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Lucis Trust (Lucifer Publishing)

Alice and Foster (Freemason) Bailey founded the Lucis Trust in 1922. (lucistrust.org/about_us/history)

They are consultants to the European Union, and are one of the publishers for the United Nations

Their biz: “Lucifer Publishing Company” was renamed “Lucis Publishing Company” in 1925.

Where they published New Age occult books and articles that featured “Mass Population Reduction” (Education in the New Age) as a good thing, and about the “New World Order”, talking about New World “Servers” and “Agents” to bring it about.
(Many, many References to “New World Order”, search: google.com.au/search?q=”New+World+Order”+lucistrust.org)

According to John Coleman, Lucis Trust are members of the Committee of 300 (pennybutler.com/1994-john-coleman-nwo/)

Lucis Trust is sponsored by Former Ministry of Defence, Robert McNamara, who was president of the World Bank & member of the Rockefeller Foundation (grahamhancock.com/phorum/read.php?2,393242,393385) (pennybutler.com/666-symbolism/)

[1994] Dr John Coleman – New World Order

A great insight into the ruling hierarchy of the global system, from the Committee of 300 and the Black Nobility of Venice, to the “clearing houses” of global policy, the Club of Rome and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and their many branches across the world.