Third Eye awake or expanded perspective?

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I don’t know if my third eye is open or not, so this is based on my own experience/inner truth/wherever I’m ‘at in the game’ lol.. but I realized some time ago that I don’t see any situation or person the same as others… I’m interacting with the world from a very ‘all-seeing observer’ perspective (not ‘all-seeing like I have all the answers.. not ‘all seeing as an egoic thing.. in fact, I didn’t even think it was any different to the way others see it until sometime after I had integrated it and realized that it was seemingly always there for me and that I had been explaining it to others for a long time ‘as if they could see it too’, only to realize through these interactions that they don’t, and that intuition that tells me that I haven’t always had it, that this is something I’ve integrated seamlessly without realizing ‘when’ it actually occurred or maybe it happened over time more & more as I was questioning reality).

It’s like, every interaction I have – every moment of my life, I sense every possible perspective that can be ‘observed’ at that moment – simultaneously at the same time.. like an expanded “panoramic” thought-view of every situation… a wider-lens.. an expanded overview.. an awareness that I never had “before”.. I can only speak from my own observation about myself & what I perceive and I don’t know if this is anything related to the third eye, but I’m wondering now if it’s related, or what people refer to, or if it relates to something else others have experienced.

Whilst experiencing a moment, you are also aware of everyone’s perceptions & all higher-expanded or lower-expanded possible perceptions… let’s take an easy example… say you are speaking to someone one on one, you see the situation/moment from their perspective that they are ‘telling you’, another perspective that you ‘perceive that they are really experiencing it from but trying to hide from you / or themselves’, other senses that are available, another perspective of what their ‘higher self’ sees it from, another perspective from all your different overlays and experiences – everything you have believed up to now, from the ‘universal perspective’, from ‘everyone who is observing’s perspective’ and anyone else in the vicinity or that is brought-to mind .. like “other perspectives’.. you get all of this in the same moment – its just “available.. its’ just there.. its not like its overwhelming with too much information or anything like that.. you just have ‘access to all corners of perception’… and then depending on the company and where you feel they are at / what you think they understand/relate to.. can only really respond in the way that you feel is most helpful to the ‘one that is speaking their perspective’ (you can’t really mention – “I see all these different variations of what you are asking about” (unless you’re with another who is similar to you or can accept this about you).. you answer from mainstream ‘face-value’ of what they said… but maybe this additional knowledge that you have available to you just helps you see the bigger picture & help yourself grow and expand and see from multi-dimensional layers of possibilities and potential… I’m curious as to if this is a third eye thing or just my own interpretation from wherever I’m at.. xo

Just want to jump in and add the extra bits, ‘from the ego’ which is also a massive part of observing the show – you are observing it also from your own ‘ego’ and every belief you have ever taken on – your own ‘issues’.

Before my shadow-work (dark night of the soul stuff), I would feel only the ‘negative’ expanded view, or at least, they were the ones in the forefront at that time. I went from “ONLY SEEING THE POSITIVE” (unconditional love, oneness, the perfection of life) to questioning my sanity because by ‘being what I thought I needed to be for another’, I got myself into a situation where everything went dark again and I couldn’t ‘get out of it’ for years.

So every interaction I had at that time I would feel “all their negative and horrid stuff that they were thinking about me” (true or not – it is “the perspectives that come to you about what they are thinking/feeling/saying – and all of that stuff is ‘how you are living each moment’ – from a place of distrust of yourself and everyone else.

When I hadn’t ‘dealt with my own shit’, it’s like all these ‘perspectives that others view you as’ are like a mirror to all your ‘undealt with shit’. So you would feel absolute pain and agony when you were interacting with others, because all you would feel is your own unworthiness, all your “need them to like me / validate that I’m a good human being – can’t believe they think that way about me – can’t believe they are choosing to see me so negatively” all this ‘stuff’. Internal stuff and external stuff.

You can try and put on a mask and pretend that it doesn’t affect you, you can try and ‘act’ positive, you can try and ‘be happy’, but until you deal with your own issues, you keep running into these ‘horrible negative people’ (you can barely see the good in others – just ‘their judgement of you’ which is actually ‘your negative judgement of yourself that you haven’t yet realized that you were learning something from a place of ‘never experiencing that before’, so you are always the ‘new explorer, exploring new grounds, with only your past experiences thus far – you have never lived this moment before from the perspectives you have – this is all new – every moment is your ‘exploration from a new space’, but if you are betrayed by your own expectations-to-how-you-thought-it-should-be, then you will start living in shame and not able to understand why this happened or that you were just ‘learning something new’ – until you ‘acknowledge and accept what you have created and see yourself and everyone else as innocent because everyone was experiencing it from ‘their level of knowledge’ then it’s a head-fuck trying to get yourself out of the darkness).

If you are also getting the “extra perspectives” thing that I’m referring to, your own negative-space that you are in, can only pull from it, the negative that is “you blaming you – you pointing out your own faults to yourself – you interacting the world with gaping-wounds, you’re in an adult body but you put yourself in a ‘less-than’ space – ‘everyone is able to & wants to hurt you’ because you are interacting with the world from a victim-vibration and that brings up all your stuff, you not being understood, you not being ‘taken care of’, they are not ‘treating you with respect’, everyone is ‘betraying you’, all that you haven’t yet dealt with – every darkness that has been suppressed wants to be dealt with comes up at once and you are ‘living in that space’ with all these ‘past traumas’ interacting with the world. Misery loves company. You end up attracting the darkest side of others, they see the darkest side of you, and everywhere you turn, you have to ‘face yourself’ over and over again until you have done the work.

Hopefully you get awareness of this sooner or later and then ‘do the work’ so that you no longer experience pain or ‘get triggered’ when interacting with the world. And I think we’re constantly being shown ‘where we are still running old programmes’ because we are constantly ‘upgrading from wherever we are at’ and so our old software is incompatible and is ever-adjusting and tweaking itself with the new software – so our older, less-serving beliefs need to be ‘re-wired’.

After the shadow-work, the observer is also aware of this ever-levelling-up aspect about what we are doing here and using any opportunities of any moment to level-up and gain a higher-perspective. Any inner-insecurities you have will come up as part of the ‘expanded view’, so you also perceive the moment from your own ‘awareness of insecurities’, as well as that place that has transcended this particular insecurity (which can happen instantly, ‘on the fly’, or within a couple of days of noticing that a particular encounter brought up something within you to be re-wired/shed). You have as many multiple possible ‘positive’ aspects of awareness and the negative/self-doubt/insecurities or rather that which is ‘dark and hidden’. Your own shadow work to be transmuted, or the shadows you are perceiving from them “where each of you are at and what you are possibly learning from this interaction, how you are growing, how you are ‘gaining wisdom, perspective, levelling-up’.

Again, a different example. Last week I was talking to a friend. He had a happy and positive and excited demeanour and was using very positive words in the conversation. My own awareness of the situation recognized this ‘happy space’ he was in, but could see a darkness within that was eating him alive and crying for help – that had lots of anger and bitterness and snideness/maliciousness and nastiness within. Even as he continued, I could feel the positive/negative duality within him. My ‘perspectives’ that are happening instantaneously in that interaction perceive:

  1. The ‘face-value’ of what he is pretending to be, or trying to be. The “I’m a good person with a good attitude” mask. The “I want people to see me this way and think this is me”. His “identity and reputation to the world”.
  2. The ‘undealt with darkness within, all the ‘stuff’ that he ‘blames others for’ and still has inner-rage about.
  3. The negative judgements and pettiness and nastiness that he is ‘really thinking’
  4. My ‘higher-self’ perspective of holding compassion for that little child within that wants to have a tantrum but can’t because he’s trying to be positive.
  5. The way that I ‘want’ for him, that ‘perceived wellness, wholeness, completeness’, that holding space for his highest potential, for him to transmute that pain and empower himself.
  6. His ‘higher-self’ perspective. The way his soul sees him. Unconditional love and knowledge that these lessons that he is going through are helping him grow on a soul-level. That all is well, even in hell.
  7. The universal perspective ‘what we are doing here, what we are learning from, how we are growing, how we are ‘becoming better’ with each experience we learn from, that even if we don’t learn it consciously in life, we will have understanding and wisdom from it, when we are finished with this body and in the ‘grand scheme of things’, of ‘all that is’.
  8. From angelic/demonic perspectives… that ‘negative influence’ attached to him, and that battle within of good vs evil. That ‘trying to be good despite every part of me wanting to hurt others’.
  9. The friend, the mother, the father, the sibling, the child, all the ‘family way’ perspective ‘how they see him and his situation and their influences and opinions and inner views, advice, and energy about it.
  10. His house-mates & work-mates and the level they are playing at… and how they are influencing his situation.
  11. His religious belief’s and how they are influencing him.
  12. His inner-child and his rebellious-child.
  13. The views that he, himself has about “what he thinks “YOU” think about him”, and what he thinks “others” think about him. 
  14. All my various internal-perspectives…
    – from recognizing ‘wow, even though he has this pain & suffering within, and I can sense his agitation and negative-influences, I no longer ‘feel’ it like I used to, I don’t ‘take it on as “mine” anymore, I don’t ‘own another’s pain’ anymore, and I can protect myself from being ‘hurt’ in his presence. 
    – where my own self-worth issues of the past would’ve been negative-influenced by my own corrupt hard-wiring
    – seeking ‘anything else within myself’ that I need to transmute or learn from as I experience this
    – what can I do/say ‘put out’ that will help him the most in this moment (without letting him know that I perceive his pain)?. What will help him best? How can I hold space for his highest potential whilst knowing about his inner-rage? How can I ‘stay within’ my own inner-beliefs ‘wanting the best for each other and our selves’ without being an ‘enabler’ of his abuse towards others or without ‘setting him off’? How do I ‘be a caring companion’?
    – Identifying which is mine.. & which is his.
    – Which is ‘past-looking-at-world through dark-lense’ vs expanded perspective of truth?
  15. Different outcomes – you see the different outcomes of the ways you intend to interact, and you choose the one that best fits the situation – though you might not ever know if you are picking the ‘ideal’ outcome, you just get various hints of which way it would go depending on which way you interact back.. just a sense really, not a “go this way, say this, etc.. I wish it was like that lol” but there is some kind of internal-guidance that sort of ‘perceives’ different outcomes and just makes a choice based on who you are/where you are/how you view life in the moment. What we think is ‘best’, may not seem like it turns out ‘for the best’ because we have various ‘human-like expectations’ that we are trying to fulfill.. it’s more helpful for me to just trust whatever action I take in the moment and whatever will be will be, that on ‘some level’ – it is the ideal outcome, or that we are experiencing this world from parallel realities and that every outcome is experienced on some-level and that ‘we are perceiving’ just one outcome from this space that we are conscious of. 

So I’m taking “all of this view” in perspective when I’m interacting with him, but I can only “talk to him” from the level he is “communicating/connected to me” on, so when he is talking from his ‘identity/reputation’.. “I’m a good person with a positive attitude” mask when inside he has so much going on, so many hundreds of influences and his automatic programming (and whatever programme I’m also running!), and the things he’s aware of and the things he’s not aware of – but his soul’s aware of’, etc. There’s always the “what they say” and the “expanded view of all possible perceptions that are all influencing each other and creating it’s own unique perception that they may not be ‘voicing’, they may just be ‘feeling the affects of within’. 

It seems like a lot, that would send you crazy, but none of this is ‘over-whelming’ (except when I typed it out LOL!)..  – it’s just ‘seeing the world from multiple-perspectives at once.. it’s just “available”.. it’s just ‘already there’ to draw-from in any moment, it’s no different than thinking ‘one’ thought, but you get it all instantaneously and hmm.. how do I say this – it’s like an “instant understanding/comprehension” of multiple-perspectives, and being aware of them as you interact with life.

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