPress Themes for Small Businesses. When looking for a WordPress theme for Small Business owners, I’m particularly seeking call-to-action type themes – something that can enable the visitor to immediately take action (either be compelled to call, fill out a form, create a booking, opt-in to a newsletter, get directions, place an order, etc.).

You don’t want too many “distractions” on a small business website, particularly a “local business” website where the majority of visitors are already looking for your service when they find you and you need a way to make them take action quickly as they are less likely to browse around looking for what you are writing about and more likely to want to find out your location, operating hours, services, and contact details. The same is true for really any service or consulting business.

I’m a wordpress-junkie.. I can’t help it – not a week goes by when I haven’t purchased at least a couple of wordpress themes – I’m hopelessly addicted to premium themes and I don’t even look at free ones anymore – once you have feel the difference in working with a theme that has been well-coded, you can’t go back to the inflexible freebie themes.

Here’s my first ever video I did to explain the theme’s features to small business owners on the demo site:

Here are my fave WordPress Premium Themes for Small and Local Businesses and why they made it to my top 2 “faves”:

Templatic Appointment Theme

Appointments WordPress Theme by Templatic

Why I love it:
1.) Straight-up 2 x call-to-actions from the get-go on the homepage that enables someone to “download” something or Book an Appointment.
2.) The “Book an Appointment” system works out-of-the-box so no fiddling around with extra plugins or third-party websites.
3.) The “Book an Appointment” can easily be removed and replaced with a Contact Form.. or any other call-to-action type action like “Call Us”, etc.
4.) The “Book an Appointment” section is a widget – and it’s prominent on every single page – it’s so rare to find a widget like this.. I mean, it’s not like a typical sidebar and when you see the demo, you’ll see what I mean, the widget stands out on every page, separate to a normal sidebar because it is designed to stand-out on the theme – hard to explain from a screenshot – you’ll have have a play around to see what I am talking about :)
5.) It has everything that a small business or consultant needs.. the homepage has the above, plus a bullet point list of whatever you like (services for example), a mini-portfolio of work (or whatever you like), Latest News, Contact Info, Social Media buttons (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin – built-into the theme’s design), a call-to-action phone number area, a built-in Google map.
6.) Special Offers Widget that you can place on every page under the appointments form.
7.) Built-in Testimonials
8.) Easy to modify homepage slider (as you can see from my demo, you can either do the call-to-action with photo thing or even place a welcome video) – I wouldn’t normally do “both”, but for the demo I did.

In a nutshell, I love this theme because it’s really designed to get the visitor to take action, and when thinking about any kind of website, you don’t just want a pretty website that people browse around and then close – you need a website that converts visitors into targeted leads and no theme that I’ve ever seen does better than this one.

More Details/Download | View My Demo

BlogOhBlog Company Theme

Company WordPress Theme blogohblog

Why I love it:
1.) Simple, clean, stylish design. Love the rounded corners on all the design areas.
2.) Call to Action phone number (or text) – top-right of theme.
3.) Like the theme above, the call-to-action sidebar area on every page (this is a must-have and I’m always on the look-out for themes that have this)
4.) Homepage has obvious “benefits of using us” static area, as well as an every-changing area for your most recent blog posts, which will turn any static site into a site that Google loves.
5.) Designed for most information to be “above the fold” – another rarity that most website designers don’t take into account.
6.) Latest Tweets built-in
7.) Built-in Image Gallery
8.) Blog archive page is really nicely designed which makes people want to read and check out the article.
9.) Automatic Slideshow built-in

More Details/Download | View Demo


Do you know of any wordpress themes like these? Call-to-action wordpress themes that would be perfect for local business owners? If so, please feel free to share.. I love themes like these!

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