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† Prof Alan Scheflin (Law – CIA Whistleblower)

In 1977, Professor Alan Scheflin had spent the previous 4 years documenting and writing a book about the CIA, called “The Mind Manipulators”, saying “Every citizen was a potential guinea pig for the CIA’s experiments in brainwashing and mind control, and the whole country was a laboratory – it’s staggering.”

“Voice in your head” military weapon only you can hear & other mass-mind-control methods since the 1940s

I’d feel better about humanity losing their goddamn minds and any sense of a soul / empathy / heart, if I thought they weren’t just being brainwashed/scared-to-death by the media, and constantly being bombarded with 2+2=5 and anything else is censored or defined “misinformation”… but what if there’s some kind of extra-tech, some kind of helping-hand to “believe the narrative” by some kind of technology? According to the US Military, they’ve had mind-control technology for decades, and mass-mind-control investment dating back as far as you can go…