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Walter Bowart (Mind Control whistleblower)

In 1978, Walter Bowart published a book called “Operation Mind Control” on the CIA’s MK Ultra program, & in 1990, Bowart & Richard Sutton published a report called “The Invisible Third World War” on the subject of the CIA and DARPA’s involvement in further dangerous and often life-threatening human experimentation on unwitting citizens from chemical & biological warfare, herbicide, secret plagues, microbiological holocausts, the CIA-Nazi connection (PROJECT PAPERCLIP), MK Ultra mind control, institutional psychiatry, electromagnetic mind control, radio signals that affect human health, weather manipulation, mind control police tactics, and turning humans into “robotized zombies”.

“Voice in your head” military weapon only you can hear & other mass-mind-control methods since the 1940s

I’d feel better about humanity losing their goddamn minds and any sense of a soul / empathy / heart, if I thought they weren’t just being brainwashed/scared-to-death by the media, and constantly being bombarded with 2+2=5 and anything else is censored or defined “misinformation”… but what if there’s some kind of extra-tech, some kind of helping-hand to “believe the narrative” by some kind of technology? According to the US Military, they’ve had mind-control technology for decades, and mass-mind-control investment dating back as far as you can go…