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H pylori – Pathogen

H. pylori is the most common bacterial pathogen found worldwide (it infects more than half of the world’s population over the age of 40). It’s a class I carcinogen causing gastritis, duodenal/gastric ulcers, and gastric cancer/lymphoma (MALT, p362), also associated with coronary artery disease, B12, and iron deficiency. (p. 267 Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine, Tenth Edition, 2017)

Neutrophils Scratchpad

After watching Dr Yanowitz’s video showing his unjabbed/unswabbed blood under a microscope, I’m once again going back in time and having to learn about Neutrophils again. Dr Yanowitz pointed out the lack of neutrophils surrounding the weird nano-structures he found in his ‘unjabbed‘ blood. Australian pathologists noticed that “black crystals” were “destroying neutrophils” in the blood of the ‘vaccinated‘. And back when I was doing the graphene research, I found that neutrophils “degrade” graphene oxide, and that the genocidal psychopaths, I mean “medical science” was having a problem getting their carbon nanotubes to work because of it.