[QA] Tiptoeing The Matrix – Everyone is at a different stage of consciousness

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[QA] Tiptoeing The Matrix - Everyone is at a different stage of consciousness
“Everyone is at different stages of consciousness. There is a certain stage you can reach where your intent is to only speak your truth, not convince others if it. You begin to realize that everyone has their own path. In other words, you cannot convince a baby that they should be walking when they are at the stage of crawling. To convince them of that truth is irrelevant”.Author Unknown

Comment on the above quote:

I go backwards and forwards with my beliefs (I call it tip-toeing the Matrix).

I LOVE to discuss and listen to people who have awoken from the standard brainwashing we were born into… and when I was first learning and awakening, it was like… I really wanted to share these new insights with everyone.. (and still do sometimes because it saved my life and has changed everything for me).. and then the above quote & others like it, helped me to realize that everyone is at where they are at.. we are all on our own journeys.. and noone could’ve woken me up at any earlier stage.. but…

… that doesn’t mean that when I’m sharing my truth today – that it’s not the exact moment that someone else needs to hear it – so I do love sharing with people who are resonating in a similar space or are ready to question all we have been told & think for themselves, and that moment when the lights come on.. wow.. that’s just incredible.. and that’s not to say that I’ve reached anything – because I know that I’m still a little ant and I still have lots to learn and that there is no destination.. just loving the journey.. and I love people who are talking about their journey.

I think the more we wake up.. and look at the world and the things going on – not through our own conditioned/brainwashed eyes – but behind – like from afar – you can see there is a lot of things that we ought to be concerned about and doing something about – and yet – they have done a very good job at brainwashing the masses into stamping out any opinion to the contrary – like when someone notices and decides to point out all this controversy.. the tin-foil hat comments come out.. the “conspiracy theory” comments come out.. the “fear” comes out.. people don’t want to think about it, and they automatically assume that their government wouldn’t harm them – even when you can clearly see that there are hundreds of things to be concerned about. So much that just doesn’t add up.

I wish we could talk freely about these topics without having to be so “careful” and without having to ease-our way into the conversation… to be mindful that most will think these kinds of conversations are crazy. Because unless we (all of us) can have free-flowing conversations like this – share our research/insights/thoughts freely – we’re stuck in-between… not knowing what the truth is because you have those who believe any kind of conspiracy flying (I’m friends with a lot of them – and I love them for it) and there are those who are extremely the other way (head in the sand – and I’m friends with them too – they help me to be more empathetic to where they are at in their journeys).. and then the in between.. trying to sort truth from fantasy – trying not to go crazy in the process – trying not to be a conspiracy theorist – yet trying to learn the truth. Ugh.

I want to be able to chat freely about any subject – but I just keep holding back – trying to think of a way where “everyone” will get it & trying to figure it out all by myself first without learning & sharing from others in a discussion where both sides may have information that completes the picture.

We should be able to find ways of speaking our own truth (whatever it is at this time), our own thoughts about topics with an open mind – knowing that tomorrow our truth may be different because we now have new information / a new insight / a different perspective, etc. from being able to talk about issues from a space of curiosity rather than fear.

I admire people who are able to dig into topics, without being sold on them.. viewing them from different angles.. investigating and thinking about the information we have on hand – not trying to be an “expert” know-it-all that doesn’t allow room for questioning the information we have. And not let it control our lives or take a stance one way or another – always questioning, but choosing beliefs that serve us rather than rummaging through decades worth of our own brainwashing and conditioned beliefs that keep us running on auto-pilot.

I’m a truth-seeker.. very logical brain but also have a dreamers brain.. and the 2 drive each other crazy! I come to a truth – it serves me.. I make it my reality, and then my logical brain wants to figure out ‘why’ I decided to have that truth and then tries to delve deeper into other possible reasons that I might be taking on that truth… and whether it’s truth or just something I have made my reality in order to serve me at this time (which I am starting to think is the case.. at least today.. who knows what I might think tomorrow)…

…and there’s nothing wrong with that if we know that’s what we can do.. create a reality that serves us rather than living in a world of darkness and fear and being a “victim”.. turning each experience into a learning experience.. is not a bad truth to believe in, even if it’s not “the truth”.. argh, I hope that makes sense… this is something that goes in and out of my mind – always contradicting myself with my beliefs because I believe ‘we are a placebo effect’ and yet, my logical brain says.. ‘yes – perhaps… but is that only just an illusion you give yourself to make it through a certain event’.. and my gut says – shutup logic – who cares, it feels right at the moment – as long as it’s working for you and serving your life….  (and so on)… down the rabbit hole…  :)

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