The Earth Challenge: To know thyself

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The Earth Challenge: To know thyself

First 7 years, we are given our programming… from others… from both the DNA from our generations of characters before us, to the movie scene we dropped into. That’s where we are given our challenges, our weaknesses, our strengths, our gifts, our abilities, we form our “story”… the plot.

Kind of like an author who would plot out a storyline of the character they are going to write about. We are given this “worldview”. And depending on what we are exposed to in that movie scene, we have to discern what our “worldview” is based on the information given and our own internal compass.

That’s the game.

We come in, not knowing what we are going to face, except we might have some things we will bring in from past lives that we also want to face in this life, but the “earth challenge” is… playing this game without knowing the full picture, without our memories to help us, without knowing anything… we come in .. because it’s a growth opportunity. We learn so much about who we are. Our soul is here to get the lessons of life, from joy to love, to attachment, to limitations, to gain skills, to gain wisdom, to gain understanding, to know thyself.

At the end of the game, we evaluate our life.

We may choose to “play again” in the “Earth Challenge” or go to other planets or dimensions or form to learn.
But each “movie”, is growth, is challenging, is learning, is understanding, is “knowing thyself”.
It’s an adventure.

We have people who have “figured out the game”. Unfortunately some of these people have a dark agenda. They have figured out, how to be in control the earth challenge. And over millions of years, they have plotted and strategized and formed their own system of power. To them, this game is one of luxury and power. They used what has been created for good, and with this “prior-knowledge” of the game, they have manipulated/strategized and changed the system to serve their game.

It’s not right or wrong, they have the free will to do this, and we have the free will to also figure out the game and make it work for us. It’s probably been allowed to occur because earth is a free will challenge. It’s different than the others.
Aims: good judgement and the ability to distinguish between truth and falsehood.

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