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I was writing about virtual realities, trying to explore it as a possibility, trying to dig into my mind, figure it out, while I was sitting at Gloria Jeans this morning, and I decided to do a test. I experienced instantaneous manifestation within 2 minutes. 

VR Mon 9th Nov 11:53am morning pages.

Everyday experiencing reality a different way.
New dimensions? New realities? Creating this? Same background noise, same background ‘cast’, same “background”. Different viewpoint.

If this is all a game. Who is the controller?
Am I a character or a player? If I’m a player, what is now possible? And who/what can I choose?

How does this change anything?

Do multiple players use my character in this game? How else do I get so many different viewpoints on a day-to-day basis. Different ways of looking at the same reality from day-to-day.

Herman’s Head. The Thirteenth Floor.

Bound by the rules of the “reality phase” our character has entered. “This level”. Which is multi-dimensional. Merges with other realities somehow.
Each character bound by the ‘beliefs’ of this level. How do I exit this level of poverty & slavery and enter the level of abundance & freedom? Do I just have faith, just do it? Just believe it?

I’m sitting at Gloria Jeans, in the sunshine.

I want someone / another character to sit down to discuss this VR game.

Everything I’ve believed has come true.

I want to see the game. Do any of these people see the game?

Particles = Probabilities/Potentials.

Lots of players/characters in the game.
Server/computer = Consequences of your choice “data”.

Your truth is your truth. Be the change.
Create a truth that serves you.

It’s not your truth if it’s not your experience.
To change your experience, you need to change your truth.

Proof that my truth changed my experience:

– Complete healing x 1000 – So much evidence here, a complete reversal of lifetime illnesses and chronic diseases, even 1-day elimination of lumps and cysts, reversal of emphysema, reversal of lifetime chronic asthma, complete removal of lifetime hayfever… and way more.
– Complete change of character
– Manifest whatever I have believed (people/experiences)
– Car troubles & car protection, depending on my ‘beliefs’ on that day/moment.
– Entanglement
– Living through death
– “You almost experienced my reality”. “Lucy”. (I nearly was able to bring someone over to my reality a few weeks ago, show him what I see, . but he got spooked that what he might’ve seen was real, lost his belief and he is now back asleep)
– Getting exactly what you fear.

Ignorance was NOT bliss, the Mystery IS bliss.

Is it as non-personal, non-spiritual as a computer?

All these characters…. sleepers?


One of the other players is going to come sit at my table while I’m still here.

How much control do I have as an infinite being in this character, in this reality?



Wow, seconds after I wrote that (and maybe a minute or 2 after writing “One of the other players is going to come sit at my table while I’m still here”.. on my last sip of my latte, a guy comes from nowhere. Stops at my table, doesn’t say a word, just stares at me, mouth moving but nothing coming out, just staring. I smile at him cos I’m thinking “woah.. could this be… instant manifestation?”. And then he asks if he can sit at my table with me.

He then proceeds to kiss my hand, of which I was like… ummmmmmmm no, don’t kiss me.
And then we spent 2+ hours chatting at that table, about life, religion, travel, other countries, his family, death, and miracles. And other things that are irrelevant but meaningful to my own messages from the universe.

I even guessed his starsign correctly in 1 second flat (Leo, of course). And correctly guessed which country he was from (Mexico).
I’m still blown away. As was he. I ended up driving him home, and he was still shaking his head in disbelief / stunned as I drove away.

He manifested a way home. I was ‘his’ angel. I instantly manifested a “player at the table”. He was ‘my’ miracle, my message from the universe, that I’m really onto something here, that I’m really doing “something” here to create all this.

Now what else is possible?

If I keep getting conformation from the universe about what is possible… then what else is possible?

Definitely have to be 100% mindful of having positive thoughts, because you get what “believe” – even what you “fear” – actually because fear is so powerful.. it’s really important to make positive more powerful.

That’s the main thing I learnt today… really have to be so very mindful to stay positive and out of the fear beliefs. And actually trust in the divine – in the “mystery”. Believe in magic and magic appears.
To make positive interactions and realities your “truth”, and put your energy there.

I say this a lot lately, 5 days out of 10 hehe.. this was the best day ever.
Believe every day is “the best day ever” and it will be.

What else might happen today? What else is possible in the next moment?

I’m sitting back at home now… maybe an interaction/insight from the internet next? A text message? Maybe I end up walking and meeting another ‘player’?

And can I do something about this van registration? $790 is needed within 3 weeks.
How can I use this new awareness / possibility / viewpoint to manifest a solution to every challenge I face?
How can I use it, to manifest my dream life?

What else can we do?

What are we bound by?

What are the rules?

What else is possible?


How deep does the rabbit hole go?



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