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As an update from my previous post on WordPress Contact Form plugins, I thought that I’d write a quick post on which contact form plugins I’m still using and recommend 2 years later.

My fave contact form 2 years later is still..

Enhanced WordPress contact form plugin by Yoast

This one I find myself using over and over on a lot of the sites that I personally manage. The reason is that it’s really simple to use
(Install > Activate > Add email address and Custom Subject/Message > Add Shortcode to page > Done)

Even though the plugin is supposedly only compatible up to WP 2.6, I still use it on all the latest WP installs without any issues.

The other reason I love it, is that it tells me the IP address of the person and every page that they were on prior to writing in the contact form, so if the person isn’t very clear in their email, you can kinda figure out what they are talking about based on the pages they were visiting prior to filling out the form and the first referrer.

I’m using it on my own blogs – you can see the form on my contact page



enhanced contact shortcode

[gn_fancy_link color=”black” link=”http://yoast.com/wordpress/enhanced-wordpress-contact-form/”]Download Free from Yoast[/gn_fancy_link] or [gn_fancy_link color=”black” link=”http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/enhanced-wordpress-contactform/”]Download Free from WordPress[/gn_fancy_link]

Other Contact Form Plugins that I use (on my own sites and clients sites) are:

  • Fast Secure Contact Form – Still really like this, just found that it wasn’t compatible with some of the other plugins I was using, but I love it because you can have separate “Departments” and an single “Autoresponder” message built-in
  • Ajax Contact Form – I like it because it looks professional, smooth, fast, and really light.
  • DynamicWP Contact Form – I use this one for sites to have a contact form “off to the side” and available on every page, it’s a button that you click on, that “slides” out the contact form.
  • Contact Form 7 – I use this on Facebok Fan pages because it’s so flexible and you can have multiple contact forms on the one wordpress installation. Other times I would use this if a particular client has need for extra’s of any kind – this is a contact form that is a fave by the wordpress community and many plugins (and themes) have been built to work with it.

Premium WordPress Contact Form Plugins

The above was all the free wordpress contact form plugins that I use and the Yoast one is what I use for all of my personal sites, but I also purchase premium ones for specific client projects.

tribulant-mailinglistTribulant Newsletter Plugin (Tribulant)

This one is my fave at the moment because it handles your newsletters and autoresponders right from within WordPress – I use this as an alternative to Aweber for my local business clients so that they are not stuck paying a monthly Aweber fee.

WordPress Newsletters plugin


Flexible Contact Form WordPress Plugin (Code Canyon)

This is my fave contact form because it looks awesome BUT.. it is incompatible with that many themes and plugins that I use that I haven’t been able to successfully install it anywhere as yet. It’s incompatible with shortcodes plugins and elegant themes.. but I still hold hope for it because it looks so damn nice that I really want to use it somewhere lol :)  And it’s only $10..

Flexible Contact Form WordPress Plugin

Penny (PennyButler.com)
Penny (PennyButler.com)

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  1. Roy says:

    I use Fast Secure Contact Form myself (works well with WP Mail SMTP) as Yoast hasn’t been updated in a couple of years which put me off.

    Also use Yoast’s Comment Redirect (redirects commenters who just made their first comment to a page thanking them and offering a range of follow/subscribe options).

    1. I like Fast Secure too.. wow, hadn’t seen/noticed Yoast’s Comment Redirect, that sounds awesome.. I will definitely check it out :)

  2. I agree with you Penny..

    Have a contact form, on any website or blog is a must…

    I share on my blog, and I show how to get it done with another plugin…

    Hope your readers find it useful as well..


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