Teleseminars 2.0

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Teleseminars 2.0

5 Simple Secrets to 6 Figure Teleseminars 2.0

  • * Credibility about who has used your formula
  • * Helped so many experts
  • * Perfected the system – free video series & blueprint


What is a preview call?

  • What we are on right now – a free call that provides tremendous value to your listeners whether they invest or not.
  • Gives them a “WOW” hour that is totally worth their time.
  • Give great content and attract your ideal clients.

“If that is what she is providing me on the free call, I can only imagine what she will provide in the offer”

  • * Struggles/Pain Point – and I use this.
  • * Roadmap
  • * Deliver great value
  • * Upsell – Models, Templates, Binder, Call recordings, Schedule for emails, Get affiliates, Live Teleseries, Recorded & Transcribed, Q&A


  • 90% talking about transformation  (Destination/Outcome)
  • 10% talking about service delivery (Plane)

90% of your speaking on the “destination, not the plane”

Give them value that’s going to get them to the outcome that they are hungering for.

example: (for a 90/10 about forum)

10% = Hey, we have this amazing online forum

90% = .. and what’s going to happen in there, is we’re going to give you all the templates that you can immediately download, you’re going to get to network with amazing heart-centered entpreneurs that many of you will meet ‘live’ later if you choose to attend my live speak-to-sell bootcamp, you’re going to be able to get on there and ask me questions so that we can talk live, and we can be crafting your launch, holding my hand over the next 5 weeks, so “outcome, outcome, outcome”, many people actually make connections


5 P’s of having a preview call


  1. Position Yourself:
    Create Vulnerability and Credibility in your Intro
    – Drop names “Authors/Speakers/Experts” you know that are getting benefit from your system (Brian Tracy, Jeff Walker, John Assaraf)
    – Vulnerability “connected” – “let them “get you” that help people to see you are just like them” – You can do it cos I did it. What I did to get my formula. What made a huge difference.
  2. Position Your Topic:
    What is possible from doing your work?
    – Being able to… work from home, using your computer at home in a low-cost way, to have our confident and ready to get your gift out to the world
  3. Position Your Audience:
    Show them they are in the right place. “This is for you if…”
    This is for you if… “you’re tired of being the best kept secret in your field”
    This is for you if… “you want to sell without being salesy”
    This is for you if… “you are done talking about it and ready to put yourself in a program to take action”
    WHO would be in the right place if they are listening to your call.
    The “This is for you if” statement, should tap into a “pain” that they have.
    You want to say the things that are really in the hearts and mind of your perfect client.
  4. Position Your Talk:
    Give an outcome driven overview of what you’re going to cover. Enroll them.
    “Today we’re going to cover…”
    3 or 4 bullet points.
    * Tip: If I design my opt-in page first, the optin page had all the answers to this and made this positioning part very easy, it covers all 5 points.
    Today we’re going to cover – (grab the bullets from your optin page)
    – We’re going to cover the #1 thing you need to focus on to get results on your preview call
    – We’re going to cover the 5 steps to crafting your call
    – We’re going to cover how to triple sales after your call
    This should take the first 10-15 minutes of your call.
  5. Position Your Offer:
    Create Partnership from the Start and set yourself up to unabashedly promote.
    “I’m going to give you all I can in the time we have together AND I promise to show you how to take it further!”
    Getting on the “same side” of the desk as your client.
    Partnership from the start is about “we’re not trying to do something ‘to’ our clients”, we’re trying to open up an opportunity for just the right people to step forward.
    Committed but not attached.
    I’m committed to have everything you need to make a decision today. Just serve from that place. Not being attached to them saying yes. Just attached to giving them the right information to make a decision.
    “Hey I’m going to give you what I can in the time we have, and I promise I’m going to show you how to take it further if you want to”
    Last 15 minutes of the call – showing people how to take it further.



Runs about 40 minutes


  • Create understanding and empathy by letting your listeners know you understand their pain.
  • What is the pain your ideal clients are experiencing right now?
  • (Pain that your product or service will alleviate)

What does your formula do that alleviates their pain?

  • Mistakes people make, pick things that people can really relate to.

Presenting the promise –

eg “I have a talk that I’ve tested, and you’re coming home with 5 or 6 figures from those opportunities”

  • – Case Studies that used your work and had amazing success
  • – Put them on your opt-in page



  • Explain how your product or service will alleviate their pain
  • How does your product or service alleviate the pain your ideal clients are experiencing and teach them some ways they can get started right away:
  • Connecting with where they are.
  • Promise = create a gap.



This is where you show social proof, testimonials, case studies, success stories, etc. Should be sprinkled throughout to illustrate points

  • List testimonials, success stories, etc.



This is the transition to your offer.

“Looking forward, from information to transformation, Crafting Your Talk that Sells.”

  • – Invite people over to your page
  • – Continuing to give content on that page
  • – “It also walks through starting at #1, the 5 steps of having, a successful 6 figure teleseminar launch”



Craft Your Offer So That It’s Truly Irresistible

1. Focus on the outcome more than the service delivery

2. Use limiters to motivate action but stay away from “Today Only”


Create your Profitable Preview Call

1. Lisa’s training videos:

2. Listen to Lisa’s wrap-up free call

3. Fill out the Preview call template

Invite The World To Your Hot Talk!

Do This Through:

1. Affiliates

2. Emails

3. Video

4. Social networking

5. Press releases


Triple Your Sales After Preview Call

(Remember, you’ll only make 30% of your total sales during the preview call, 70% will come after).

1. Use a proven email marketing string to maximize sales

2. Make sure to segment your efforts so you don’t “kill your list”

3. Use fast-action bonuses and payment plans to create urgency

4. Don’t be afraid to add more value to your launch (more calls, videos, etc.)


Keep the Sales You’ve Made and Structure in High-Ticket, Back-End Upsells

(Most people miss this amazing opportunity!)

1. Include Stick Strategies that keep people engaged

2. Make sure you time your upsell well for maximum sales and to attract the best and most committed clients to move forward at a higher level

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