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Helps cynicism, recurring dreams, insecurity, irritability, listlessness, nervousness, procrastination, self- centeredness, self-critical, anxiety, tension, mood swings and promotes intuition, perseverance, security, self-esteem. Helps with Balancing, circulation and respiratory decongestant, diuretic, hormone balancer, relaxing, tonic, male aphrodisiac, treats inflamed skin and is a mental upliftment. It is antiseptic, calming, sedative, anti fungal, treats cystitis, coughs, dry skin, weeping/inflamed skin, eczema and athlete’s foot. Is called “heart wood” because it comes from the heart of the tree, oily skin, improves lymphatic flow (with Grapefruit) and venous congestion (with Cypress); toning to the muscles and the nerves,  toning muscles, excellent for UTI /bladder infections (great with Lemon and Oregano), internally it will go to the liver to be converted to a water soluble molecule and will then go to the kidneys; great for sperm count and raising testosterone levels; can be topical with heat too. This oil  is beneficial to the respiratory system and skin, especially for fungus related conditions. As a masculine oil, it aids the reproductive system for impotence, the nervous system for stress and anxiety.