Why me? Why did this happen to me?

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Just found this text file on my other computer, from several years ago. When I did a search online, it looks like it was mix-match of notes and thoughts from Viktor Frankl’s influence. (Man’s Search for Meaning)


Suffering has a meaning, only & solely on the condition that you can not remove the “CAUSE” of suffering.

What counts and matters then is the attitude you adopt to an unchangeable fate. To an unchangeable situation.

You may and have to change your attitude.

And the priority goes to actively changing a situation that causes suffering.

But the superiority goes to the attitude you adopt when you CAN NOT change the situation.
D = S – M

Despair = Suffering without Meaning

As long as an individual cannot find, cannot see any meaning, in his or her despair, he or she will certainly be experiencing peril / suffering.

But at the moment they can see a meaning in their suffering, they can mould it into an achievement, it can mould their predicament into an accomplishment from the human level. They can turn their tragedies into a personal triumph. But they must know “for what”.

What should I do with it?
Why me? Why did this happen to me?
I would not share the opinion that we have to accept / shoulder courage the absolutely the meaningless of our lives.. what I think is rather.. is that we have to accept the incapacity of our humanness.

The incapacity to recognize the ultimate meaning in intellectual and rational terms, especially in the face of massive evil. This is the only thing we have to accept.

Our freedom is the finite freedom. A limited freedom.
A human being is never fully free from conditions.
We have a freedom to take a stand to whatever conditions might confront him.
How we react to the unchangeable.


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