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Apparantly there is a WordPress addon that costs around $30 to translate your blogs that is really great.. I cannot seem to find it anywhere.. so if anyone knows where it is, please reply to this post and I’ll update this for everyone.

In the meantime, here are the free one’s I found:

Global Translator
This one looks like the most popular, except has people complaining that the flags don’t work.

Indoeuropean Translator Widget
This one looks like it has potential

Google Ajax Translation
This one is cool but only translates the comments for now, or at least, since March. Things might change though, they said it was because Google has a 500 character limit at the moment.

Scandinavian Translator
This one only supports Swedish, English, Danish and Norwegian

Why Translate your Blog?

Well the obvious answer is to help your non-English speaking visitors to read your blog, however unless you pay for better software, it’s probably not going to translate it very well.

The good news is that the majority of net users, even those in non-English speaking countries can speak/read English, it’s just the way it is.

The unobvious is that the search engines pickup way more content from your site when it has more than one language, and it reaches in further country searches, and you will also come up in the results of keyword-searches that people might do in a foreign language on the secret.

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