Life wants to create & experience itself

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Life wants to create & experience itself

Morning pages are back… 11th July 2016

Life wants to create.
We are life.

Life wants to experience itself.

Life is a powerful force that wants to just keep creating.

Without resistance to the creating, life cannot experience newness.

We create newness from the result of life going through changes.

Life creates, resistance forces life to create newness.

Life wants to explore itself, it wants to experience what it has created.

We are life, exploring itself.

Life inevitably wants to ENJOY exploring itself.

At one stage we wanted to explore suffering.

Ultimately Life wants the best for life.

Life wants to experience all aspects of its creation.

We and all of nature… are the expressions that experience life.

The flower, the rock, the ocean, the animals, the blade of grass, are all experiences of life.

Are all life experiencing life through itself.

We are the splitting apart of the one, to explore diversity. We harmonize with the changes to create and explore anew.

We are the conscious creators and destroyers.

We enact the will.

We explore life.

We are the result of life wanting to explore itself and explore newness through individual expressions of decisions, thought, will.

Nature has a rhythm.

Nature has cycles.

Nature has balance.

These cycles occur whether you resist or not.

The creator and the observer.

When something is created, it auto-balances.

Creation – harmonizing with creation.

The harmonizing of the creation & that which resists creation is the “balance” and the “newness” to experience.

From that newness, new dreams and possibilities are available to be created, explored, experienced.

When we have completed our cycle, we return to the source of life.

All things flow towards increase and decrease.

Life wants to expand.

Expansion of consciousness.

Love is the answer.

Seperateness is coming into cooperation/unity.

Self-actualized – go inside, heal, reflect, discover, then take what you found – express, shine, play, – then give/serve… then partnership/relationship/union.

Deep connection.

Death of my orientation to “We”.. Death of “I” merges into “We”

Truth. Meaning. Higher Purpose.

Surrender. Tolerance for chaos & diversity. Tolerance for differences / alternatives.

We are “Designed” to be interconnected with each other, with nature.

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