Travelers (Season 1, Episode 10) Kathryn (Graphene-based nanotech)

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Seriously, I can’t even take a night off from research without seeing their mind control, propaganda, agenda, and predictive programming. This episode has everything from graphene-based nanotech to infertility, heart issues, prefrontal cortex damage, memory wipes, 2 shots, 5 shots, computer hacking, and saving the life of a genocidal dictator. Can’t even. :)

Travelers (Season 1, Episode 10) Kathryn (Graphene-based nanotech)

Rumble | Telegram | Netflix Full Episode | IMDb | Travelers (TV Series) Episode aired Dec 19, 2016

This episode has it all:

  1. Graphene-based nanotechnology; nanites that looks like black goo delivered by injection and spreading throughout the entire body instantly
  2. Heart-issues, neurological issues, prefrontal cortex damage
  3. Organ-transplant from self-growing organs (not clipped)
  4. Merging of minds (neuralink plot? or overriding the originator with something else?)
  5. Memory implants
  6. Infertility/trouble-conceiving and the solution as “modern technology”
  7. Memory wipes for mind-control
  8. Personality changes
  9. Enhanced abilities (shooting, sex)
  10. 2 shots, 5 shots..
  11. Computer surveillance and tracking (the car)
  12. Communicating with each other with a brain implant
  13. Computer hacking, rediverting / deleting text messages, fake licences
  14. Saving the life of a genocidal dictator “because presumably he’s better than the alternative”

Did I miss anything?


Seriously, I’m not normal anymore—I can’t even watch Netflix without seeing it everywhere.

Who are these writers?

Writing Credits
Brad Wright … (created by)
Jason Whiting … (written by) &
SB Edwards … (written by)

Where do they get their script ideas? :)

This is when you worry that you’re seeing things that aren’t there – but they’re there, right? lol In 2016… How many more of these… I found some last night from 1993… and loads of related material from the Wachowskis, which makes me question them more (and would be a fun and interesting rabbit hole to go down if I had more time to delve down that path, which I don’t).

He looks a lot better
than he did last night.

On the outside.
That’s the easy part.

But all the damage is on the inside.

His brain, his major organs.

Took all night just to stabilize him.

They don’t really look like
they’re working on him at all.

That’s because nano technology’s
doing most of the work.

Really? Graphene-based?

As advanced as I’ve ever seen.

I mean, without them,
with that amount of internal damage…

he wouldn’t have stood a chance.

But even a full suite of medical nanites
can only do so much.

Adding stage-3 nanites.

I’ve never seen that before.

The nanites have nearly
repaired the pancreas.

Good. But if they can’t
normalize his neural activity,

it won’t matter how well we fix his body.

You are very near death.

I can feel it.

We’re trying to save you.

Tens of thousands of nanites
working in concert

to repair damage to your prefrontal cortex
and throughout the rest of your body.

Your consciousness was given access
to these memories as a refuge.

The nanites still have a few hours’ work.

and no sexual activity
for the next 36 hours,

until the nanites have left your system.

Well, I’ll try to restrain myself.

How about hooking me up
with some of that sweet nano tech?

Nanites are by directive only.

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