The Lie we Live – We are the scriptwriters. This is your story.

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At this moment, you could be anywhere, doing whatever.
Instead, you’re sitting alone, in front of a screen.
So what stops us from doing what we want, to be where we want to be.
Every day we wake up in the same room and follow the same path to live the same day as yesterday.
However, once, every day was a new adventure.
Something changed along the way. Before our days were infinite, now our days are programmed.
Is this what it means to be an adult? To be free?
But are we really free?
Food. Water. Earth.
The basic elements we need to survive are the property of companies.

The Lie we Live - We are the scriptwriters. This is your story.

There is no food for us in the trees or fresh water in the rivers, nor earth to build a house.
And if you try to get what the land offers, you will be locked up.
Therefore and we follow their rules.
We discover the world through a book.
For years we sit down and repeat what they tell us. We test and evaluate ourselves as animals in the lab.
Grown up not to make a difference in this world. Adults not to be different.
Enough to do our job, but not to ask why we do it.
So we work and work, so that we do not have time to live the life we ​​work for.
While there is a day where we are too big to do our job.
It’s here, where we are left to die.
Our children take our place in the game. For us, the road is unique but together we are nothing but fuel. Fuel that empowers the elite.
The Elite, which hides behind the brands of companies.
This is their world. And their most precious source is not in the square.
We are not.
We build their own cities. We run their machines. We fight their wars.
After all, money is not what motivates them. Motivates power.
Money is simply the means they use to control us.
Invaluable pieces of paper on which we rely feed, move and entertain.
They gave us money, and in return we gave the world.
Where there were trees that cleaned our air, there are factories that pollute it.
Where there was water to drink, there are toxic wastes that shake.
Where animals run cheap, there are now industrial farms where they are born and endlessly massacred for our pleasure.
More than a billion people are starving even though we have enough food for everyone. Where does all the food go?

The Lie we Live - We are the scriptwriters. This is your story.
70% of the production of agriculture goes to the feeding of the animals you eat for dinner.
Why help the hungry? You can not take advantage of them.
We are like a disaster that covers the world.
By destroying the very environment that allows us to live.
We see everything as something that can be sold. As an item that can be owned.
But what will happen when we have spotted the last river? When have we breathed the last breath of air?
When do we have no fuel for the vehicles that bring us our food?
When do we realize that money is not edible? That does not matter?
We are not destroying the planet. We are ruining her life on her.
Every year, thousands of species disappear.
And the time is running out before our turn.
If you live in the US, there are 41% chance of having cancer.
Heart disease will kill one of three Americans.
We get prescription medicines to fight these diseases.
But medical care is the third leading cause of death after cancer and heart disease.
They tell us that everything can be solved by investing money on scientists so that they can detect a pill that can remove all of our problems.
But pharmaceutical and cancer companies are based on our sufferings to profit.
We think we are running for a cure, but we are actually running away from the cause. Our body is a product of what we consume and the food we eat is simply designed for profit. We fill our bodies with toxic chemicals.

The Lie we Live - We are the scriptwriters. This is your story.

Animal bodies are infected with medicines and illnesses.
But we do not see these. The small group of companies that control the media do not want us to see.

The Lie we Live - We are the scriptwriters. This is your story.

Surrounded by imagination, they tell us that this is reality.
It is ridiculous to think that people once believed that the Earth was the center of the universe.
But, again now, we see ourselves as the center of the planet.
We show our technology and say that we are the brightest.
But is our computers, machines, and our industries likely to show how intelligent we are?
Or just show how lazy we are.
We wear this mask of “civilization”.
But when does it take away, what are we?
How quickly we forget that within the last 100 years we allowed women to vote, we allowed the blacks to be equal.
We behave as if we are all-knowing, but still, there are many things we do not see We walk in the street without paying attention to the little things.
Eyes that look, stories they share.
Seeing everything as the backdrop of our “self”.
Perhaps we are afraid we are not alone. That we are part of a larger painting.
But we fail to make ties.
We agree with the killing of pigs, cows, poultry, foreigners from distant countries.
But not our neighbors. Not ours, our cats, and those we understand and love.
We call other “idiotic” creatures, but we do it to justify our actions.
But is murder simply because we can, or have we always done well? Or shows how little we have learned.
Since we continue to behave with much aggression, rather than mind and compassion.
One day, this feeling we call “life” will leave us.
Our troops will rot, and our possessions will be scattered.
All that remains, yesterday’s actions.
Death surrounds us continually. But it still looks so far away from our everyday reality.
We live in a world on the edge of the desert.
Tomorrow’s wars will not have the winner.
Because violence will never be the answer, but will destroy any possible solutions.
If we look at all our greatest desires, we will notice that our dreams are not so different.
We have the same purpose. Happiness.
We crawl the world looking for happiness, without ever asking ourselves.
Many of the happiest people are the ones who own less.
But are we really happy with our iPhones, our big homes, and our luxury cars?

The Lie we Live - We are the scriptwriters. This is your story.

We are divided. By worshiping people we have never met.
Observe extraordinary things on the screens, but all other than screens are normal.
We expect someone to bring change, without ever thinking about changing ourselves.
Presidential elections may be like throwing an iron coin into the air. There are two sides of the same coin.
We choose who we want and the illusion of choice and change is created.
But the world remains the same.
We are not able to understand that politicians do not serve us.
They served those who set them in power.
We need leaders, not politicians. But in this “followers” world, we have forgotten to guide ourselves.
Enough to change and become the change you want to see.
We did not come to this point sitting sitting in the butt.
The human race survived not because we are the fastest or the strongest, but because we worked together.
We have become the master of the assassination. Let’s now become the master of life’s pleasure.
This is not about saving the planet. The planet will be here, with or without us.
Earth has been here for billions of years. Each of us will be lucky if 80 lives.
We are a moment in time, but our actions, forever.
I often hope to live in an era in front of computers. When we did not have the screens, we were distracted.
But I understand there is a reason that this is the only time I want to live in because here, today, we have an opportunity that we had never before.
The Internet gives us the power to deliver a message and to unite millions of people from around the world.
As far as we can, we need to use screens to get closer to, instead of moving away from each other.
For better or worse, our generation will determine the future life on this planet.
We can or will continue to serve this system of destruction, until there is no memory of our existence.
Or we can wake up. To understand that we are not up, but we’re down. We just have screens in front of our eyes so we do not see where we are going.
This present moment is what every step, every breath and every death has brought us.
We are the faces of all those who came before us.
And now is our turn. You can choose to create your own path or follow the path that countless people have already taken.
Life is not a movie. Scenario is not yet written.
We are the scriptwriters. This is your story, Their History, Our History.

Made by Spencer Cathcart. Source:

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