Portable Magic Camping Toilet – Van-Life #07 [Video Review]

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There are no reviews on YouTube for this Portable Magic Camping Toilet – which really sucked when I was thinking about buying it.. but I bought it this week and this is what I think of it and how it works.

In a nutshell: I like it – perfect size for my tiny van, sturdy/strong, and a good size for me too.

But if I were to re-design it.. I would make it fold-out to be more normal-sized.. but at least for my use, it will be fine because I’m not living “in” the van – I’m living “out of the van”… so I still have – at least until the van is paid off – I still need a house (share house or whatever) to shower in, and so on, so I should always have access to a toilet, but it’s at least convenient to have somewhere to go in a hurry (it was a major deal to wake up in the middle of the night, put shoes on, make sure to grab the key, lock van..fight the elements (if it was raining, etc)… unlock house.. find lights/bathroom..try not to wake anyone… finish ya biz… lock house.. back to van, unpack key, shoes, lol.. get back into bed and hope to still be sleepy enough to try and have a good rest :) At least.. now it’s way less disruptive to my life.. but I can easily dump it daily rather than carry my waste around with me while I’m driving :)

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