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Found these notes today in my journal… can’t remember if I was taking notes from videos or a book or from a podcast or something. When I know, I’ll update this post.    —- Found it! It was an audiobook read online on this youtube channel:

The Light Shall Set You Free

Chakra’s, Meridians, Aura’s, Magnetic fields, Earth magnetic field.

Energy Levels:

  • 4th Level: Intentional compassion, love.
    weak forces can attach and drain life-force energy.
  • 5th Level: Alignment with divine will.
    If not aligned = person feels disconnected from your world.
  • 6th Level: Spiritual love & joy. Light extended 2 feet from body. 
    When weak = no inspirational experience. Charge through meditation and contemplation of beauty.
  • 7th Level: Divine mind. 3feet. One Mind.
    Golden egg protection.

Individuals must maintain each level.

When one studies Kabbalah, one ascends.

9 Bodies:

  • 1st – Physical body – 3rd density – vehicle that transports soul through all higher bodies. Created from the thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. Must learn discernment.
  • 2nd – Emotional body – produces vibrational frequencies that affect both mental and physical bodies. Must learn discipline and independence and detach from all that is not part of the perfected plan.
  • 3rd – Mental body – processes the universal mind. Pineal  gland. Symbols. 
  • 4th – Causal body – power shielding around first 3rd-density body. Connects to oversoul. Understanding and committment to one’s mission.
  • 5th –
  • 6th – Dimensional Force body
  • 7th – Higher Self
  • 8th – Energy Vortex
  • 9th – Electrical body

Chakra System

  • 3-4″ in diametre
  • Emotional/spiritual well-being
  • Prana/chi
  • Proper breathing
  • Radiate vibrations

  1. RED. Root Chakra – between legs / base of spine. Will to live, sexual, vitality, stimulates creativity of the soul, grounds soul in present moment, maintains and supplies life-force energy. 
    Accept & ground this chakra
  2. ORANGE. Sacral Chakra. Sexuality, immune. 
    1.) Pancreas – plants, animals, minerals
    2.) Spleen – past/present life experience, relationships with others, RNA/DNA, painful lessons > positive experiences
  3. YELLOW/GOLD. Solar Plexus – opening of the soul, creative chakra, source of our power, energy to intuition, glandula, self-confidence
  4. GREEN/PINK. Heart. Higher emotions. Transforms all that has been discorded. Harmonize and accelerate. Manifest/mission. Giving/receiving love. Kindness, joy, benevolence, energy to heart, reverse disease.
  5. BLUE. Throat. Gateway to the soul. Energy to lungs. Communication, living universal laws, speaking truth, determines ability to change/evolve. Ability to see big picture. Intuition.
  6. INDIGO/DARK BLUE. Third Eye. Window to soul, energy brain, ability to systemize, prophetic vision, psychic powers.
  7. PURPLE/CLEAR/WHITE. Crown. Higher dimensions. Oneness. Spirituality. Control over emotions.


  • 3rd Dimension. Duality thinking. Polarities. Yin/Yang “dance”.
  • Higher dimensions = no duality, oneness:
  • 4th Dimension. Time-space continuum. Spiral dimension through time past/present. Vibration that begins to open the heart “learn to forgive. Constant introspection. 26 sonic range. Right speech, action, thought, mindfullness, action.
  • 5th Dimension. 29-35 sonic range. After light bodies merge fear/negativity is no longer present. Pleidies. Metaphysical world.
  • 6th Dimension. 36-42 sonic range. Merkabah.
  • 7th Dimension. 43-49  sonic range. 7th Heaven. Angels homebase. Pure love. Universal wisdom.

Akashic/Universal Mind. Every thought/word/deed are stored from all experiences. 7 generations of experiences stored in our DNA.

We have been sent to earth to cocreate heaven with God. When the mind resides on the frequency of the universal mind. Symbols revealed to the soul. Geometric forms. 

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