Ascension / “The Event” – why New Earth, 4d, 5d, Law of One, etc… makes sense (even if it’s bullshit)

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Ascension / "The Event" - why New Earth, 4d, 5d, Law of One, etc... makes sense (even if it's bullshit)

I believe in the metaphor of all these ‘events’.. that are putting out the intention that we will unite and be more loving of each other… that whilst each religion and spiritualist and person has a different idea about what it’s called, and how it’s defined to them.. they are each ….. having hope and doing the work in themselves to ‘be the better neighbour’ to be more.. living by the soul instead of living in a system that is no longer working, and by .. each of these different factions… having this belief.. it is .. working towards a better world..


Need a brain-dump before I sleep tonight lol… all these thoughts going on in my head today.. just want to ‘get them out’ and polish it up another day..

Loads of various so-called “events” are coming (or are they?)

From Christ Consciousness, The 2nd Coming of Jesus, The New Earth, 4th Dimension, 5th Dimension, the Law of One, Oneness, ascension, etc.

Even if it’s bullshit. Even if it’s not true. What is the alternative thinking?

Like, for me, ‘even if it’s not true’, I think.. it benefits humanity, my life, and everyone around me’s life by me at least ‘keeping that idea in my back pocket’ and living ‘as if’. Why… because it resonates for me to want humanity to evolve, to have community, to unite again, to collaborate again, to overthrow the indoctrination of control and help each other again, to live more pure to my own soul – of what seems right for me, to be ever becoming a ‘better person’, the ‘feeling’ of unity and actually caring about each other again, makes a lot of sense to me.. it gives me something to aim for and it helps me.. ‘realize my own ripple-effect’ in it, that I am either living in a way that is supporting of us coming together and alleviating the suffering of the world, or whether I’m living in a way that continues to perpetuate and feel ‘weak’ about changing any of it – where everyone continues to suffer and ‘it’s only going to get worse’.. kind of thinking.

So for me.. let’s say 7 billion in the world are ‘not’ believing that any kind of ‘event’ is coming.

What is their thought-process going to be on day-to-day basis.

Things aren’t going to get better, debts will keep getting higher, people will get more and more abused, there will be more wars, more of all that we don’t want… prices of houses will rise, people will have to live on the streets, they spend their days watching tv or other distractions, and trying ‘not to care’ about others, and justifying it with ‘it’s hopeless’ etc..

And that’s the world that we are seeing at the moment.. 7 billion people all collectively moping around not doing anything to ‘improve’ the planet.

But if 7 billion people all believed that unity will help everyone, that we can all empower ourselves again from the corruptness and conditioning that hopelessness if we ‘all’ were aiming for it… then the world would ‘already be transformed’. We ‘are’ the people who continue the status quo or make the changes.

If you realize how the game has been played up til now, you realize that some people actually figured out how to control humanity by conditioning the mass-consciousness.

Ascension / "The Event" - why New Earth, 4d, 5d, Law of One, etc... makes sense (even if it's bullshit)

Once you realize you have been played, you wake up – and everyone else is still running on the rat-wheel – you try to wake them up too but they have been programmed for generations.

But as each person realizes.. ok.. I can’t change them.. I can’t wake them… I can’t get too angry about what has happened (otherwise I’m perpetuating fear and negativity myself as my ‘ripple effect’.. I become part of the problem that I see so clearly how we can alleviate. All I can do.. is look within and see where I’ve been brainwashed – question everything that I’ve been told, and walk towards the path of the life that I want for humanity – where I see humanity thriving, abundant, helping each other, coming together, working in harmony rather than being manipulative and greedy etc.

You see where in your own life and own ‘being’, that you are not living true to what you have to come realize that is ‘harming humanity’ or is ‘maintaining’ or ‘keeping things going the same way’. You see where you are part of this collective, that you being you is ‘part’ of the 7 billion who are ‘keeping this system going’. That without us, the system keeps going the way that we most fear.

That it is with individuals who realize that a change is needed ‘within each individual’ to ‘become the change’ that they want to see, because you are the ‘part of the 7 billion consciousness’. That you have to purify your own consciousness – to undamage and unbrainwash yourself, for you to be ‘one of the ripple effect’, part of the ‘collective’ that is attempting to benefit humanity.

We realize it may take many generations to achieve it, but that we can do ‘our part’, by being the change, being the ‘ripple effect’, that helps humanity unite and re-empower themselves to transcend suffering and start thriving – just by changing our consciousness, we ‘light the way’ for others – we ‘give them permission’ to improve the world too if they start to feel within their own being, that this is what they want and will benefit all of humanity. We ‘hold space’ for that to happen. We heal our ancestry and impact our own future generations that we have an immediate effect on through our own individual consciousness, thoughts, ideas, on harmony and setting an example by challenging what we have been taught and just ‘correcting’ our own errors, our own negativity, our own ‘ripple-effect’.

Ascension / "The Event" - why New Earth, 4d, 5d, Law of One, etc... makes sense (even if it's bullshit)

These “events” are metaphors to our human potential. That we can realize that our power is in our thoughts, that our power is in unity, that our power is in ‘wanting the best for others – for all’. For ideas that involve caring connections, collaboration, coming together without wanting to ‘harm’ the other, without wanting to ‘manipulate or control’ or be self-serving where it’s out of balance. When we see what we want for humanity … is what we want for ourselves. This liberation from this control.

That all these ‘systems’ that we’ve helped to create, have been overtaken by those who do not have our best interests at heart, and we know that.. because life is ‘suffering’ for most people, life is stressful and difficult, yet we have all these ‘systems’ in place that could be ‘used for the benefit of all’. But we are like needing to ‘flower-up’ from deep inside these crevices.. that we are the change we’ve been looking for and we see that it’s been happening for millenia, but that.. our hope .. our strength now.. is that ‘now some of us see’. We see beyond the veil of conditioning, we see what is happening – and we see the solution.

The only solution is for each individual, to ‘do the work’ on themselves, to go through their own awakening process, to decorrupt their internal hard drives of generations of fear-based control indoctorment’ and find what aligns with their true soul, their true essence.

To see how far our ‘complaints, misery, negative thinking, fear-mongering and gossiping/bitching/nagging’.. is the ripple-effect that keeps people feeling separate. That when we choose to harm another for our own self-serving benefits, that we are the ripple-effect that is supporting the system that is keeping everyone a slave.

We have to de-condition millenia, starting now, on ourselves.

And these “events” are transformative .. in that.. it helps people ‘unify’ together under one idea that resonates with them… that is ‘closely-related, supportive, harmonious’ of all the similar ‘events’ that people have imagined or foreseen. That these ‘events’ whatever you want to call it – help ‘like-minds’ come together and start being the ripple-effect that will help transform humanity.

So whether you want to call it, whatever you want to believe, whatever you want to resonate with, whatever ‘end goal’ that brings humanity closer together for the ‘betterment’ of all beings.. is helping individuals worldwide, be these ‘ripple-effects’ that are helping light the way for this big ‘change’.

As each individual works on their own ‘shit’, it changes the mass-consciousness. You “are” the mass-consciousness. It begins with you. It begins with me. It takes “all of us” one at a time, to benefit humanity.

Ascension / "The Event" - why New Earth, 4d, 5d, Law of One, etc... makes sense (even if it's bullshit)

I hope that makes sense as I ‘draft out’ my current thoughts as they come to me, without worrying about how “correct” it is, how “polished” it is. I hope that just my notes and random thoughts about it.. make sense and at least plants a seed that might ‘flower’ at a later time, when you realize.. we are.. it.. we are it.. we – you – we’re all an important part in this – because we either want to stay slaves to this system, or we can collaborate, come together, unite, or at least be a shining light in a dark little town somewhere, that is ‘holding space’ for the idea, that we can.. ‘someday’ transform the suffering into empowering each other.. by reparing what’s “not working” – the bits where we agreed to something that we can now see is “not” serving humanity, that is harming humanity.

When each of us goes within, and is ‘consciously’ observing and making choices with a common goal of benefiting all, we change our way – and become the tipping point where consciousness cannot see starving children, where soldiers lay down weapons, where governments become more serving humanity or are abolished completely.. we start to come together and find ‘better ways’ that serve each other, and we become aware of everywhere that ‘we’ as ‘one of the consciousness that is running this system’ – are keeping the system going. Every item we purchase is ‘supporting’ something – when you become more and more conscious of every choice that you make – you might ‘put your money’ where it is serving humanity, rather than supporting slavery or child labour, or animal torture or wherever you are ‘spending’.. because the market will adjust to what society wants.

As you’ve seen more and more ‘organic’ sections in the supermarket. It’s a baby-step, but it’s a step that you can see how community drives this whole system. If we grew our own groceries – we wouldn’t need to work 2 days a week, just to feed our family. That’s 2 days a week that some families can use to spend time with their families hehe.. or whatever their real passion is – whatever makes them come alive. If we share un-worn clothes to our neighbours and community. If we share our tools and help each other where we are drawn to. There are billions of ways of changing this system and it takes each of us, just first waking up to realizing how we did this, how we continue to do this, and how each of us can change it from where we’re at. Even people choosing to smile at strangers and hold doors open or get to know their neighbours is ‘changing the consciousness of separation and fear’ right now. When you trust your neighbours, it changes your vibration, your ripple-effect.

When you consciously choose what you want to listen to or watch.. when you choose to not watch the brainwashing and same old fear-based shit on the tv over and over. Start to think about what is coming into your mind from ‘the system’ and start choosing – what you ‘want’ to be in your mind. What is supportive of the life you want.

When you invest in tv and movies that are fear-based, you not only ‘take that into your consciousness’, which is reason enough to stop, but you are ‘investing’ in fear-based mass consciousness. Your money is paying and encouraging and ‘demanding’ the system bring you more fear-based darkness and negativity in your world.

Ascension / "The Event" - why New Earth, 4d, 5d, Law of One, etc... makes sense (even if it's bullshit)It also is … a nicer way to live. On a day-to-day basis, you are alleviating your own suffering by ever-improving yourself, ever looking for the good, ever finding more and more ways to choose kindness and ‘doing right by your soul’, by encouraging and supporting others, by being more in alignment to your pure self, by feeling happier and spreading more smiles around.. by including others.. it’s just a totally different experience when you are choosing to hold hope for humanity and gratitude for this process we’re in, than live any other way. So even though I have no idea if any of these ‘events’ are going to happen, I’d want “any of them” to happen and I hold space for the world that I want to live in, seeing the world and loved ones thriving instead of cowering and living in bitterness.. to see each of us thriving in a world so full of an abundance of resources already – and see the system ‘work for the people’ instead of ‘keep them as slaves’.. I just see.. our potential and each person’s potential.. and .. when I’m in that space.. “EVEN IF ITS A BIG FAT LIE”.. even if I’m deluding myself somehow… I’m still having a better life, and… being a ripple effect for a better ‘future’ for humanity and.. living life as if I’m making a meaningful difference.. it’s not a life of suffering when you twist it around to serve you.

#FindTheOthers… help and support each other.. work on ourselves, ‘level-up’ on a soul-level to all the growth potential that we have just by being here, and seeing the beauty in this world and in the ‘collective-consciousness’ that makes up this experience.. cultivate faith and watch what happens when you start blessing this experience & our potential, instead of fearing it/giving up on it.

I’ll re-write this one day, maybe next week when I’m not working.. but all these random thoughts were on my mind just now and I want to go to bed tonight without having them swimming around in there lol /end braindump

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